The Struthers workshop is a veritable treasure chest filled with the old, ancient, and even older

Struthers & Co. Watchmakers’ Project 248

Project 248 is the working title for Struthers Watchmakers’ first in-house, handcrafted movement. It features a new improved English lever escapement, picking up where the British industry left off in the late nineteenth century. Colin Alexander Smith reports extensively on the project whose first run of five watches has already sold out.

Rebecca Struthers where she is most comfortable: at the bench

International Women’s Day Special: Meet Rebecca Struthers, An Old-Fashioned English Watchmaker, Sort Of – Reprise

For International Women’s Day, I’d like to introduce you to Rebecca Struthers, the most academic and studied watchmaker in horological history. And she has the singular honor of achieving the very first doctorate in horology. This is a very modern watchmaker with a rather old-fashioned way of doing things.

Struthers Kullberg Edition

Meet The Struthers: English Watchmaking The Old-Fashioned Way . . . Sort Of – Reprise

When you walk into the Struthers’s Birmingham workshop, you feel like you could be stepping a century back into the history of horology. Until you spy a few of Rebecca Struthers’s tattoos, and then you know you are in the here and now. Meet Craig and Rebecca Struthers: two modern watchmakers doing things the old-fashioned way. Sort of.