Jean Dunand Palace

Opinions From A Marquis: The Jean Dunand Palace

Palaces by definition are usually very traditional, very ornate, and very large. The Palace by Jean Dunand has two of those three descriptives going for it – its size and the fact that it is very ornate.

But its design and inspiration are anything but horologically traditional. It is modern, it is complicated, and it is very unique, especially the two linear displays for the second time zone ( GMT) and power reserve indication.

Shabaka by Jean Dunand

Jean Dunand’s Shabaka Returns

The Jean Dunand Shabaka, named for a twenty-fifth dynasty pharaoh of Egypt, was an Art Deco-inspired watch that could be customized, but its shaped case and unusual displays comprising cylinder rolls was not easily combined with stones and the type of dials that were common on the already-released Tourbillon Orbital. The new Shabaka is presented for the first time in a round 47 mm case – perfect for combining with artisanal dials.