Type 21 by Dodane 1857 is entered in the chronograph category of the 2015 International Timing Competition

2015 International Chronometry Competition Now Underway, But Does Anyone Care?

International timing competitions used to be the Formula 1 of watchmaking, and the watchmakers who prepared the high-precision (pocket) watches were treated like Formula 1 drivers. And that shouldn’t be surprising because until recently, the primary raison d’être of a timepiece was to tell the time. To tell THE time, not the approximate time. An error of 30 seconds day isn’t much . . . until you miss your train by 10 seconds.

Memoris by Louis Moinet

Memoris By Louis Moinet: Paying Homage To Historical Chronographic Ingenuity

The new Louis Moinet Memoris places emphasis on the chronograph function rather than the time-telling displays. CEO and creative director Jean-Marie Schaller has an interesting viewpoint: not to see the chronograph as a complication here, but rather as the primary function: he says it is a “watch chronograph” rather than a “watch.”

The Louis Moinet Compteur de Tierces has four displays: a long central hand rotating once per second, and three sub dials indicating elapsed seconds, minutes, and hours

Discovery, Firsts, And The Louis Moinet Compteur De Tierces

The Louis Moinet compteur de tierces is one of the most remarkable finds in horological history in an extremely long time. it was the very first chronograph ever made. Louis Moinet (1768-1853) was a friend of Abraham-Louis Breguet and often worked with Breguet.