Lindeman’s 1965 Hunter Shiraz, Twin Bins 3100 And 3110: A Pair Of The World’s Greatest Wines, Still In Glorious Form

In his occasional series on great wines of the world, Ken Gargett tells the story of an extraordinary pigeon pair, Lindeman’s Twin Bin wines from 1965, the Hunter Burgundies Bin 3110 and Bin 3100. Their story is fascinating and includes drought, overproduction, grapes that were far riper than usual when picked, and a mysterious dollop of Pinot Noir. The result is one of the world’s greatest wines.

"Watching the Time with Alexa" (all rights reserved, Alexa Meade)

Becoming Horological Art: My Transformational Experience With Alexa Meade And The Audemars Piguet Equation Of Time – Reprise

It would be relatively easy, and pretty interesting, for GaryG to tell you the story of his two days one summer with artist Alexa Meade and her team. And he’ll get to that, but there’s more: the flood of sensations and emotions that came from considering why time and space are so important to him and from inhabiting a work of art that melded GaryG’s vision of himself with the artist’s interpretation and self-expression. And there was even a watch.

5 Colorful New Watches By Chronoswiss From Watches & Wonders 2021

Back in 1988, Chronoswiss was the first brand to bring the regulator display to the wrist. Recently at Watches & Wonders 2021 the company presented several new regulator-style watches in a variety of stunning colors and techniques. Anders Modig shares five of his favorites here.

4 Rad Red Watches From Omega, Bell & Ross, Rado, And Oris

In recent years, the world of high-end watches has become a far more colorful place. We have evolved from decades of conservatism in which a blue dial was daring to a kaleidoscopic era where anything is possible. And now it’s red’s turn, which has the advantage of the richness of hues available. Here Martin Green looks at 4 new red-dialed watches from Bell & Ross, Oris, Rado, and Omega.

Panerai Ecologico Recycled Materials Tech: Making Recycling Work With The Submersible eLAB-ID And Luminor Marina eSteel

Our planet earth is not doing so swell. Hoping to make a difference, Panerai experiments with new materials and ways to promote conservation. Here Joshua Munchow looks at the brand’s innovative use of recycling materials in the new Submersible eLAB-ID PAM1225 and Luminor Marina eSteel watches among other initiatives.

Ikepod Megapode

Ikepod Megapode: Marc Newson’s Smartest Watch (And Perhaps My Smartest Rolex Trade) – Reprise

Ikepod launched in 1994 so co-founder and designer Marc Newson could create his own playground, which is exactly what he did. And there is no better example of his joyful design than the Ikepod Megapode launched in 1999. But to trade a Rolex for it?

Warning: Strong magnetic field ISO symbol

The Truth About Magnetism And Watches – Reprise

General everyday contact with magnets isn’t going to cause your beloved wristwatch any real harm, but overdoses of magnetism may still present a problem, causing erratic timing and even stoppage altogether as watchmaker Ashton Tracy explains. What to do when this happens?

Mixing Money And Watches: A Collector’s Lament On The Current State Of Our Hobby

Once upon a time, it was possible to have an entire discussion about watches without once addressing the prospects of the price of a given watch growing or shrinking over time. Those were the days! As soon as public health constraints allow there will be a flood of gatherings where collectors catch up, swap tales, and speculate on the future. GaryG just wishes that money wasn’t going to be a prime topic of those discussions.

Patek Philippe Calatrava Squelette Reference 5180/1R-001

My (Very Subjective) Top 5 Patek Philippe Timepieces Since 2005 – Reprise

A fellow journalist friend asked Elizabeth Doerr for a subjective listing of her “top” Patek Philippe watches of the twenty-first century. In her article, though, she cited only one of Elizabeth’s top five choices. So here Elizabeth shares the full list. You may be surprised at some of her very subjective picks.

Primer On The Most Divisive Of All Wines: Sherry – Reprise

One of the wines Ken Gargett brought to a recent wine tasting with friends was a sherry, the Equipo Navazos La Bota de Manzanilla Pasada No 80, Bota Punta. Some among you will have no doubt that such a wine demands Grand Cru status, while others will be horrified at the thought. And so it was at the dinner. But let’s just talk about sherry for a moment, shall we?