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One Woman’s View Of What Women Want In Watches

Every woman – nay, every person – is different. Which means their needs and wants will be different. All Elizabeth Doerr can do is tell you about her own experience with watches. But perhaps the most important thing of all to know is that any watch is a woman’s watch if a woman is wearing it.

Nicknaming Vintage Watches: Musings On Vanessa Redgrave’s Rolex 5513 Submariner With Explorer Dial In Clubhouse Chat

In early February, expert spotter Nick Gould noticed that Vanessa Redgrave was wearing a special watch during the filming of the movie ‘Blowup’: a very rare Rolex Submariner Reference 5513 with so-called Explorer dial. We felt that the topic deserved more discussion, though, so the team turned to the latest form of social media: Clubhouse. You can hear the recorded conversation about that and the general nicknaming of vintage watches here.

Women’s History Month: 4 Fascinating Horological Stories About Women In Watchmaking

“The watch industry today would be nothing without women,” Elizabeth Doerr notes as the majority of watchmaker benches in watch factories are “manned” by women. Women were also responsible for the very first wristwatches; the world’s first doctorate in horology went to a woman (Dr. Rebecca Struthers); and the now-safe lume glowing on your watch came about thanks to the dangerous (and deadly) work of both Marie Curie and the Radium Girls.

Baselworld Retrospective: Chronicling 102 Years From 1917 To 2019

More than a century of history of Baselworld, the world’s biggest and most comprehensive watch fair, is virtually impossible to sum up in just a few lines. However, that is what Elizabeth Doerr does here as she looks back over 102 years of Baselworld history and reflects on what happens next. Hopefully that is, “Pack your bags for Houruniverse 2021.”

Radium Watch Dials And Radium Girls: Who Would Have Thought ‘Eating’ Radioactive Material Was Deadly? – Reprise

One of the last of the so-called Radium Girls passed away at the age of 107 in late 2014. These were women working in factories tasked with painting the numerals and other markings on watch dials with a luminous paint comprising glue, water, and radium powder. Little did they know the consequences this job would have.

2020 Prix Gaïa Awards: Urwerk Founders Felix Baumgartner And Martin Frei, Sundial Maker Denis Savoie, And Independent Watchmaker Antoine Preziuso Honored

If the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève awards the horological Oscars, then the more cerebral Prix Gaïa might be considered the horological Nobel Prize. Here, Elizabeth Doerr shares the interesting laureates announced in 2020.

All 4 New Rolex 2020 Collection Updates Plus One Watch You Might Have Missed

While 2019 brought subtle improvements for Rolex’s mainstay watch lines, a rocky 2020 brought uncertainty – first we weren’t sure Rolex would release anything at all given the pandemic, which was followed by widely talked about updates for four of the crown’s pillar collections. The new 2020 models saw subtle changes for improvement and perfection rather than anything revolutionary. And lots more color!