Assembling a hemispherical indicator of the Edouard Bovet Flying Tourbillon

Bovet Fleurier Edouard Bovet Flying Tourbillon: The World At Your Fingertips

Having the world at your fingertips is one thing, but what if it really was just the world underneath your fingertips as a simple representation of a thing so large and complicated no single person could comprehend it all? Bovet Fleurier has a perfect answer: the Edouard Bovet Flying Tourbillon.

Panerai Radiomir 1940 Chronograph in white gold

Panerai Radiomir 1940 Chronograph: The Day Everything Changed (Archive)

Joshua had found himself at a bit of a crossroads, horologically anyway, as he was having trouble with a new discovery he had made. You see, he had been slapped across the face by something entirely unexpected, and he needed to come to terms with the fact that he may have been wrong if this new development was to be accepted as reality. It turned out he was completely wrong about the Panerai Radiomir 1940 Chronograph, and here he tells you why.

You don’t need a garage: a selection of chronographs from GaryG’s collection

Collecting Watches And Cars: What’s The Same And What’s Different?

Cars and watches, watches and cars: they do seem to go together! Scratch almost any watch lover and you’re going to find a car lover just under the surface. GaryG talks with his pal “Enzo” in this interesting discussion about the similarities and dissimilarities of car and watch collecting.

You Are There: Video Tour Through The Armin Strom Factory

Armin Strom is one of the smallest complete watch manufactures in Switzerland and for nearly 10 years has introduced about one new movement per year, including a tourbillon in 2012 and the most recent highlight, the Mirrored Force Resonance, a true technical tour de force. Take a video tour through the factory right here.

TVR Griffith 2018

TVR Is Back From The Brink Of Death And Racing Towards Le Mans With Rebellion

Some car brands are so quintessentially English that they can only be developed in the United Kingdom. TVR is a prime example of this, however despite more than its share of dark times, the company is on a roll again, having recently launched a new Griffith – and a new partner for World Endurance Racing in Rebellion.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ghost And Rare Whisky: Hype Or No Hype?

To many, big must be bad. How often have we heard Johnnie Walker demeaned? Quite why is hard to fathom. Johnnie Walker Blue is a very fine whisky, and now we have something even more special: Johnnie Walker Blue Label Ghost and Rare. But is this expensive bottle overhyped or that good?

Longines Heritage Military (photo courtesy Dr. Magnus Bosse)

Fauxtina: A Faux Vintage Faux Pas

Ashton likes vintage watches so much that his prized possession is a 1978 Rolex Submariner Reference 1680. Why does he love this watch so much? Not because it looks like it’s from 1978, but because is from 1978. So, he asks, is the current vintage trend something we should all be wholeheartedly embracing?

Giberg Niura Flying Tourbillon in red gold set with diamonds

Giberg Niura Flying Tourbillon: Elegant Style And Serious Substance

Both Martin and Ian named the Giberg Niura Flying Tourbillon as their “best of show” in the Quill & Pad Baselworld 2018 round table. So why did two guys who usually don’t cast as much as a second glance at women’s watches come to decide that an overtly diamond-set timepiece was the best thing they saw at Baselworld? You’ll have to see it to find out. And it’s worth seeing!

Eric Singer wearing the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Topper Edition that he helped design

Kiss Drummer And Passionate Watch Collector Eric Singer’s Baselworld 2018 Top 10

Elizabeth caught up with Kiss drummer Eric Singer as Baselworld 2018 was drawing to a close, and he shared his personal list of the top ten watches he saw at the fair.

Vault V1+ in blue

Vault V1/V1+: An Intensely Personal Relationship With Time

The Vault V1 is a rather unique timepiece, and due to a curious feature it becomes even more unique after the wearer adjusts the time even once. It’s worth checking out the first watch by this new independent brand!