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Bernhard Lederer Central Impulse Chronometer*: A Superlative Watch But Is It Really A Chronometer?

According to Joshua Munchow, the Bernhard Lederer Central Impulse Chronometer is one of the most astounding pieces to be released in 2020, and when he first saw it on social media he actually gasped out loud. The more that he looked at it the more he fell in love with the style, the engineering, and the concept behind the movement. But he must ask: is it really a chronometer?

Focus On Materials: Primer On The Science of Steel, The Stuff Of Cases, Mainsprings, Hairsprings, Pinions, Escapements And The Backbone Of Watchmaking – Reprise

Joshua Munchow talks about steel here, the metal that made the world! Watch cases and other movement components are commonly made from certain stainless steels, 304 and 316L being the most frequent. It also happens that some brands hold exclusive rights to use specific alloys in the production of its watches. Here’s what you should know about steel.

John-Mikaël Flaux: Time That Moves & Magical Machines

Joshua Munchow feels a philosophical bond with John-Mikaël Flaux, an independent watchmaker and automaton designer, just from how Flaux describes himself and why he creates. Joshua loves the mechanical marvels he constructs, but it’s deeper than the result of his craftsmanship: Flaux is a mechanically curious person and his passion comes through in the objects he makes. Find out exactly what those are right here.

Grand Seiko Elegance SBGW263 And SBGW264: Using The Principles Of Japanese Aesthetics

These two limited editions made to celebrate 60 years of Grand Seiko are fairly different on the surface, but both achieve similar success of representing the sub-brand’s aesthetic and legacy. With possibly two very different customers for each watch, Grand Seiko also utilizes guiding principles to speak to both that are rooted in Japanese aesthetic conventions as Joshua Munchow explains.

Barrelhand P1: Fans, Homages, And 3D Printing

The Barrelhand P1 is designed to highlight its mechanisms and futuristic technology and it does that very well. From the visible cam plate mechanism to the metal binder jet components, it’s obvious that this is not a dainty watch even if the proportions keep it within the standards of large avant-garde watches like Urwerk and MB&F. Joshua Munchow takes a closer look.

Top 10 Thinnest Mechanical Wristwatches: 8 Modern Record Holders And Their 2 Historic Rivals

We are living in the modern race to the thinnest, and as records are set we have a bumper crop of incredibly thin watches that prove this competition may not be over yet. To celebrate the awesomazingness of these watches, Joshua Munchow has compiled a list of the top 10 thinnest mechanical watches, including a pair of historical pieces.

Romain Gauthier Insight Micro-Rotor Squelette Carbonium: Adding Lightness

The time-only Romain Gauthier Micro-Rotor already seemed like it was built around the concept of ‘simplify, then add lightness’ as it was pared back to the essentials while still maintaining the Gauthier flair. Now the Insight Micro-Rotor Squelette doubles down on the concept and continues to add even more lightness everywhere thanks in great part to open architecture that has been skeletonized, laying the inner workings bare. But there’s more to it, and Joshua Munchow explains all of it here.