New Iron Walker By Wempe Glashütte: Serious Steel

Wempe Glashütte, the watch brand from Germany’s most famous retailer, has recently introduced a new team to the sporty steel-encased league: the Iron Walker. Sabine Zwettler takes a closer look at the three flagship models at debut.

Full-frame view of the A. Lange & Söhne Datograph Perpetual movement using extension tubes

 ‘Made In Glashütte’ Vs. ‘Made In Germany’: What Puts Them Together, What Sets Them Apart

What qualifies a watch to be “made in Glashütte” or “made in Germany”? Sabine Zwettler explains exactly that right here.

3 New Timepieces From Germany To Smooth The Transition From Colorful Fall To Gray Winter

Not every autumn day is full of intense Indian summer hues. Gray, windy, unpleasant weather provides the perfect occasion to go on a horological trip . . . to Germany. Here are three timepieces of German provenance by Nomos Glashütte, Wempe, and Sattler to help stave off any autumn anxiety.

Fine German watchmaking from A. Lange & Söhne, Tutima, Nomos Glashütte, Moritz Grossmann and Glashütte Original

Made In Germany: The Glory Of Glashütte

When we talk about Germany, we do not necessarily think of watches: luxury cars, high-tech machines, and Oktoberfest spring to mind. The “made in Germany” predicate is generally associated with quality, well-designed products, added value, and longevity. But watches? Yes, watches.

Fabergé Lady Levity in pink gold

It’s Time To Take Women, Their Watches, And Their Opinions Seriously In The World Of Horology

For many years, high-end luxury brands have flirted with courting women as an untapped consumer group of prospective buyers. Two events set to take place in late 2016 underscore this movement: Eve’s Watch Awards and the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève.