Collecting and Patronage: Two Unique Watches from Independent Watchmaker Christian Klings

GaryG had the good fortune to photograph two sensational unique timepieces from independent German watchmaker Christian Klings.

Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Shark? Nix on Tricks, ‘Cause Sharks and Peeps Don’t Mix!

Oh, that’s adorable! Afraid of the big bad shark, are you? Oh, it’s gonna get ya! Nom-Nom-Nom! These are the patronizing taunts of Tamim Almousa’s friends and family when they are at the beach. He prefers to avoid sharks and explains why.

Why I Bought It: A. Lange & Söhne Odysseus – A Photofest!

If you’re at all a Lange enthusiast like GaryG, you’ll likely understand the most compelling reason for buying the Odysseus is that it’s an A. Lange & Söhne watch you can wear every day.

De Bethune DB25 Midnight Blue Reviewed by Tim Mosso

De Bethune watches rarely incorporate zero complications and only two hands, so on that basis alone the Midnight Blue is exceptional. Rarity also helps; only a few dozen have been built in the decade since the model’s launch.

Titanium vs. Stainless Steel Watches: Beyond the Silvery Surface

We are seeing more brands using titanium for their watches and more luxury options becoming available as alternatives to stainless steel. So what are the main differences between stainless steel and titanium watches?

Tiret Kanye West

My Vote for the 5 Ugliest Watches Ever: Your ‘Favorites’ May Differ

As the saying goes, “There’s an ass for every seat.” John Keil still finds it hard to believe that some watch designs are ever even considered, much less actually produced and ultimately purchased. In fairness, the following list may not actually contain the five ugliest watches ever, but they sure aren’t easy on the eyes.

Pastorale II by Chinese Independent Watchmaker Qin Gan: the Epitome of a Modern Dress Watch

Independent Chinese watchmaker Qin Gan has over thirty years of experience in antique watch restorations and has crafted numerous prototype watches with complex features such as flyback, tourbillon, automaton, and repeater mechanisms. He now launches his second model under his own brand, the sublime Pastorale II.

Building a Custom Road Bike Part IV: The Ride

Now that you’ve made it to the final chapter of Tim Mosso’s custom bike build, you’re probably wondering how this exhaustively planned bike performs. Here Tim reveals what happened when the rubber met the road.

Bollinger La Grande Annee 2015: The Excellence of a Great Vintage

Denis has said of the 2015, that it “expresses more of the soul of a Bollinger millésimé than any other year. More opulent, more powerful, it exalts Pinot Noir. Uplifted by maturation in wooden casks, this champagne reveals the characteristics of an exceptional year.”

Big Fish: Behind the Lens with Unique and Rare Salmon-Dialed Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendars

GaryG enjoyed the opportunity to check out three of his friends’ rare Patek Philippe pieces, all with salmon-colored dials: Reference 5059G-018 and Reference 3940G-029 perpetual calendars from Patek Philippe’s Vintage Collection and a unique piece Reference 5270G. He shares his thoughts and stunning photos with us here.