Le Labo Santal 33: Naturally Created In The Lab

The success of Le Labo can be boiled down to a single scent: Santal 33. It touches everything that Le Labo stands for. When you put a touch of Santal 33 on it smells refreshing yet familiar, and Martin Green explains why here.

Dunhill Icon Elite: A Scent For The Modern Gentleman

Dunhill has been producing fragrances since 1934, soon gaining quite a reputation. Aimed at the higher end of the mass market, that’s where we find Dunhill’s aptly named Icon Elite cologne line. Martin Green explains how it measures up right here.

Geo. F. Trumper Scents: For James Bond And Other Well-Groomed Gentlemen

Some addresses are legendary, and one of them is 9 Curzon Street in Mayfair, London. Established in 1875, it is the home of Geo. F. Trumper, which has grown in a little over a century into a British icon (helped in no small part by Bond, James Bond). Here, Martin Green takes a deep breath and dives into the fragrant world of Geo. F. Trumper.

Memo Luxor Oud: Not How The Ancient Egyptians Would Have Smelled

Memo is a relatively new fragrance house founded in 2007 by John and Clara Molloy. Its latest scent, Luxor Oud, has changed Martin Green’s perceptions of agarwood and here he shares why.

Geo. F. Trumper: Not Your Grandfather’s Cologne

Among its fragrances, Geo. F. Trumper has quite a large selection of masculine colognes, which in this age is quite remarkable. Martin Green shares his impressions of a few of them.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Grande Reverso Ultra-Thin 1931 with chocolate dial and complementary leather strap

If Shoes Make The Man, Then The Strap Must Make The Watch: Watchmaking And Leather, A Love Story – Reprise

Today many premium watch brands look for that certain “extra element” to get ahead of the competition, and one hot item now is straps. If it is true that shoes make the man, then the strap must make the watch. Jan Lidmaňský shares a selection of interesting partnerships between the worlds of watches and leather.

Eauk Barreur bottle

Pacing Through Paris With Eauk Barreur, A Boldly Masculine Scent

Paris is home to many things, including crazy, innovative, and traditional perfume brands. And it was in Paris that Martin Green decided to try out the very masculine Eauk Barreur eau de parfum from the Netherlands.

Roland Iten wearing his mechanical cuff links and a Bugatti belt buckle while holing a full-pavé R822 calibre "Predator" buckle. Note the circular adjustable clasp on the watch strap that Roland developed for F.P. Journe

A Tale Of Belt Buckles Starring Sylvester Stallone, Roland Iten . . . And Me (Archive)

For those of you not aware of who, or what, Roland Iten is then the two words − though not the only two − you need to know are “belt buckles.” High-end belt buckles. Belt buckles crafted like high-end watches. Crafted so well that both Sylvester Stallone and Ian Skellern are big fans.

Chopard perfume Magnolia au Vétiver d’Haïti

Chopard: From Haute Horlogerie To Haute Parfumerie

Chopard has been in the perfume business for more than 20 years, but now with the founding of Chopard Perfumes, the Genevan brand takes full control of its scents and immediately kicks things into a higher gear with four new products based on sustainably sourced ingredients.

Parting shot: Boucheron bespoke tiger cufflink and Philippe Dufour Simplicity

GaryG Goes To Paris To Pick Up Custom Boucheron Cufflinks Or How I Spent My Summer Vacation (Archive)

Ah, Paris! City of Lights. For the watch collector, it’s a great place to visit with boutiques aplenty, some owned and operated by the major brands; high-end mega-stores like Bucherer; and smaller independent retailers like Chronopassion and Dubail. Gary took a quick weekend trip to Paris and while there he took the opportunity to pack in as much fun as possible. Come along and bienvenue!