Hautlence Linear Series 1: A Lesson In Motion

Hautlence is a brand that has always done things a little differently. And its latest model, the Linear Series 1, is no exception: it features a normal minute display with a jumping hour indication that appears to move in a straight (linear) line. Joshua Munchow dives in for a closer look.

Hautlence HL Vagabonde Tourbillon: Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

The Hautlence HL Vagabonde Tourbillon has the perfect nom de guerre for a watch that both mechanically wanders and represents an attitude upholding its values of exploration, creativity, and innovation. Joshua Munchow explains how this watch works and what sets it apart from other tourbillon models.

Hautlence HL Sphere: The Power Of The Mystical Orb

For Joshua Munchow, the Hautlence HL Sphere is easily within his top ten favorite watches of all time: for him the HL Sphere has no equal and represents incredible engineering with firm design restraint. Find out why right here!

Hautlence Pinball on the wrist

Pinball Wizards, Get Your Flippers Out With The Hautlence Playground Pinball

Pinball machines may not be made in large numbers like they once were, but now, thanks to Hautlence and its cleverly conceived Playground collection, there is a brand-new pinball machine for enthusiasts – one that, of course, fits like a wristwatch.

Hautlence Vortex Gamma wristshot

#mybaselworld2017 Wristshots Shot With A Leica Q

Here I share photos of a few of the new timepieces that I saw during Baselworld 2017, chosen primarily for their aesthetic styling. My favorites are neither all Swiss, nor are they mainly French, but interestingly, though not deliberately, are mostly German.

Konstantin Chaykin Joker on the wrist

Baselworld 2017 Round Table: What We Liked And What We Didn’t Like

Please join our traditional Quill & Pad round table discussion on Baselworld 2017, where we discuss what we did and didn’t like at at the world’s largest annual watch exhibition.

Hautlence's non horological Playground Labyrinth

Why So Serious? Lighten Up With The Hautlence Labyrinth

Have you ever realized that some people just don’t get jokes? When during Baselworld 2016 Hautlence released something unusual called Labyrinth, I knew things were about to get fun. And fun they got!

Speake-Marin Face to Face tourbillon

Give Me Five! 5 Skulls Grinning From Behind The Crystal At Baselworld 2016 Featuring Speake-Marin, Hautlence, Edelberg, HYT, And Hublot

Skulls are much more than a depiction of the bones that hold the human face in shape and our brains in place. Used in many types of art, they are deeply symbolic, often representing themes of mortality. Take a quick symbolic journey with us back to Baselworld 2016 and discover skull-infused functional objects by Speake-Marin, Hublot, HYT, Hautlence, and Edelberg.

Tudor Black Bay Bronze

Give Me Five! Bronze Watches At Baselworld 2016 From Hautlence, Urwerk, Bell & Ross, Tudor, And Oris

Bronze, a copper-and-tin alloy some have described as “living” due to its beautiful way of patinating, seems to be making something of a comeback, which is certainly thanks to the beauty of the material. Is it becoming a trend? You can answer for yourself as here we show you five bronze watches we found at Baselworld 2016.

Baselworld 2016 Round Table: What We Liked And What We Didn’t Like

Please join our Quill & Pad round table discussion on Baselworld 2016. This time we take on some of the same topics that GaryG and his collector group use to the discuss their impressions of a watch fair: best of show, worst of show, watch you would buy with your own money, watch you would buy if money were no object, investment watch, patronage watch, fun watch, and a fantasy money no object watch.