Hautlence Linear Series 1: A Lesson In Motion

Hautlence is a brand that has always done things a little differently. And its latest model, the Linear Series 1, is no exception: It features a normal minute display with a jumping hour indication that appears to move in a straight (linear) line. Joshua Munchow dives in for a closer look.

Martin Green's grail Louis Cartier Tank

What’s It Like To Get Your Grail Watch And Live With It? The Story Of My Louis Cartier Tank – Reprise

A grail watch can be pretty much anything. But one thing a grail watch always is is personal. Very personal. Martin Green was introduced to his personal grail watch by a close friend who had recently treated himself to a new watch: a pre-Collection Privée Cartier Paris Louis Cartier Tank in platinum. Here’s the story of how Martin got his grail.

MB&F Legacy Machine FlyingT Black Lacquer on the wrist

6 Ladies Watches That Any Man Might Wear – And That This Man Would Definitely Wear – Reprise

With the evolution of modern ladies’ watches has come an evolution of quality. Today it is not just about downsizing existing men’s models. Nor is it only about design, bling, or glossy luxury. It is all about watchmaking, great watchmaking! Here are six predominantly female watches that Łukasz Doskocz would wear. With pride.

What Recession? Reflecting On The Geneva Watch Auctions Of November 2022

GaryG was unable to attend the November 2022 Geneva watch auctions, but like many of his friends he followed online. Here he takes a look at the results from the “big three” auction houses – Phillips, Christie’s, and Sotheby’s – to discern some patterns and provide knowledgeable commentary.

ETA/Valjoux 7750 front and back

Valjoux 7750: The World’s Greatest Chronograph Movement By Far (By Popularity And Numbers) – Reprise

As Martin Green became ever more impressed by the performance of the Valjoux 7750 chronograph movement, he also found himself enamored by its little quirks and the variety of watches it has been tapped to power. Here Martin outlines the history of this classic automatic chronograph movement.

Some Friends’ Rolexes as Seen at a Recent Group Lunch

Why I’ve Never Owned A Rolex – And Why I Might Yet (Update: I Do Now!) – Reprise

Once in a while on the collector forums, a question is posed: is there anyone in the collector community who has never, ever, owned a Rolex? As a general rule, respondents to these queries tend to express disbelief that such a creature could possibly exist given the quality and ubiquity of the brand’s watches. Well, folks, GaryG is here to tell you that such people do exist, and that he is one of them. How could it be? And then what happened?

Christiaan Van Der Klaauw New Majority Shareholder Pim Koeslag In Conversation: Shooting For The Stars

Not long ago, Christiaan van der Klaauw announced that Pim Koeslag would join the company as a majority shareholder. Koeslag further complements the successful team of Daniël and Maria Reintjes, who will both stay on in their positions. Martin Green talked to Koeslag to get the whole story.

Trying Two Saint Luis Rey Double Corona Cigars From Different Boxes

Ken Gargett recently had the opportunity to try two Saint Luis Rey Double Corona Cigars from two different boxes. They were both remarkably similar, which is not a given with Cuban cigars, especially very rare Cuban cigars.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grande Tradition Tourbillon Cylindrique: Excellence In Tourbillon Chronometry

The Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grande Tradition Tourbillon Cylindrique from 2016 is a dress tourbillon of the modern era that does much more than look pretty. Tim Mosso takes a closer look here and divulges in-depth background.

C By Romain Gauthier: A Continuum of Lifelong Learning

First launched toward the end of 2021, the Continuum, now known as C by Romain Gauthier, is the boutique brand’s take on a luxury sports watch without falling into the trap of trying to be just another voice in the steel sports watch market.