Ian’s Highlights from Watches and Wonders Week 2024

Watches and Wonders 2024, has closed it’s doors on an exhibition that was bigger than ever with a record 54 exhibiting brands. Plus, there were many brands exhibiting offsite in hotels and their own premises. here are a few of Ian Skellern’s highlights from Watches and Wonders week 2024

Own a Piece of Watch History for Under $200: The Swatch Sistem51

The Swatch Sistem51 has been around since Baselworld 2013, and since then has received a lot of positive and negative coverage. However, removing the noise, the Sistem51 remains a great technical achievement and will go down as a defining historical model. It’s not perfect, but for any watch lover, it is still worth considering.

Coloring Watches: PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) and ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition)

There are two key technologies used for the coloration of luxury watches and movements, PVD and ALD. Segio Galanti takes a quick look at color treatments.

The Jump Hour: A Love Story

The jump hour has a long history, but first things first: it can’t technically be called a complication since the accepted definition of complication is a mechanism that provides information other than the time. However, anyone who gives a hoot will say in the same breath that there are many complications that don’t fit that definition and Joshua Munchow couldn’t agree more. But why does he love the jump hour so much?

IWC has Ceramic in its History and Today in its Pilot’s Watch collection

IWC has a long history with ceramic cases and today they are usually found in the brand’s Big Pilot^s Watch collection.

The Grail of Attic Finds: Reunited with the First Watch I Ever Owned, A West End Watch Co Sowar Prima

Colin Alexander Smith is reunited with his first watch and discovers an intriguing watch manufacturer that has been producing mechanical watches in Switzerland continuously since 1886.

Singer Reimagined Divetrack: The World’s Best Mechanical Divers’ Watch – Bar None!

All previous diver’s watches have one thing in common: the only functionality related to diving is the bezel. The Singer Reimaged Divetrack revolutionizes dive watches with its central chronograph timing functionality.

History of Divers’ Watches: Voyage to the Bottom of the Ocean

It is often said that it is easier to send a person to the Moon than to the ocean floor because of the extreme conditions found at great depths, such as no visibility and overwhelming pressure. However, in 1960 a wristwatch (Rolex “Deep Sea Special”) accompanied mankind to the deepest ocean floor even before it accompanied mankind to the Moon in 1969 (Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch).

HYT Conical Tourbillon Black Eklipse: A Potent Hallucinating Horological Trip

When measured in kicks, not all watches rank the same. This is often a combination of the watch itself and personal preferences, but sometimes a watch ranks so high in wow factor that none of that matters. You are bound to go on a horological trip, and such a watch is the HYT Conical Tourbillon.

New Release : Absolutely Stunning Louis Moinet ‘Around the World in Eight Days’ Unique Piece Collection

Art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. Usually, the artist has a message that they hope that their art conveys, but sometimes the art (if it’s good enough) overwhelms the intended message. Ian Skellern experienced that with the Louis Moinet ‘Around the World in Eight Days’ Unique Piece collection.