Breguet Marine
Chronographe 5527

Iconic Breguet codes with a contemporary twist

Breguet Marine: inspired by the sea

Manufacture caliber 582QA

Exclusive edition of 60 movements

Bohematic Graphic Sutnar: Czech Watchmaking By Design

The Bohematic Graphic Sutnar is an homage to Ladislav Sutnar, the most significant artistic figure in Czechoslovakia’s interwar period of modernism. Sutnar was chosen as the historical figure to launch this brand-new micro brand and its first line. However, the Graphic Sutnar watch bears not only the name of the world-renowned artist, but also his unique font for the numerals. Find out what all that means right here!

Solid performer: Patek Philippe Reference 3939 Tourbillon Minute Repeater

Keep Calm And Continue Collecting: Advice For An Up And Down Watch Market – Reprise

Now, it seems fairly evident that we are on the down slope of either a cyclical correction in prices or, if one takes a less optimistic view, a permanent loss of watch value as the mechanical timepiece industry faces a variety of challenges and potential disruptions. So what’s a collector to do? And what lessons can we draw, both from watch auction results and the history of other luxury categories, to guide us?

To’ak Chocolate: If Not The Best Chocolate In The World, It’s A Worthy Contender (Also For The Most Expensive!)

To’ak makes chocolate, but not as you know it. This is manna from heaven, or perhaps chocolate from angels. Ken Gargett takes a deep dive into what is quite possibly the world's finest chocolate.

Corum Admiral 42 Automatic Bronze For 2020: A Nautically Inspired Watch Perfect For Landlubbers

Martin Green likes the new Admiral 42 Automatic Bronze models because Corum presents the bronze of the case in a rawer form. If he owned one, he would be excited about seeing the hues of the case change along with his voyage through life. What about you, do you agree?

Sotheby’s Masterworks Of Time Part Three Is Dedicated To Treasures From Breguet’s Workshop And Other Historical Delicacies

Following part one and two of this series of auctions, the third in this four-part series by Sotheby’s called Masterworks of Time is entitled "Abraham-Louis Breguet, Horologist Extraordinaire." Extraordinarily, this auction comprising only pocket watches by Breguet and other masters will take place online, beginning on June 3, 2020 at 4:00 pm CET.

Garrick S3: Experience Begets Improvement

In Joshua Munchow's opinion, British brand Garrick and its latest watch, the S3, are a perfect reference point for growth. The S3 is not only a great example of the unique style of the boutique brand, but as an evolution from the S1 and S2 it highlights the brand’s growth as it pursues better and better creations.
Form follows function: Omega Seamaster “Ploprof” 600m

Milanaise Mesh Watch Bracelets: What’s The Attraction? – Reprise

As a great many watch lovers know, straps and bracelets have the ability to make or break a watch. While many might find the “vintage” appearance of mesh too delicate for today’s watches, for Elizabeth Doerr, mesh remains one of the most beautiful ways to dress up a watch, whether new or old. Here she explains her attraction to mesh, and why you might like it too.
Little big watch: the author’s rare pink gold Patek Philippe Reference 1526

How I Bid: One Collector’s Approach To Buying At Watch Auctions – Reprise

Like many collectors, GaryG has bought and sold a number of watches at auction over the years. Being a systematic type of guy, Gary has taken the time to analyze his philosophy of auction bidding. Here he shares some of the tactics he uses with the hope that some may be useful to you in your own bidding.
Abraham-Louis Breguet's original pocket watch No. 160 which was commissioned for Marie Antoinette, then Queen of France

You Are There: Visiting The L.A. Mayer Museum For Islamic Art In Jerusalem, Home Of The Breguet No. 160 ‘Marie Antoinette’

When Bhanu Chropra visited Israel on a business trip in 2019, a colleague suggested a short visit to see the historically important sites in Jerusalem, and knowing his passion for horology said that he had a special surprise for him: visiting the L.A. Mayer Museum for Islamic Art. The museum holds one of the world’s most horologically significant pocket watch, clock, and automaton collections, and the star of the show is Breguet No. 160, aka “the Marie Antoinette.”
You are there: ready to bid at the 2016 Only Watch Auction

Hammer Time: Expert Advice For Selling Your Watch At Auction – Reprise

Many of us have seen and heard the auctioneer’s hammer crash down on the final bid of a famous well-fought-over item. What interests Chris Malburg – apart from the artifact itself – is the seller. Why the sale? Is this is a one-off event or does he or she have more to offer? What brought them to this hammer time? This article explores motives for and provides expert advice on selling a watch at auction.
Chopard's Karl-Friedrich Scheufele (left) and Jacky Ickx_wearing matching Superfast Chrono Porsche 919 Jacky Ickx models

6 Chopard Watches Dedicated To Legendary Racecar Driver Jacky Ickx – Reprise

Jacky Ickx and Chopard co-president Karl-Friedrich Scheufele have been friends for 27 years. In 1989 Scheufele and Ickx drove the Mille Miglia together. It is such shared events in addition to the legendary racecar driver's achievements that have inspired Chopard to continue to dedicate timepieces to Ickx, honoring a man who can certainly be called one of the world’s very best drivers. Check out 6 watches dedicated to him here.

Shinola Detrola The Champ: Benefiting Detroit’s Healthcare Workers Amid The COVID-19 Crisis

Shinola's Detrola collection is geared more toward color, materials, and fun than serious watchmaking. It balances style with affordability much the same way Swatch does. And the brand's new Detrola The Champ has one more thing going for it: it has turned a setback into a strength to benefit COVID-19 relief in the Detroit area.

Clark Gable Wears The Coolest Watch Of 1955 In ‘Soldier of Fortune’: Patek Philippe Reference 1526 Perpetual Calendar

Like a proper gentleman, Hollywood legend Clark Gable paired wristwatches to go with his outfits both on and off screen. Gable had a gold Rolex Oyster Perpetual Reference 6011 and also wore a Patek Philippe Reference 1526 Perpetual Calendar, prominently seen in ‘Soldier of Fortune’ as Nick Gould highlights here.

Pol Roger 2012 Champagnes: Grand Releases For Perhaps The Grandest Vintage

It was the wonderful 1975 Pol Roger that first ignited Ken Gargett's love of great champagne. Here he looks at (and tastes) the 2012 releases and they do not disappoint: the great vintages of this century have been 2002, 2008, and perhaps now 2012!

Tell Us Your Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève-Worthy Contenders: The 2020 GPHG Nominating Academy Members (Well At Least A Few Of Them) Are Listening

The GPHG Academy will soon be making its submissions for the 2020 Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève. As Ian Skellern began putting rough lists of watches together, he realized that he was likely only aware of a fraction of watches that are both eligible and noteworthy. And as his favorite niche sectors are likely to be different than yours, many of you will know about watches that he, and perhaps other Academy members, don’t. So please let us know your favorite new watches in the categories here and we'll take them into consideration.

3 Scintillating Watches For 2020 Highlighting Just How Much Difference Diamonds Can Make

Diamond-set watches can be objects of art, Martin Green argues. And here he highlights three 2020 launches that caught his eye with their scintillating fire and great use of the precious stones.

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