Skadi: A Nordic Goddess Of A Wristwatch For Men By Gustafsson And Sjögren (GoS)

Swedish boutique brand GoS may be inspired by Viking aesthetics and Scandinavian northern lights, but the appeal of its timepieces to the watch collecting community is global. And now the first of only five GoS Skadi models, named for the Norse goddess of winter, is on its way to its happy owner in the USA. What makes this watch so special? Anders Modig reports.

Breitling Chronoliner on mesh bracelet

Milanaise Mesh Watch Bracelets: What’s The Attraction?

As a great many watch lovers know, straps and bracelets can make or break a watch. While many might find the “vintage” appearance of mesh too delicate for today’s watches – for me mesh remains one of the most beautiful ways to dress up a watch, whether new or old.

Konstantin Chaykin Joker on the wrist

Baselworld 2017 Round Table: What We Liked And What We Didn’t Like

Please join our traditional Quill & Pad round table discussion on Baselworld 2017, where we discuss what we did and didn’t like at at the world’s largest annual watch exhibition.

The Gustaffson & Sjögren (GoS) Sarek against the background of its namesake Swedish national park

Gustafsson & Sjögren (GoS) Introduces Sarek And, Surprisingly, A First Ladies’ Watch

Back at Baselworld 2016, the duo known as Gustaffson & Sjögren (GoS) surprised me with a new watch named Sarek. Its most obvious element is, of course, the beautiful dial made of Damascus steel. The Sarek dial is created from 164 layers of hand-forged steel. The unusual coloring is partially achieved by tempering the steel until the desired colors display.

A wristshot of the GoS Winter Nights against the backdrop of Johan Gustafsson’s assembly bench (photo courtesy Björn Dahlgren)

Gustafsson and Sjögren GoS: Mouthwatering Photos Of Swedish Independents’ Smithy And Winter Nights Watch

Watchmaker Patrik Sjögren recentently shared the news that his business partner Johan Gustafsson will be featured in an upcoming book by David Darom focusing on artistic folder knives and how they are made. A photo shoot in Gustafsson’s Swedish smithy was staged to illustrate the procedures he uses to make his signature Mosaic Damascus steel and the duo’s superb new Winter Nights model. Here we share some of those mood-heavy photos.

The brightly glowing lume of Sarpaneva's Northern Lights Violet

Aurora Borealis: Stepan Sarpaneva Korona K01 Northern Lights And GoS Nordic Seasons

There are few brands, boutique brands, or even well-known watchmakers hailing from Scandinavia. However, during Baselworld, two of them launching new timepieces: GoS (Gustafsson and Sjögren) and Finnish watchmaker Stepan Sarpaneva.

GoS Bifrost matching Damascus steel watch and knife set

Gustafsson and Sjögren GoS: Swedish Independents Forge A Horological Bridge With Bifrost

Quill & Pad has the honor to introduce the new GoS (Gustafsson and Sjögren, the “o” stands for “and” in Swedish), “Bifrost” Damascus steel watch and knife set, named for the famed rainbow bridge that the Norse Asgardians used to reach Midgard (earth).