History of Divers’ Watches: Voyage to the Bottom of the Ocean

It is often said that it is easier to send a person to the Moon than to the ocean floor because of the extreme conditions found at great depths, such as no visibility and overwhelming pressure. However, in 1960 a wristwatch (Rolex “Deep Sea Special”) accompanied mankind to the deepest ocean floor even before it accompanied mankind to the Moon in 1969 (Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch).

Fitting Rolex balance wheel and Parachrom hairspring

Hairsprings: Origins, Progress, and (Dare I Say) Exciting Future

The tiny, delicate, nearly impossible-to-create hairspring is the one of the biggest advances for modern scientific technology there is. Here Joshua Munchow takes a dive into the muscle of the beating heart of most mechanical watches: the hairspring.

Bulova Accutron

Quartz Watches: Past, Present, But No Future?

Nothing can stir up the watch world these days quite as much the launch of a new Apple watch. For some it’s a must-have gadget, for others it just isn’t a real watch. But quartz watches face perhaps more competition from smartwatches than mechanical watches. Does quartz even have a real future?

Panerai: It’s Not Broken, But Here’s How to Fix It

Panerai watches are unique. There is no denying that they are beautiful and have that Italian design flair. But Raman Kalra thinks that Panerai needs to move with the timer and he has an idea of how Panerai could do that.

Roger Smith Series 1

Why You Shouldn’t Get Your Better Half Interested in Watches

“What, another watch?” she almost screamed in disbelief no sooner than I had opened the front door to our little love nest. Rewind to last week. I had been looking for a Roger Smith Series 1 for some time now, and Jones, my watch dealer, happened to finally locate one. I thought that I had played it pretty safe, so I really don’t know how she could have noticed. But then what happened next changed the rest of my life.

Revolution magazine: let them eat cake?

Sex Sells Watches – But What, For Whom, and To Whom?

When someone says “I’m no prude,” it is pretty easy to imagine what typically comes next: a prudish commentary on some aspect of modern society or youth culture. GaryG likes sex. There we go! To the point and leaves no doubt as to intent. That said, he typically tries to keep his interests in sex and watches somewhat distinct. But has the watch industry at large done that, now and in the past?

The Horological Elegance of Skeleton Watches

Skeleton watches are not just time-telling devices but miniature works of art, skeleton watches blend mechanical complexity with architectural elegance.

WatchCharts March 2024 Watch Market Update

The WatchCharts March 2024 watch market update discusses a potential stabilization in secondary market prices, the recent interesting dynamics of the Rolex Pepsi market, and share some of the best and worst performing brands and collections of last month.

The Investment Market for Luxury Watches is Growing

The demand for luxury watches as alternative assets is fueling the growth of the pre-owned market. A growth that remains resilient, even though it slowed down in 2023. Sergio Galanti takes a closer look.

The caliber 3500 movement visible through the display back of the Vacheron Constantin Harmony Ultra-Thin Grande Complication Chronograph

Automatic Watches are for Watch Enthusiasts: A Counterpoint Here’s Why

Watch connoisseurs, as Joshua Munchow has written previously, want to connect with their watches, desiring an object to behold and cherish for its beauty, rarity, or complexity. Enthusiasts, on the other hand, like to wear their watches, use their watches, and maybe even abuse their watches when they use them as the tools they are. Here’s why.