Cyrus Klepsys Dice Saffron Double Chronograph: Colorful and More Useful than a Rattrapante Chrono

The concept behind the Klepsys Dice Saffron Double Chronograph is that in many sports, you like to compare times of competitors starting simultaneously. Martin Green explains how Cyrus solved that.

Cyrus Klepcys Vertical Tourbillon: ‘Artificial Gravity’ On The Wrist

The concepts of the Cyrus Klepcys Vertical Tourbillon and Vertical Tourbillon Skeleton rotate around a vertically oriented tourbillon in the center of the movement. Joshua Munchow sees an awesome spaceship with an artificial gravity ring in the center; how about you?

Cyrus Klepcys Mars

Cyrus Klepcys Mars: Bringing Home The Red Planet

Imagine that you are stranded on Mars. That’s the premise of ‘The Martian,’ a novel by Andy Weir. The watch by Cyrus that will bring us to the red planet is the Klepcys Mars, an awesome dual retrograde timepiece with a miniature rotating Mars beneath the crystal. Though you’ll have to read the book or wait for the movie to know how Watney deals with his situation, one of the cool details of this Klepcys is the three-dimensional Mars that makes one full revolution in a Martian day.