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The Story Behind Maurice de Mauriac’s Watch Honoring Stan Smith, The Tennis Champion Some People Think Is A Shoe

“Nice shoes you’ve got there!” Miguel Seabra was walking down Church Road with Maurice de Mauriac founder Daniel Dreifuss and his youngest son Leo when they heard someone behind them praise Daniel’s Stan Smith Adidas footwear. They turned around to find it was Stan Smith himself, the American tennis champion from the 1970s after whom the famous sneakers are named. And that’s how the plans for the new Stan Smith Signature Watch all started!

Graham Races To Baselworld: A Reminiscence

Lighter and faster: Graham’s speedy new models dig deep into the motorsports heritage that has inspired the brand’s CEO, Eric Loth. Energetic and charismatic, Graham’s CEO assumes pole position and leaves his engines running; with him, it’s always full throttle when the time comes to talk about two of his biggest passions: racy watches and fast cars.