A Must-See for Everyone! Horological Neophytes, All Industry Professionals (including Marketing/Communication/Admin), and Press, this talk by Stephen McDonnell is For You – Don’t Miss This!

I estimate I’ve seen – and have personally moderated 10 Dubai Watch Week Horological Forums talks – around 80 of these ‘events’, and many  have been very, very, good: either. But at the 2023 fair I saw one that just blew me away (and I’m a jaded old industry veteran). Don’t miss this!

Why a Dive Watch should Never Be Haute Horlogerie

The dive watch can be seen as the off-road car of the watch world. Right after World War II, the world of diving was going through rapid developments. A leap in technology allowed humans to dive longer and deeper and explore a part of our planet we know so little about. But haute horlogerie?

Big hitters: Patek Philippe Reference 5070P-013 (at left) and Reference 5170P

Heavyweight Bout: Patek Philippe Reference 5170P vs. 5070P (Plus 5070P-013 ‘London’ Edition) Chronographs – Reprise

From the time GaryG revealed that he’d added a Patek Philippe Reference 5170P chronograph to his collection, he has frequently been asked two questions: how does it compare to his Patek Philippe Reference 5370P split-seconds chronograph and how does it compare to Patek Philippe’s prior flagship chronograph, the platinum-encased Reference 5070P? Find out here!

Dubai Watch Week 2023 Photofest and Videos – Part 1

Dubai Watch Week (DWW) has been full of surprises (both good and bad) for me, but full of the pleasure of seeing many old friends and lots of fantastic watches.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Hybris Mechanica Calibre 185 Quadriptyque: 11 Complications (Plus Flying Tourbillon) are Impressive, But the Fact that it’s So Wearable is The Real Magic – Reprise

It wasn’t until Ian Skellern had the opportunity to handle the four-faced Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Hybris Mechanica Calibre 185 for himself that he understood the sheer scale of JLC’s achievement and gazed in newfound awe. Even though he had read the dimensions of Calibre 185, they were just numbers: in reality, it was much smaller and more wearable than he was expecting. Calibre 185 is by no means a small watch, but, as he reports, it is small for the sheer amount of complications packed inside.

Why There Were No Winners in the 2023 GPHG Men’s and Mechanical Exception Categories and ‘My’ Proposed Solution to Ensure that it Doesn’t Happen Again

When the 2023 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) awards presentation ceremony finished, I was among the many who thought: what happened to the Men’s and Mechanical Exception categories? Why were no winners of those categories announced?

There has been conjecture, but I didn’t hear anything that really made sense to me. Here’s what happened and why it will not happen again.

Sauterelle à Lune Perpétuelle by Andreas Strehler

The 10 Most Accurate Moon Phase Wristwatches Today, Plus Honorable Mention – Reprise

Waxing poetically about moon phases got Joshua excited enough to take a trip through certain “phases” of engineering excellence. So here he brings you the ten most accurate moon phase displays fitted into a wristwatch as of 2020. Join us on this odyssey through space and time.

New Release: Urwerk UR-230 Eagle

Urwerk has just released the UR-230 Eagle. It features a CTP carbon case fitted with a hinged cover, aerodynamic lines, a slimmer profile and the stylized form of a bird of prey, dual variable-geometry turbine, double shock absorber and a hybrid winding system.

Captain James Cook's "Second Voyage of Discovery" in the South Pacific using Lacum Kendall's K1 for navigating longitude

Larcum Kendall and K1: The Greatest Watchmaker and Watch You have (Probably) Never Heard Of – Reprise

You may have heard of a few or more of the following historical people and events: Thomas Mudge, George Graham, John Harrison, the Longitude Prize, Captain James Cook, and the mutiny on the ‘HMS Bounty.’ However, you are less likely to have heard the name of a horologist who played a pivotal role in all of the above: Larcum Kendall (1719–1790). Come with me on a worldwide adventure involving timekeeping and history.

Champagne Devaux: Seriously Good Wines

Champagne Devaux blends are not predetermined and the non-vintage wines see a high proportion of reserve wines. The majority of the reserve wines are aged in oak vats while they also incorporate the solera process. Time on lees far outstrips many of their competitors.