Rolex Case Study: How Many Watches and How Much Money Does Rolex Make?

Rolex is one of the largest, most prominent brands in the world. Unlike many other brands of this size, Rolex is a private company and so it is somewhat opaque when it comes to hard facts about what goes on behind closed doors. But some numbers can be found online, and are used to determine roughly how many watches Rolex makes a year and how much revenue is made per model.

10 Astronomical Complications That Have Not Been Invented As Suggested By ChatGPT: I Thought That A ‘Time Dilation Monitor’ Has Promise, But May Require Quantum Entanglement

Open AI’s ChatGPT is many a lot of news and headlines recently, so Ian Skellern thought to see if this powerful technology could advance horology by asking it to, “Give him 10 astronomical complications for wristwatches that have not been invented yet.” This is what it suggested . . .

Ian Skellern Interviewed By Ariel Adams On The aBlogtoWatch Superlative Podcast

Ian Skellern had both a pleasure and an honor to be interviewed by Ariel Adams on the aBlogtoWatch Superlative podcast. Their wide-ranging conversation covers how Ian started writing about watches, what he thinks the horological world is doing right and wrong, and co-executive producing (with Hind Sediqi) the film Making Time.

Perpetual Calendars: What They Do And What Most Of Them Don’t Do – Reprise

Chris Malburg highlights some of the finest examples of perpetual calendar watches today and dives into their history.

6 Reasons You Would Have To Be An Idiot To Steal A Fine Watch – Reprise

Seriously, let’s face it, criminals are flippin’ stupid! Here are six reasons why stealing watches is a really bad idea (aside from the obvious) and those who try probably won’t get away with it anyway.

Watch Goes Up Must Come Down: An Industry Insider’s Top Secret Report . . . Or Is It? Warning: You May Laugh Out Loud – Reprise

London, one day in the not-too-distant future, the final board meeting of the Lux Timepieces III Fund had been a stormy one. Principal investor Igor Abramovich had flounced out after throwing his Roger W Smith Series 1 on the boardroom table, where it shattered into dozens of meticulously handmade pieces . . . hang on to your hats because this is a wild and laugh-out-loud ride!

Omega Speedmaster Professional at the Chrono24 GTG in Karlsruhe (photo courtesy Alex Stiebritz/AMX Studio)

Tool Watch Revolution: Utilitarian Goes Upmarket; There’s More – Much More – Than Rolex! – Reprise

Tool watches continue their evolution among the watch industry’s most luxurious and coveted brands. Here Chris Malburg explores where their evolution has gone and might still go.

GPHG 2016 juror Elizabeth Doerr (photo courtesy Guy Lucas de Peslouan)

Elizabeth Doerr Retires As Editor-In-Chief Of Quill & Pad

After nine hectic years as Editor-in-Chief and co-founder of Quill & Pad, Elizabeth Doerr announces her well-earned retirement.

Which Rolex Models Might Become Future Classics? Watchbox’s Tim Mosso And Mike Manjos Answer That Question With Analytics And Trends (Video) – Reprise

Which Rolex models will be most sought after by collectors in the future? That’s not a trick question. And Watchbox’s director of media Tim Mosso and global head of trading Mike Manjos are here to answer it for you in the second episode of Watchbox’s new video series “Around the Crown,” which is dedicated to future classics from the Rolex catalog.

Martin Green’s Five Favorite Watches Of 2022

While we are already quite a bit into 2023, Martin Green contemplates the year we left behind. He finds that sometimes it takes a while to understand and appreciate a new watch. Here he looks at a few of his favorite watches of 2022.