Parmigiani Tonda PF Micro-Rotor In Steel And Platinum On-The-Wrist Review: A Contemporary Chameleon That Stands Out By Fitting In

If the Parmigiani Tonda PF Micro-Rotor wasn’t so good-looking, Martin Green would have barely noticed that he was wearing it. That’s how he felt after taking the Tonda PF Micro-Rotor for a test drive for three weeks.

NBA Basketball Legend James Harden Talks Watches And The Vanguart Black Hole Tourbillon

NBA basketball great James Harden explains how he got into watches and why he invested in Vanguart and its first watch, the Black Hole Tourbillon.

Patek Philippe Calatrava Reference 6119: Dressed For Success – Reprise

Designing a new Calatrava may be one of the most difficult tasks a watch designer can be given. As a benchmark model in the dress watch arena, anything less than perfect is unacceptable. The new Reference 6119 highlights the fact that the Calatrava is capable of both changing and remaining true to its roots as Martin Green explains here.

4 Radical Red Watches From Omega, Bell & Ross, Rado, And Oris – Reprise

In recent years, the world of high-end watches has become a far more colorful place. We have evolved from decades of conservatism in which a blue dial was daring to a kaleidoscopic era where anything is possible. And now red arrives, which has the advantage of a richness of hues. Here Martin Green looks at four new red-dialed watches from Bell & Ross, Oris, Rado, and Omega.

Corum Classical Billionaire: A Unique Piece That, While Pricey, Isn’t (Quite) As Expensive As It Looks And Its Name Suggests

If there is one thing Martin Green likes, it is a well-designed diamond-set watch. And while there are quite a few around, there aren’t many as good as the Corum Classical Billionaire, which focuses on displaying the art of diamond cutting and setting. No less than 424 diamonds (for a total of 13.46 carats) decorate the white gold case. That is a lot of stones, but diamonds alone don’t automatically make for a great watch. It’s the way that the gems are cut and set that ultimately decides if they add something more than just their precious and pricey nature.

A. Lange & Söhne Triple Split Chronograph: The World’s Only Watch That Can Time Two Separate Events For 12 Hours

In the annals of A. Lange & Söhne history, the Double Split was one of the most widely celebrated releases. It introduced the idea of a split-second and split-minute chronograph allowing the wearer to time at least two events lasting up to an hour. The Triple Split is the inevitable progression of it, adding a split-hour function to allow timing two multi-hour events up to 12 hours.

Elizabeth’s Top 10 Watches Of 2021: A Few You Might Expect And A Few Surprises

Elizabeth Doerr is the last of the Quill & Pad team to pick her top ten watches of 2021. And even though she has been thinking about such a list for most of the year – seeing as a relatively significant portion of it was spent in lockdown – she still had a hard time narrowing it down to just ten pieces. Do you agree with what she chose?

Parmigiani La Rose Carrée: A Perfect Symbiosis Of Geometry, Nature, And Horology

The Fibonacci number sequence is a discovery of mathematics and nature that has both amazed and confounded the scientific community for centuries. And it is the inspiration for the stunning engravings on the unique La Rose Carrée, a masterfully restored grande sonnerie minute repeater pocket watch made to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of Parmigiani and launched to mark the seventieth birthday of the brand’s founder and master restorer, Michel Parmigiani.

Actively Black x Teleport ‘Obama’ Watch: Hands On!

On January 1, 2022, watch spotters were flummoxed by a photograph of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama in their New Year’s Eve party dress. The former POTUS appeared to be wearing a black Royal Oak-style chronograph on a rubber strap. The watch in question turned out to be a collaboration between Teleport, a little-known U.S.-based fashion watch producer, and Actively Black, a U.S.-owned leisurewear company. Colin Alexander Smith managed to get his hands on one for a closer look, which he shares here.

Joshua’s Top 10 Watches Of 2021: 5 Mechanical Marvels + 5 Daily Wearers

Joshua Munchow has separated his top 10 watches of 2021 into two groups, the first being his top five mechanical marvels: watches showcasing some incredible mechanics that get his creative juices flowing. The second group constitutes his top five daily-wear watches: pieces that are so beautiful that he would have a hard time wanting to wear something else. Let’s dive in!