Building a Custom Road Bike Part IV: The Ride

Now that you’ve made it to the final chapter of Tim Mosso’s custom bike build, you’re probably wondering how this exhaustively planned bike performs. Here Tim reveals what happened when the rubber met the road.

Tim Mosso Builds a Custom Road Bike Part III: The Parts

Up to up to eighty percent of the weight of modern road bike is in the parts. Researching and sourcing each part can be an adventure unto itself as Tim Mosso explains here.

Tim Mosso Builds a Custom Road Bike Part 2: The Frame

Bikes are extremely intimate in a way that no motor vehicle can parallel. Riding a bicycle 100 miles will reveal the rider’s strengths and weaknesses.
All those weaknesses – and solutions – were discussed in depth in Part 1 of this series. This second leg of the adventure: building the frame.

Tim Mosso Builds a Custom Road Bike Part I: Who, Why, and What’s Involved in getting a Custom Fitted Bike

As a road cyclist and runner with a raft of leg injuries, Tim Mosso’s first move was to ditch the running. He then decided that it was time for a new bike.

Fly Fishing in Scotland with Al Peake of Twin Peakes

Having relocated to Deeside, Scotland, Colin Alexander Smith fulfilled a lifelong ambition of fly fishing on local rivers and fisheries. For some insights into fly fishing in Scotland, he talked to Alastair Peake who, with his twin brother Will, runs the aptly named Twin Peakes Fly Fishing.

Zenith Ambassador And Supercoach Patrick Mouratoglou: ‘Little Details Make Big Differences’

Patrick Mouratoglou morphed from a frustrated player in his teens into today’s perennial supercoach; he is able to deal with the highly complicated psyche and game of an elite competitor just the way a horologist is qualified to finetune a supercomplication. And he is a Zenith ambassador. Learn all about him here thanks to tennis and timepiece writer Miguel Seabra!

Michael Phelps’s personal Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 600M Master Chronometer Chronograph as photographed in Rio de Janeiro during the 2016 Olympic Games

The Omega Watches Of Michael Phelps, The Most Successful Olympian. Ever. – Reprise

American swimmer Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympian in history, having won 23 gold medals over the course of 5 Olympic Games. In addition, he is an Omega ambassador and has been since 2004, a longstanding partnership. What watches did he wear during the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro? Find out here!

Le Mans Classic Car Race Returns After A Four-Year Hiatus With Richard Mille As Main Sponsor

The Le Mans Classic is the world’s largest gathering of its kind, hosting 8,500 vintage cars grouped by brand and model from automobile clubs around Europe. Richard Mille returned as main sponsor and official timekeeper of the event for the tenth time running. Here’s an eyewitness report.

Caroline Wozniacki playing at Wimbledon

Rolex And Wimbledon: A Match Made In Traditional (Tennis) Heaven – Reprise

Rolex And Wimbledon: there are few brands that fit so well together, emulating each other in a way – though a fully unplanned way – with their staunch holds on traditionalism and domination of their respective fields. Since 1978 they have transcended social, cultural, language, and even ideological barriers together.

Rafael Nadal Wears A Richard Mille RM 27-04 As He Plays In The Australian Open 2022

If you’ve been watching the 2022 Australian Open (as Elizabeth Doerr has), you may be wondering about the prominent watch seen on Rafael Nadal’s right wrist (he’s left-handed), which has been a constant companion no matter what he’s doing – even while playing his grueling matches on court. It’s a Richard Mille RM 27-04 with an innovative mesh tennis-string-style “plate” as Elizabeth explains here.