The Watch Market 2023: 5 Big Questions regarding Tudor, Rolex, Zenith, Oris, and Pricing

There are always things that fans ask of brands across any industry, and the watch world is no different. Why not a Omega Seamaster 300M without a helium escape valve, a smaller titanium Rolex Yacht-Master, and why isn’t JLC more popular? Raman Kalra has a few more questions for 2023.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph in stainless steel with blue dial

The Science of Steel: The Stuff of Cases, Mainsprings, Hairsprings, Pinions, Escapements and the Backbone of Watchmaking – Reprise

Joshua Munchow talks about steel here, the metal that made the world! Watch cases and other movement components are commonly made from certain stainless steels, 304 and 316L being the most frequent. It also happens that some brands hold exclusive rights to use specific alloys in the production of its watches. Here's what you should know about steel.

Patron en Lalique Serie 3: Sensational Tequila in a Sensational Decanter

So, what does a squillion dollar tequila taste like? The color is a deep gold/bronze, not dissimilar to an aged rum. The nose is both powerful and mellow, with dried fruits, orange rind, cinnamon, hints of nutmeg, honey, even cassis and Christmas cake. The palate is quite stunning, as smooth and seductive as one could imagine.

Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame 2012: A Complete Champagne with Great Balance and Length – Reprise

For Ken Gargett, the Veuve Clicquot 2012 La Grande Dame is a special champagne. It walks the tightrope between dense and coiled power with delicacy, finesse, and elegance. Great intensity, finally balanced acidity, early complexity, and it is still wonderfully youthful with a long future ahead of it. But what interesting story lies behind this fantastic champagne?

H. Moser & Cie x MB&F Streamliner Pandamonium: The Most Unique Watch in the Only Watch 2023 Auction

For a minute repeater, the volume and clarity of the sound is important. The Moser x MB&F Streamliner Pandamonium is made from stainless steel and has hollowed-out segments inside the case to amplify the sound. But it's the Panda playing DJ that makes this unique piece repeater so special.

Why I Bought It: Rexhep Rexhepi/Akrivia Chronomètre Contemporain – Reprise

There are nice-looking watches, there are crisp-looking watches, and then there are watches that emanate an otherworldly glow. For GaryG the Rexhep Rexhepi/Akrivia Chronomètre Contemporain falls into the third category, so much so that it became a running joke for a friend to pantomime a “smelling salts” motion as a signal for Gary to pull up his sleeve and jolt him back to attention. Here he explains why he bought this new classic watch.

Czapek & Cie Antarctique Frozen Star S: Featuring a Scintillating (and Ultra-Rare) Osmium Dial – Reprise

Osmium is so rare and dense, has such a high melting point, and is so hard to form or compress that it has very few practical uses. But earlier this year Czapek & Cie released the limited edition Antarctique Frozen Star S with an absolutely mind-blowing dial made of pure osmium crystals.

Nomos Club Sport Neomatik Owner Review: The (Near) Perfect and Relatively Affordable Watch for Everyone?

Nomos has found its own niche within the world of watches. It is easy to see why they have gained such a strong reputation by providing unique, Bauhaus-inspired designs and quality in-house movements at relatively affordable prices. In Raman Kalra’s opinion, the Nomos Club Neomatik is one of the best watches in their collection. A perfect balance of what Nomos is all about.
Urwerk UR-CC1 in white gold

The Retrograde: One of My Favorite Complications – Reprise

The retrograde indication is one of Joshua Munchow's favorite “Because We Can” (BWC) complications. Gears are an amazing invention and have allowed watchmakers to make incredible creations. Simple gear systems leave a multitude of openings for creativity. Look at some great retrogrades here.

MB&F LM Sequential EVO Dual Chronograph: An Ingenious Application of a Simple Idea (That Nobody had Thought of Before) – Reprise

Ian Skellern usually starts explaining a wristwatch with a tour of the watch's dial and main features, but the LM Sequential EVO is a monument to its mirror-image dual chronograph with Twinverter function movement so here he starts with the best part: its movement.

Louis Moinet Cosmopolis: Official Guinness World Record for Number of Meteorites in a Watch

The Louis Moinet Cosmopolis includes pieces from 12 different, and very rare, meteorites from Jean-Marie Schaller's own collection. And this earned him the Guinness World Records™ title for the "most meteorite inserts in a watch." Martin Green takes a closer look.

Apostelwein Vintage 1727: How does a 3 Hundred-Year-Old Wine Taste? Sensational!

Old wine is always a lottery. The provenance, the chances of the wine being a fake, did the cork hold up, how was the storage, and so on. But sometimes the Gods smile and you taste history!

Piaget Polo Skeleton in Pink Gold: The Power of a Sublime Blue-Gold Contrast – Reprise

In Martin Green's view, the Piaget Polo Skeleton in pink gold with blue PVD-coated movement and matching alligator skin strap is quite the attention seeker, displaying a pleasant luxurious-sporty dynamic. He explains why here.

Why I Bought It: Wyler Vetta Beaux Arts Triple Calendar Moonphase Chronograph, a Blast from the Past

The Wyler Vetta Beaux Arts collection’s design language is firmly rooted in its Italian origins.  Love it or hate it, one glance will confirm you’re in the presence of something decidedly different.
The components making up the bi-directional winding system of the Rolex Caliber 3135

Which Rolex Movement Takes the Top Spot? A Watchmaker’s Comparison of Rolex Calibers 3135 and 3235, plus Which is Better? – Reprise

Ask any watchmaker about the Rolex 31 family of calibers and the story will be the same: it has stood the test of time. Ashton Tracy hasn’t met a single watchmaker who doesn’t love working on these workhorse Rolex movements. They are easy to service, keep great time, and stand up to abuse. Put simply: they work. So how does it stand up to big brother, Find out right here!

12 Colorful Watches from Only Watch 2023 (the 2023 Theme is Rainbow): Plus Best Story, Wildest Clock, and THE MOST ‘Only Watch’

Held every two years, the Only Watch charity auction of exclusively unique pieces has grown into THE most anticipated watch auction worldwide and features some of the most creative and innovative horology on the planet. For the 2023 Only Watch auction, the theme is ‘Rainbow’. However, while there are an incredible 62 unique piece timekeepers on offer, only a fraction of them really ran with the rainbow theme. Ian Skellern shares his favorite rainbow watches from Only Watch 2023 here.