360° view of the rotating globe

Universal time display

Tourbillon 24 Seconds

Exclusive edition of 60 movements





Breguet Marine
Chronographe 5527

Iconic Breguet codes with a contemporary twist

Breguet Marine: inspired by the sea

Manufacture caliber 582QA

Inside the Art in Time watch boutique in Monaco

Art In Time: Monaco’s Latest Greatest Place To Buy Watches – And The Best Place In Town For Independents

Chopard co-president Karl-Friedrich Scheufele had an opportunity for a retail space in Monaco and had the choice of making another Chopard boutique – which he really didn’t need – or not keeping the space (which was too good to pass on). The third idea idea was to create a multi-brand environment, but Art in Time turned into much more than that: it is an unusual space for unusually creative high-end watchmaking.

Taylor's port vintage 2016

Port Vintage 2016: One Of The Most Declared Vintages Of All Time, A Sensational Year

The 2016 is one of the most declared port vintages of all time. And deservedly so: Ken Gargett thinks that 2016 is a vintage that should warm the hearts of all fans of port wine and bring in many more new fans.
Special and unconventional: Petit Skull (Celebration) Eternity

Why I Gave it: Fiona Krüger Petit Skull (Celebration) Eternity

Ah, gift giving! If there’s another ostensibly positive activity so burdened with the risk of a negative outcome, GaryG has yet to find it. And a watch that looks like a skull for a special present isn't perhaps a conventional choice, but he had no doubt that this particular skull would receive an enthusiastic reception. Find out why right here.
Light, subject, composition, camera: Romain Gauthier Logical One as captured with the Hasselblad X1D

Why Do Ultra-High-End Watches Cost So Much? Hand-Finishing At Romain Gauthier Sheds Some Light - Reprise

Why do high-end watches cost so much? To answer the question, Ian Skellern looked at low production numbers and high complexity, but the cost he focuses on here is hand-finishing, because unlike low production numbers and high complexity, ultra-high-level hand-finishing is not easy to appreciate.
Vacheron Constantin FiftySix Blue Complete Calendar

Vacheron Constantin FiftySix Blue: The Delight Of A Well-Designed Dial

At the 2019 SIHH, Vacheron Constantin introduced the contemporary FiftySix line with blue dials. And while normally a new dial color is less exciting than a new watch or complication, the new blue highlighted just how good the dial design of the FiftySix is!
Seiko Credor Fugaku Tourbillon

Seiko Credor Fugaku Tourbillon: A Masterpiece Of Horological Art - Reprise

When most people think of Seiko, they think of the mass-produced quartz watches that dominated the world’s markets in the 1980s and thereafter. What many don’t realize is that Seiko, one of only a handful of companies able to manufacture a watch from A to Z, makes the full range all the way up to full-on mechanical handmade horological delicacies with fine finishing and artful embellishment. And they don't come more full on than the Seiko Credor Fugaku Tourbillon.
Slim D’Hermès Titane on the wrist

Slim d’Hermès Titane: Looks Might Not Be Everything, But This Hermès Was An SIHH Showstopper For Me

At the 2019 SIHH, Ian was jolted at a private Hermès presentation by a watch so new that it would not be launched for a couple of months yet: the Slim d’Hermès Titane. Two things surprised him about the Slim d’Hermès Titane: just how much he liked it (and “liked” as in “he wants to buy one”) and how, when Ian personally focuses on the independents, did he start considering Hermès?
Armin Strom Pure Resonance Fire on the wrist

On The Wrist: Armin Strom Pure Resonance

During the week of SIHH 2019 Elizabeth Doerr had the opportunity of wearing Armin Strom’s resonance watch in its purest form: the Pure Resonance. And she admits to having been excited for the opportunity. Read on to discover how she felt about it after a few days.
IWC Il Destriero Scafusia from the 1993 calalog

Three IWC Catalogs Illustrate The Dramatic Evolution Of The Watch Industry

Martin Green took three catalogs from IWC – the 1989, 1993, and 1996/97 editions – noting the differences between them and the current market. This is a journey full of surprises, forgotten watches, unknown treasures, and a shocking realization of how fast horological evolution has progressed.
Romain Gauthier Prestige HMS in stainless steel with Henbury meteorite dial wristshot

Romain Gauthier Prestige HMS Stainless Steel With Rare Henbury Meteorite Dial

Romain Gauthier releases a ten-piece limited edition version of his Prestige HMS in steel. The first-time serial use of a steel case underscores the rarity of this watch’s unusual Henbury meteorite dial. Elizabeth Doerr takes a closer look at what makes this watch so special.
Cohiba Siglo VI Gran Reserva 2003

Cohiba Siglo VI Gran Reserva Cigars Bring Tears To A Glass Eye

As Ken Gargett explains, to adequately describe a Cohiba Siglo VI Gran Reserva cigar is almost like trying to catch the velvety smoke it produces in your hand. And it is dense, velvety smoke. The texture is as soft as cotton bud clouds. Plush and cushiony. Many describe it as the greatest cigar they have ever tasted, but, ouch, the price!
Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grande Tradition Gyrotourbillon Westminster Perpétuel

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grande Tradition Gyrotourbillon Westminster Perpétuel: The Fifth Coming Of The Gyrotourbillon

The Jaeger-LeCoultreMaster Grande Tradition Gyrotourbillon Westminster Perpétuel, aka Gyrotourbillon 5, is a smaller version of the original biaxial Gyrotourbillon. And it has been updated with a perpetual calendar, minute repeater with Westminster chime, one-minute remontoir d’égalité, a jumping minute hand, and a jumping date display. Whew!
Breguet Grande Complication No. 1160

The Intriguing Story Of Marie Antoinette And Her Legendary Breguet Pocket Watch No. 160 - Reprise

In 1783, just as the queen of France, Marie Antoinette, was sitting for a portrait, an officer of the queen’s guard visited Abraham-Louis Breguet’s workshop: Queen Marie Antoinette desired a pocket watch containing all known horological complications at the time. It took 44 years to complete and is perhaps the most famous watch in history, as much for its intriguing story as its ingenious mechanics.
No longer a prototype, the production version of Naissance d’Une Montre, Le Garde Temps on display at SIHH 2016

The Schmidt List: Signature Movement Screws - Reprise

The components of a mechanical watch movement are little more than a series of springs and wheels held together by plates and/or bridges. No matter the configuration, complication or finish, the ensemble is secured by the humble movement screw. So it's a pleasant surprise that several watchmakers have boldly ventured beyond the thread and the slot to reimagine the movement screw.
A. Lange & Söhne Lange 1 black-dial and stainless steel case

Behind The Lens: Rare Lange 1 Limited Editions - Reprise

In this edition of ‘Behind the Lens,’ GaryG pays tribute to the introduction of the A. Lange & Söhne Lange 1 25 years ago on October 24, 1994. He brings us stunning images of two very special variants of the classic watch: the rare Cellini limited edition, of which only 25 were made for the New York City retailer, and the even rarer stainless steel Lange 1, which was not a limited edition per se but is certainly a (very) limited sort-of production watch.
IWC Da Vinci Tourbillon Retrograde Chronograph

A Horological Guide To London

London is one of the world’s metropolises that can very easily stand its ground against the others by doing what it does best: being profoundly British. There are plenty of sensational timepieces in London if you know where to look, and in this article Martin Green shares a few of his favorite places.

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