Horogasm Tan with Michael Tay of the Hour Glass and independent watchmakers Kari Voutilainen, Laurent Ferrier, Philippe Dufour, and Roger Smith. Photo courtesy www.LaurentFerrier.ch

Watch Passion Smackdown! Enthusiast Collectors Meet Journalists

As our regular readers know by now, my role here at Quill & Pad is to share my perspectives as an enthusiast collector. Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in a lively exchange with a number of friends on just that topic, and as it became very interesting, I’ve decided to share an abridged version of it with you.

Vostok Europe Mrija chronograph with NE88 movement

The Seiko SII NE88 Automatic Chronograph Movement: A Change In The Wind?

Swatch Group will soon be limiting availability of the Valjoux 7750 chronograph, which powers a significant percentage of the chronographs available today. Seiko’s SII NE88 automatic chronograph enters the fray, but is it up to the challenge?

Reynold by Pierre de Roche

Monthly News Roundup: Audemars Piguet, Girard-Perregaux, Cartier, Breguet, Jaquet Droz, Romain Jerome, Pierre de Roche, Grieb & Benzinger, RGM, Sotheby’s

There was a lot of news this month from Audemars Piguet, Girard-Perregaux, Jaquet Droz, Grieb & Benzinger, Romain Jerome, Sotheby’s, Breguet and more.

Your author concentrating intently as 10-goal polo champion Pablo Mac Donough offers advice (keep your day job)

Polo: The Sport Of Kings, And Thanks To Richard Mille, Yours Truly

When Richard Mille asked if I’d be interested in flying into Saint-Tropez by helicopter for a polo clinic with legendary Argentinian player, Pablo Mac Donough, I didn’t say, “Sorry but I’m busy.”

Philippe Dufour receiving the Jury's Special Prize in 2013

New Jury And Categories At The 2014 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève

The Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) has often been justifiably described as “Watchmaking’s Oscars.” As the 14th edition gets underway, let’s take a look at some of the elements that are a little different from last year.

Colorful dial of the Hermes Arceau Millefiori

How Hermès Transforms Crystal Into The Colorful Dial Of The Arceau Millefiori Watch

The Hermès Arceau Millefiori introduced at Baselworld 2014 represents a few hundred years of expertise that comes from a little-known location in the Alsace-Lorraine region in the northeast of France called Pays de Bitche, home to the country’s finest crystal makers including Cristalleries de Saint-Louis.

The Hublot Antikythera Sunmoon

The Secret Link Between The FIFA World Cup And The Hublot Antikythera Sunmoon

Hublot really has embraced the World Cup with two new models and broad marketing efforts. But the brand has also secretly created a timepiece that could change the game for whoever holds it: as it has the power to predict and influence the future!

Peacock at the Hotel Byblos in Saint Tropez

Heartbeat: Colorfully Quilled Peacock In Saint-Tropez

The peacock’s iridescent colors are not actually pigment colors at all, but are reflections off the structure of the feathers, which have patterned nano-fiber components. Slight changes in the spacing of the nano-fibers produce different colors much in the same way as iridescent colors reflect off a film off brown/black oil or a butterfly’s wing. But they are none less beautiful for that.

Alex-Ghotbi, Social Media Manager at Vacheron Constantin

Kick Me Five! Alexandre Ghotbi, Vacheron Constantin

To celebrate this month of the FIFA World Cup of soccer taking in place in Brazil, Quill & Pad brings you some unique looks at the correlation between timing and the world’s most popular sport. Today we ask Alexandre Ghotbi, Community and Social Media Manager at Vacheron Constantin, to Kick Us Five!

A happy momement. Your author collecting his Simplicity from its creator, Philippe Dufour.

Why Philippe Dufour Matters. And It’s Not A Secret

“I have no secrets as past watchmakers had. There are graveyards full of secrets and that’s enough.” –Philippe Dufour, 2014

Have you heard of Philippe Dufour?

Chances are, if you have been collecting watches for any significant period of time, his name is well known to you. If not, let me enlighten you.