Garrick Regulator MK II: A British Revolution

With the Regulator MK II you can see the development that Garrick has been through in just five short years. Regulator MK II is not an evolution but a revolution!

Garrick S3: Experience Begets Improvement

In Joshua Munchow’s opinion, British brand Garrick and its latest watch, the S3, are a perfect reference point for growth. The S3 is not only a great example of the unique style of the boutique brand, but as an evolution from the S1 and S2 it highlights the brand’s growth as it pursues better and better creations.

Garrick S1: Enough Humility, This Is British Watchmaking With Pride

Joshua Munchow thinks that the S1 is a transition point for English brand Garrick and indeed for the continuing resurgence of British watchmaking: by putting its mechanics out on display, the watch really shows off what it’s made of. And impressively so.

Garrick Portsmouth with gilded movement

The Garrick Portsmouth Demonstrates This Young Brand’s Past And Future

The latest watch from the British micro-brand Garrick debuted at SalonQP 2016 to a healthy dose of excitement. Not only because the people who love what Garrick does were excited to see something new, but because Garrick had teamed up with Andreas Strehler, a technical industry star, to produce a new manufacture-esque movement.