10 Affordable Alternatives to Iconic Watches like the Rolex Submariner and Omega Moonwatch: The Lightweight Heavyweights!

A few brands and watches stand high above the rest. They are known to almost everyone and have become icons. Watches of this stature are not cheap, however, there are alternatives out there that are as compelling in their own right for a fraction of the price. 

4 Off-The-Beaten-Track Dress Watches from Panerai, Nomos, Hublot, and Grand Seiko

The term ‘dress watch’ is as ambivalent as ‘ultra-thin.’ There are no fixed parameters to guide whether a watch is a dress watch or not so Martin Green has made his own definition and highlights 4 dress watches that you might not have considered.

Durian: The King of Fruits – Absolutely Delicious, But the Smell is Unforgettable (and That’s Putting it Mildly)

The first description Ken Gargett ever heard of the durian fruit was that it was like “eating custard over an open sewer”. He never forgot that . . . but it made him curious. He he reveals why despite its obnoxious odor, durian is considered by many as ‘The King of Fruits.’

No, Watches Are Not Jewelry: Cutting Through the Million-dollar Question, One Layer at a Time

When Tamim Almousa hears or reads the word “jewelry,” he automatically divides it into two distinct categories: tacky and classy.However he doesn’t think, “A. Lange & Söhne Zeitwerk.” Here he explains why.

Why I Bought It: Louis Erard X Alain Silberstein Chrono Monopoussoir

When the 2023 set of Louis Erard X Silberstein watches came out, GaryG wasn’t entirely certain they were for him. Happily, he had the opportunity to see the Monopoussoir at his favorite local dealer, and within minutes had decided to take it home.

Depth-Testing my Seiko SKX013 Dive Watch: Jumping In at the Deep End

Professional watchmakers have specialist machinery for testing the water resistance of their watches, but Colin Alexander Smith does not. So after servicing his Seiko SKX013 he was on the lookout for an opportunity to take it down deep. And he found the perfect opportunity while summer holiday diving at Aiguablava cove on Spain’s Costa Brava. But it didn’t go quite to plan and his Seiko came out of the experience a tad better than he did.

De Bethune DBD Re-Edition Evergreen Reviewed by Tim Mosso

At Dubai Watch Week 2023, the DBD Evergreen arrived as De Bethune’s final flourish of the year. Unarguably more mainstream than the black-and-pink Season 2, the Evergreen channels the dial color of our moment in tandem with a rugged and wieldy grade 5 titanium case.

Burgess Clock B, completed by Charles Frodsham & Co

Burgess Clock B is the World’s Most Precise Pendulum Clock and is Made to a 250-Year-Old Design by John Harrison, Longitude Prize Winner and Inventor of the Marine Chronometer

Two-hundred fifty years ago, Longitude Prize-winning clockmaker John Harrison made clocks losing just one second per month. But that wasn’t enough for him: in his later life, Harrison claimed that he could make a wall clock with a then-unheard-of-precision of just one second over 100 days! And 250 years later, it turns out he was right.

Why I Bought It: Nomos Ahoi Ref. 552 – It’s Both Relatively Affordable and Very Versatile

Sometimes the right watch has a way of finding you instead of the other way around. And that happened to Marin Green with a Nomos Ahoi Ref. 552.

Vulcain x Seconde/Seconde/ x Revolution Cricket Tradition “Vulcain Salute”: Live Long And Prosper!

Long name aside, the Cricket Tradition “Vulcain Salute” is an awesomely vintage reissue of a Vulcain Cricket with a quirky twist.