Leap Day Giveaway: We Have A Winner Of A Gorilla Fastback GT Bandit!

And we have a winner for our February 29 Leap Year competition: find out here how one lucky Quill & Pad reader will soon be receiving her new Gorilla Fastback GT Bandit!

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Our Top 10 Most Popular Posts Of 2017 . . . And, Again, They Weren’t All About Rolex!

As read by you,­­ here are the top 10 most viewed articles on Quill & Pad for 2017. There are likely to be a few surprises. Drum roll, please: in no particular order, our top ten most viewed articles of 2017 were . . .

Vianney Halter Goldfeil, that's What Makes Me Tick

The Unbelievable Story Of “What Makes Me Tick”

It was a sunny but cool autumn day in 1775, yet young Madeleine was sweating profusely and cussing quite colorfully at young Eugene – her husband. “Bloody zut . . . I can’t take this any longer! When is it finally coming out?” she hissed through gritted teeth. Young Madeleine was giving birth, a most unpleasant affair at the beginning. Once the child was born, he became the star in her sky. Later, she gazed at him tenderly as his dashing good looks brought tears to her eyes . . . like that of all the women blessed enough to cross his path. Meet Quill & Pad’s new contributor, a humble man.

Simon Cudd taking a selfie

Introducing Resident Visual Enchanter Simon Cudd

If you are a regular user of social media in the watch world, then you are likely to have crossed paths with some of Simon Cudd’s work over the last few years. I certainly have, and his artistic images never fail to capture my attention. Simon is a visually creative guy who, by his own admission, usually chooses to express his passion for things horological through images rather than the written word. We welcome him to Quill & Pad as our newest contributor.

Vintage watch specialist, Boris Pjanic

Meet Quill & Pad’s Vintage Virtuoso: Boris Pjanic, An Expert In ‘Pre-Loved’ Rolex

Boris Pjanic does not come from a family of retailers or jewelers, the watch collecting bug simply bit him at some point. “I carried this passion deep inside me for years before finally admitting to collecting rare vintage watches and even trading them among a very knowledgeable clientele out loud,” he confesses.

Just a few of the pens in Nancy Olson's collection of fine writing instruments

Putting The ‘Quill’ In Quill & Pad: Introducing Resident ‘Pen Expert’ Nancy Olson

Today we introduce the latest resident writer to Quill & Pad, one who literally puts the “quill” into it! Nancy Olson has been an advocate of pens and the art of handwriting for twenty-five years, as well as probably the foremost authority on fine writing instruments, and we have the immense pleasure of adding yet another layer to our repertoire of luxury journalism and musings.

Jean Daniel Nicolas Two-Minute Tourbillon by Mr. Daniel Roth in pink gold (photo courtesy Guy Lucas de Peslouan)

The Watch That Changed My Life: The Jean Daniel Nicolas Two-Minute Tourbillon By Daniel Roth

Many watches hold a special significance for their owners. The watch I am chronicling here didn’t just change someone’s life, it changed MY life: the Jean Daniel Nicolas Two-Minute Tourbillon by Daniel Roth.

Kari Voutilainen and family clone-composite photo

Introducing ‘Resident Collector’ GaryG

If you have been around the horological block a few times, you will certainly be aware of GaryG, a frequent poster on prevalent watch fora. His love of the art of luxury watchmaking is unmistakable, and his interest, intelligence and enthusiasm on the subject downright infectious. We are sure you will also love what he brings to the Quill & Pad table.

Introducing Resident “Nerdwriter” Joshua Munchow

If you are an astute follower of all things horology, you may have already heard of our standing contributor and resident “nerdwriter,” Joshua Munchow: he won third prize in a design contest run by Eberhard & Co. last year, which saw him attend Baselworld 2013. As a result of that trip, he began seriously writing articles for Watchuseek. These articles were so informative and filled with intelligent commentary that they attracted our attention too.

Welcome To Quill & Pad

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