New Release : Absolutely Stunning Louis Moinet ‘Around the World in Eight Days’ Unique Piece Collection

Art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. Usually, the artist has a message that they hope that their art conveys, but sometimes the art (if it’s good enough) overwhelms the intended message. Ian Skellern experienced that with the Louis Moinet ‘Around the World in Eight Days’ Unique Piece collection.

New Release: Louis Moinet Astronef Techno Unique Piece Featuring Two Flying Tourbillons and a Eye-Catching Iridescent High-Tech Silicon Wafer Dial

The ever-changing colors of the silicon wafer dial on the Louis Moinet Astronef Techno are not caused by light reflections but by iridescence. This is the phenomenon of a surface changing color as the angle of view or the angle of illumination changes. But there is much more to this unique piece watch than a stunning dial.

New Release: Louis Moinet Impulsion Onyx: Monopusher Chronograph – Flying Tourbillon with Black Onyx open dial

The Louis Moinet Memoris chronograph was the first watch to put the chronograph mechanism fully visible dial side. Now, Louis Moinet has added a flying tourbillon to their monopusher column wheel chronograph and called it Impulsion.

Louis Moinet Savanna Tourbillon Tiger: It’s a Puzzle – It’s Literally a Puzzle

What makes high end watches so desirable is the artistry involved. For some watches, it is artistry in their complexity, or their superlative hand finishing, or intricate dials, and some feature actual artwork like miniature painting. Then there are a very few timepieces that offer all of that artistry and more: one such timepiece is the unique piece Louis Moinet Savanna Tourbillon Tiger.

Louis Moinet Cosmopolis: Official Guinness World Record for Number of Meteorites in a Watch

The Louis Moinet Cosmopolis includes pieces from 12 different, and very rare, meteorites from Jean-Marie Schaller’s own collection. And this earned him the Guinness World Records™ title for the “most meteorite inserts in a watch.” Martin Green takes a closer look.

Martin Green’s Five Favorite Watches Of 2022

While we are already quite a bit into 2023, Martin Green contemplates the year we left behind. He finds that sometimes it takes a while to understand and appreciate a new watch. Here he looks at a few of his favorite watches of 2022.

Louis Moinet Pays Homage To A Car Racing Tradition With Time To Race Chronograph Collection Of Unique Pieces

Time to Race, Louis Moinet’s latest edition to the Memoris chronograph line, made quite an impression on Martin Green. For this colorful Memoris, Louis Moinet drove down memory lane right into car history with a very cool concept.

Louis Moinet Only India Unique Piece: Inspired By The Heavens And The Subcontinent

The Louis Moinet Only India is an intricate and colorful display of craftsmanship with a celestial hook that Joshua Munchow can’t ignore: a small fragment of the original Shergotty meteorite used as a centerpiece for the dial honoring aspects of Indian culture.

Louis Moinet Memoris Spirit Monopusher Column Wheel Chronograph: Signaling A New Design Era For The Brand

The Louis Moinet Memoris Spirit chronograph is an aesthetic and mechanical update to the classic Memoris chronograph that may end up being the most sought-after model yet. Joshua Munchow takes a closer look at how it arrived here.

Joshua’s Top 10 Watches Of 2021: 5 Mechanical Marvels + 5 Daily Wearers

Joshua Munchow has separated his top 10 watches of 2021 into two groups, the first being his top five mechanical marvels: watches showcasing some incredible mechanics that get his creative juices flowing. The second group constitutes his top five daily-wear watches: pieces that are so beautiful that he would have a hard time wanting to wear something else. Let’s dive in!