Corum Golden Bridge Table Clock: A Macro Mechanical Sculpture Right In Your Living Room

The Corum Golden Bridge Table Clock isn’t just loosely inspired by the Corum Golden Bridge, it is made to be a nearly perfect replica of the watch at the scale of a table, and even doubling as a coffee table!

Corum Bubble Vintage on the wrist

Why I Bought It: Corum Bubble Vintage – Reprise

Ian has a fairly narrow frame of reference when it comes to buying watches for himself: his taste runs to independents, in-house movements, and superlative hand-finishing. So why on earth did he buy a Corum Bubble, which is from a big (for him) brand and outfitted with an ETA 2892 movement with an industrial finish? And it’s huge!

Corum Bubble Skull X-Ray: Ghoulishly Good

The skull as a watch theme have a long tradition dating back to early pocket watches. Called memento mori, these were decorated with skulls with the aim of reminding the owner to live life to the fullest and make the most of time on earth. With the latest addition to the Bubble collection, Corum continues this tradition, this time choosing a luminescent x-ray image of a skull to decorate the dial.

Corum Admiral 45 Openworked Luminescent Carbon: Forget The Day, Bring On The Night!

Corum has released several new Admiral timepieces for 2022, including six new Admiral 42 models, one of which offers an interesting “grenadier fendu” pattern that was entirely designed in-house at Corum. But the pinnacle of these new additions is the novel Admiral 45 Openworked Luminescent Carbon with a glow-in-the-dark carbon fiber case.

Corum Classical Billionaire: A Unique Piece That, While Pricey, Isn’t (Quite) As Expensive As It Looks And Its Name Suggests

If there is one thing Martin Green likes, it is a well-designed diamond-set watch. And while there are quite a few around, there aren’t many as good as the Corum Classical Billionaire, which focuses on displaying the art of diamond cutting and setting. No less than 424 diamonds (for a total of 13.46 carats) decorate the white gold case. That is a lot of stones, but diamonds alone don’t automatically make for a great watch. It’s the way that the gems are cut and set that ultimately decides if they add something more than just their precious and pricey nature.

5 Of The Best Of Seddiqi’s Golden Jubilee Special Editions Celebrating 50 Years Of The UAE

Some of the top watch manufacturers in the world have released special edition watches in honor of the 50th anniversary of the UAE for Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, who stages Dubai Watch Week. This collection of 35 models – which is also very likely already long sold out – makes for a very interesting chapter in the ever-evolving stories of the UAE and Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons. Check out five of the most interesting right here!

Corum Bubble X-Ray: It Glows Inside!

No one buys a Corum Bubble to hide underneath a jacket sleeve; it’s a watch that makes its presence felt. And with a luminous layered x-ray image of the human skull smiling out from under the bulbous sapphire crystal dome, the Bubble X-Ray is no exception.

New Corum Golden Bridge Automatic For 2021: Linear Winding Never Looked So Good

Of all the watches extoling the virtues of the mechanical movement, no other piece does it as simply, cleanly, or in as straightforward a manner as the Corum Golden Bridge. The 10-year-anniversary version of the Golden Bridge Automatic sees some aesthetic changes made to its avant-garde case, and in particular the iconic sapphire crystal.

Corum Golden Bridge Automatic Deconstruction By The Naked Watchmaker

While display backs and open dials are commonplace now, the Corum Golden Bridge was one of the first watches not to just reveal its mechanics but to enthusiastically and joyously celebrate them. Peter Speake, aka The Naked Watchmaker, recently deconstructed a Corum Golden Bridge Automatic to reveal all of its secrets.

Golden Bridge Automatic Black Titanium

Corum Golden Bridge: The ‘Automatic’ Legend Then And Now – Reprise

Before Joshua Munchow realized that he loved watches he was sure that he loved mechanical things and stood in awe of the many mechanisms and contraptions that he saw over his young life. Joshua eventually became aware of watches and the amazing marvels that they held within. To him, the Corum Golden Bridge stood out as an example of perfect horological exhibitionism. And the automatic version is even better to him!