Louis Moinet Cosmopolis: Official Guinness World Record for Number of Meteorites in a Watch

The Louis Moinet Cosmopolis includes pieces from 12 different, and very rare, meteorites from Jean-Marie Schaller’s own collection. And this earned him the Guinness World Records™ title for the “most meteorite inserts in a watch.” Martin Green takes a closer look.

12 Colorful Watches from Only Watch 2023 (the 2023 Theme is Rainbow): Plus Best Story, Wildest Clock, and THE MOST ‘Only Watch’

Held every two years, the Only Watch charity auction of exclusively unique pieces has grown into THE most anticipated watch auction worldwide and features some of the most creative and innovative horology on the planet.

For the 2023 Only Watch auction, the theme is ‘Rainbow’. However, while there are an incredible 62 unique piece timekeepers on offer, only a fraction of them really ran with the rainbow theme. Ian Skellern shares his favorite rainbow watches from Only Watch 2023 here.

Armin Strom ‘One Week’: A Bonafide Manufacture Haute Horlogerie Sports Watch

A brand’s progress is often seen in how their watches evolve. Armin Strom, which had the delicate task of reinventing the ‘One Week,’ the watch with their very first full manufacture movement.

Angelus U41 Orange: a (relatively) Affordable (for a tourbillon) Tourbillon Sports Watch

The Angelus U41 Orange has an aesthetic that is more Richard Mille than Das Boot. At a launch price of $34,100, the notion of a tourbillon that can be enjoyed without care is compelling, and Angelus leans into it.

Hervé Schlüchter L’Essentiel Regulator: Loss Inspiring Creation

Having worked with both Bovet and Philippe Dufour, Hervé Schlüchter was able to become a master at the more traditional horology aesthetic since neither could be confused with a brand focusing on modern design. The caliber HS-01 is a smorgasbord of classical elements all finished to perfection to highlight the skills of the watchmaker.

Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon Automatic Yellow Neon Saxem: Reflections of a Laser Physicist on ‘Saxem’

In early 2023, Hublot introduced the Big Bang Tourbillon Automatic Yellow Neon Saxem, featuring a case made of a mysterious and rather impressive-looking crystal called Saxem. It looked like an addition to the brand’s extensive line of sapphire watches. But as a retired laser physicist, I wondered: what material was behind that name? Perhaps a special kind of synthetic sapphire?

Ming 37.05 Series 2: the Moon Plays Among the Stars at Night

For CHF 4,950, the Ming 37.05 Series 2 is a thoroughly thought-out design, a generous dose of original character, and a fun execution on one of the industry’s oldest complications: the moon phase. Unfortunately, it quickly sold out.

Urwerk Goes Space Black For the Latest UR-120: Live Long and Prosper!

Wandering hours has become an essential part of Urwerk’s DNA. Unlike any other brand out there, they have explored, lived through, and lost sleep over wandering hours. Over the years, Urwerk have introduced different varieties of this way of displaying time, of which the UR-120 is one of the most spectacular.

Martin Green’s Top Ten Favorite Watches of Only Watch 2023

By auctioning off unique pieces explicitly made for Only Watch, Luc Pettavino has given the brands a platform to go all in and all out. Many brands seize this opportunity to take their work to an even higher level, while collectors lust over the opportunity to own a unique watch from their favorite brands. Here are Martin Green’s Top Ten, and the last one, which is his absolute favorite!

Garrick Regulator MK II: A British Revolution

With the Regulator MK II you can see the development that Garrick has been through in just five short years. Regulator MK II is not an evolution but a revolution!