Bulgari By Gérald Genta Octo Quadri-Retro Chronograph From 2011: Embodying The Past And A Possible Future Of A Once Imperious Haute Horlogerie Leader

The Bulgari by Gérald Genta Octo Quadri-Retro Chronograph features four retrograde displays and a jumping hour. Even more than its distinctive shape, the Octo Quadri-Retro’s strongest link to its Genta past is the crossfire of snapdragon displays on its sectored face. Tim Mosso dissects the history of this brand using the quirks of this uber-interesting timepiece.

Did Gérald Genta Design History’s First Luxury Steel Sports Watch For IWC (And Not Audemars Piguet)?

Has history been rewritten? An early Gérald Genta design made for IWC – regrettably never put into production – suggests so. On June 22, 2022 the not-yet-seen sketch was auctioned by Sotheby’s.

Evelyne Genta Discusses The Legacy Of Gérald Genta On Video

Sotheby’s is currently auctioning off a set of Gérald Genta’s original drawings – including the original sketch of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak – and our pals at The Watches TV took the opportunity to get his widow, Evelyne Genta, on camera to discuss the famed designer’s life and legacy. See it here!

Ian’s Top 10 Watches Of 2021 Plus 2 Honorable Mentions (Spoiler Alert: No Rolexes, But A Couple Of Fun Watches)

Never let it be said that there was a bandwagon that Ian Skellern didn’t jump on. It looks like it’s the season for everyone to be sharing their favorite watches of 2021 so here are his top ten horological highlights of the last 12 months.

Gérald Genta: Legendary Watch Designer With A Renegade Spirit – Reprise

Gérald Genta’s claim to eternal horological fame is closely connected to the rise of high-end stainless steel watches: he designed both the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak (1972) and the Patek Philippe Nautilus (1976). While those two watches alone are enough to make Genta a legend, he did much, much more than that as Martin Green shares here.

Gérald Genta Retro Classic on the wrist

Gérald Genta Retro Classic: The Definitive Genta Masterpiece? – Reprise

Martin Green is no Gérald Genta groupie charmed by everything the designer created, but he appreciates greatness. While some may favor the Genta Gefica or Grande Sonnerie as the master’s definitive design, Martin makes a case for the Retro. Find out why here.

First Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept Marvel Black Panther Flying Tourbillon Appears At Christie’s Marvel(ous) Auction

Since its launch in April 2021, the watch world has been at odds with the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept Marvel Black Panther Flying Tourbillon. And while it has polarized opinions, that didn’t stop it from selling out quickly. Now Christie’s has the first Black Panther up for auction at its online “The Marvelous Sale.”

No Surprise: First Green-Dial Patek Philippe Nautilus Ref. 5711/1A-014 At Antiquorum’s July 2021 Auction In Monaco, Plus Other Highlights

Antiquorum will be holding its next auction in Monaco on July 21, 2021, where collectors will have a chance to bid for the very first time on a Patek Philippe Reference 5711/1A-014. Yes, this is the brand-new stainless steel Nautilus with olive-green dial introduced in April 2021 as the model replacing the blue-dialed Reference 5711/1A-010. While that’s noteworthy, there are a number of other lots worth looking at too.

New Bulgari Gérald Genta Arena Bi-Retro Sport: Intertwined History, Great Design

After celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of Gérald Genta’s eponymous company founded in 1969, Bulgari embarks on reinstating the niche brand within its own ranks, kicking off with a captivating, revamped version of the Gérald Genta Arena Bi-Retro Sport. Find out the fascinating history behind this formerly independent brand and the series of events leading to this decision right here.

11 Brilliant Wristshots From Sunny Geneva Watch Days 2020

In the aftermath of Geneva Watch Days, Elizabeth Doerr discovered some fun wristshots taken during the fair. As these mark a journey of sorts through the new watches – as well as models released throughout 2020 that our team hadn’t seen in real yet – she thought to share a few of them here.