GoS Sarek Frost: Scandinavian Winter on the Wrist

If there’s one thing (apart from snow) heralding the start of winter in Scandinavia, it’s frost. The dial of the GoS Sarak Frost recreates the scintillating appearance of icy frost.

Northern Lights For Ukraine: GoS Auctions Unique Piece Norrsken For Charity

Patrik Sjögren of GoS was already active on Instagram in support of Ukraine in early March, at which time he saw an opportunity to help in the form of a collaboration with artist Matthew Miller (@sunflowerman.watch). The result is the GoS Northern Lights for Ukraine Norrsken unique piece now being auctioned by Sotheby’s. Elizabeth Doerr explains what it is and how it came about here.

GoS Norrsken Blue Guilloche: A Glow That Beckons You North

The GoS Blue Norrsken (whose name is Swedish for “northern lights”) is a masterful three-way collaboration honoring the fantastic displays of the aurora borealis as seen in the boutique brand’s home country Sweden.

New Norrsken By GoS (Gustafsson & Sjögren) Offers A Spectacular Northern Lights Experience On The Wrist

The aurora borealis (aka northern lights) is a natural phenomenon unlike any other, and replicating them in a watch seems impossible. But Swedish brand GoS has done just that with the new Norrsken, and not just once but in two very different versions, each as spectacular as the northern lights themselves.

5 ‘Shrink And Pink’ Watches Highlighting How To Do It Well (None Of Which Are Actually Pink)

“Shrink and pink” is a relatively recent term to describe how watch brands sometimes use a men’s watch as a base for making a timepiece more oriented toward the female consumer. Here Elizabeth Doerr shares five watches whose makers employed the “shrink and pink” tactic so successfully that she would wear them in a heartbeat. And spoiler: none of them are pink.

Light Me Up: The Insanely Colorful Lume Of Black Badger James Thompson’s Watches (Lume Fest!)

Working with creative makers like De Bethune, MB&F, Stepan Sarpaneva, Bamford, Linde Werdelin and more, Gothenburg-based James Thompson – aka Black Badger – has become industry famous as the driving force of a new school of applications of luminous materials. Anders Modig takes us through Black Badger’s history, along the way highlighting many of his colorful watch collaborations.

Skadi: A Nordic Goddess Of A Wristwatch For Men By Gustafsson And Sjögren (GoS)

Swedish boutique brand GoS may be inspired by Viking aesthetics and Scandinavian northern lights, but the appeal of its timepieces to the watch collecting community is global. And now the first of only five GoS Skadi models, named for the Norse goddess of winter, is on its way to its happy owner in the USA. What makes this watch so special? Anders Modig reports.

Breitling Chronoliner on mesh bracelet

Milanaise Mesh Watch Bracelets: What’s The Attraction?

As a great many watch lovers know, straps and bracelets can make or break a watch. While many might find the “vintage” appearance of mesh too delicate for today’s watches – for me mesh remains one of the most beautiful ways to dress up a watch, whether new or old.

Konstantin Chaykin Joker on the wrist

Baselworld 2017 Round Table: What We Liked And What We Didn’t Like

Please join our traditional Quill & Pad round table discussion on Baselworld 2017, where we discuss what we did and didn’t like at at the world’s largest annual watch exhibition.

The Gustaffson & Sjögren (GoS) Sarek against the background of its namesake Swedish national park

Gustafsson & Sjögren (GoS) Introduces Sarek And, Surprisingly, A First Ladies’ Watch

Back at Baselworld 2016, the duo known as Gustaffson & Sjögren (GoS) surprised me with a new watch named Sarek. Its most obvious element is, of course, the beautiful dial made of Damascus steel. The Sarek dial is created from 164 layers of hand-forged steel. The unusual coloring is partially achieved by tempering the steel until the desired colors display.