MB&F HM8 Mark 2: Horological Hypercars!

With the MB&F HM8 Mark 2, Max Büsser returns to his roots to deliver a watch that deftly captures the automotive spirit. It’s a hypercar for the wrist.

New Release: MB&F Legacy Machine Sequential Flyback Dual Chronograph

In an interesting twist, Stephen McDonnel, the developer of the MB&F LM Sequential, initially envisaged the left side chronograph as a flyback chronograph, however, due to the number of technical issues to resolved, decided it would be safer to save that for a later version: and here it is. And with two flybacks!

Visiting the MB&F M.A.D.House: Take a Virtual Tour with this Photo Fest

The M.A.D.House, as MB&F calls its headquarters, is just like the brand’s watches – unlike anything you have ever experienced. Niclas Berglund has a tour and takes us along.

New Release: MB&F HM8 Mark 2 – The Supercar for the Wrist turns Blue

Supercars are not designed and developed for your daily commute or to do the shopping run, although they can do those automotive tasks, they are made to get your pulse racing, adrenal pumping, and putting a smile on your face. And that’s just what MB&F HM8 Mark 2 does as well.

10 Highlights from Watches and Wonders Week 2024

Watches and Wonders 2024, has closed it’s doors on an exhibition that was bigger than ever with a record 54 exhibiting brands. Plus, there were many brands exhibiting offsite in hotels and their own premises. here are a few of Ian Skellern’s highlights from Watches and Wonders week 2024

M.A.D.Editions ✕ Jean Charles de Castelbajac ‘Time to Love’

With the M.A.D.Editions ✕ Jean Charles de Castelbajac ‘Time to Love’, not for the first time, nor I expect the last time, Max Büsser has surprised me. This time by making all previous editions of the hitherto bonkers looking M.A.D.1 look boring.

MB&F Legacy Machine FlyingT Onyx Edition: Perhaps the Best FlyingT Yet

As the FlyingT is an MB&F it does things differently. This starts with its stacked movement. A significant part of the gear train is placed on top of each other and topped off with a flying tourbillon. But it’s that black dial that makes it absolutely stunning!

New Release: MB&F LM Perpetual EVO Blue

In 2015 with the launch of LM Perpetual. Irish watchmaker and movement designer extraordinaire Stephen McDonnell reinvented the previously breakage-prone perpetual calendar complication and LM Perpetual transformed MB&F from a serious design-led boutique brand into a very serious horological brand.
Now MB&F has introduced LM Perpetual EVO BLUE, in titanium with light blue dial plate.

MB&F HM11 Architect: A Slow Motion Fidget Spinner for the Wrist

The MB&F HM11 earns its name Architect by the inspiration for its case design. Its inspiration comes from 1960s architecture, and one could imagine seeing this shape, enlarged to life-size, as a comfortable home overseeing the Mediterranean.

M.A.D.1 Red Owner’s Review: The Spirit of Something Greater and the Most Affordable Horological Machine by Maximilian Büsser (Plus Videos) – Reprise

Joshua Munchow is the fortunate owner on a M.A.D.1 Red. Here he explains how he came to have a M.A.D.1 Red and what he thinks of it after a few months on his wrist.