Why I Bought It: Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Black Matte Ceramic

The first time Bhanu Chopra strapped a borrowed BR 03-92 Black Matte Ceramic on his wrist, he thought that it was the perfect Bell & Ross watch for him, checking all the boxes for the characteristics he expected from an aviation-style instrument watch. He bought one and it has been part of his core pilot’s watch collection ever since. This is why.

Three New Bell & Ross Vintage BR V2 Watches For 2020: For Officers, Gentlemen, And Rebels

Inspired by military watches, the designs of these three new Bell & Ross BR V2 models are not loud, but they are distinct in addition to being highly legible. Martin Green also points out that the names of Bell & Ross watches sometimes read like designations for some type of bomb, but he gives them a pass on that because he thinks that their watches are dynamite. Especially these. Have a look.

A Crash Course In Flieger (Pilot) And B-Uhren (Navigator) Watches Covering Both Historic And Modern Examples (A Pilot’s Watch Photofest!)

The majority of today’s numerous flieger-style watches are inspired by the now-iconic German pilot’s and navigator’s watches of World War II, becoming a genre unto themselves. Bhanu Chopra flies high to take a deep dive into the long history of this popular style.

Joel McHale Wearing Bell & Ross In ‘Community’ – And Tom Hanks Wears B&R Too

In season three of the television series ‘Community,’ Joel McHale’s character (a suspended lawyer) began wearing a Bell & Ross BR 01-94 chronograph, which turned out to be his own watch. So Elizabeth Doerr decided to see if he was into watches, and here is what she found out.

4 Dynamic Race-Ready Chronographs From The 2020 Bell & Ross R.S.20 Renault F1 Collection

R.S.20 is the name of Renault’s F1 car for this season, and elements of the high-tech car’s design and technology are reflected in the four dynamic, limited edition, race-themed chronographs of the Bell & Ross R.S.20 Renault F1 collection.

It’s Tool Time: 3 Rugged, Resilient, And Reliable Timepieces For Every Occasion From Bell & Ross, Panerai, And Breitling

Despite their resilient nature, modern tool watches show no lack of subtle details and sparkle with refinement as these three brand-new pieces prove. Here, Sabine Zwettler introduces a trio of instrument watches by Bell & Ross, Breitling, and Panerai.

5 New Bronze Timepieces From Tudor, TAG Heuer, Bell & Ross, Hentschel Hamburg, And Oris

Bronze, an age-old material used since antiquity, has had quite a run as a case material in the world of luxury watches in recent years. Whether its bronze case changes over time or keeps its pristine appearance, these five debutantes from 2019 each have an unmistakable charisma all their own.

Bell & Ross Vintage WWI Heure Sautante in pink gold

Sensuality & Bell & Ross: Vintage WWI Heure Sautante – Reprise

It’s understood that different things and experiences can be sensual for different people, and yet sensuality can’t ever be wholly objective since everyone has his or her own subjective view due to their own physiological differences. Joshua Munchow’s first view of the Bell & Ross Vintage WWI Heure Sautante hit him in what can only be described as a sensual way. Find out why!

Bell & Ross BR01-92 Skull Bronze

Fly-By Death: 5 Skull-Themed BR 01 Timepieces By Bell & Ross – Reprise

Bell & Ross’s unique BR 01 Instrument stole the spotlight at its launch in 2005 thanks to its unusual circle-in-a-square case, becoming an instant hit. The BR 01 was then used as a jumping-off point for a variety of designs, beginning in 2009 with the then-trendy skull motif – which in Elizabeth Doerr’s eyes was a perfect addition. How has the skull motif evolved at Bell & Ross? Find out here!

Bell & Ross BR 05 For A Week On The Wrist: How It Measures Up

This month Bell & Ross turns its aviation watch “DNA” toward the urban man. Chris Malburg spent a week with the new BR 05 with gray dial in stainless steel and has a lot to say about this everyday city-dweller’s timepiece.