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Commemorating A Centenary Of The Discovery Of King Tutankhamun’s Tomb In Pens From Montegrappa And Visconti

The year 2022 marks the centenary of the discovery of King Tutankhamun’s tomb. Here Nancy Olson highlights regal new limited edition pens from Montegrappa and Visconti that commemorate the 100-year-old discovery.

Montegrappa Bijo-To-Yaju: A Love Story In More Ways Than One

Montegrappa tells the 4,000-year-old classic fairy tale ‘Beauty and the Beast’ as it does best: in the form of a handmade writing instrument. The limited edition Montegrappa Bijo-To-Yaju fountain pen was created in collaboration with Japanese designer Tomita Kazuhiko.

Montblanc Writers Edition Homage To Brothers Grimm: Fairy Tale-Like Artistry

Nancy Olson always look forward to the introduction of Montblanc’s annual Writers Edition pen collection, which has honored writers from William Shakespeare to Ernest Hemingway since 1992. In 2022 Montblanc pays homage to the Brothers Grimm.

Time To Travel: Montblanc And Montegrappa Experiences

The summer travel season is here with people traveling in pre-pandemic droves. Pen lovers have a couple of brand-new opportunities – one from Montblanc and one from Montegrappa – to add to their must-do lists, whether as side trips when traveling nearby or as destinations all their own.  

Graf Von Faber-Castell Pen Of The Year 2022 . . . Plus Five More From Previous Years

Faber-Castell introduced its first Pen of the Year in 2003 and has annually introduced a limited edition pen with a very specific theme ever since. Each tells the tale of a person, a place, or an era that helped “shape the development of humanity,” according to the company. The Pen of the Year 2022 is inspired by the influential Aztec civilization.

Quest For My Ultimate Fountain Pen Part 3: The Luxury Brand Period – Reprise

After obtaining a Delta Dolce Vita Oversized at the conclusion of his Italian period, Martin Green was a very happy man. The pen served him very well, and he was in love with the looks as well as the writing experience. And while Martin wasn’t looking for a replacement pen, it happened anyway . . . with some very famous brands. Read the third part of his writing instrument odyssey here.

Montblanc Patron Of Art Homage To Victoria & Albert Limited Edition: Impressively Regal Writing Instruments

The new Montblanc Patron of Art Homage to Victoria & Albert limited edition pen collection comprises two 4810 and two 888 editions, with one honoring Victoria and the other Albert within each edition. The LE100 and the LE8 editions each honor the royal couple together as one pen. Nancy Olson explains what makes them so special.

An overview of the author's Italian period fountain pens

Quest For My Ultimate Fountain Pen Part 2: The Italian Period – Reprise

Italians have the gift of making the most common object look great; they can even make a coffee grinder with enough sex appeal to make Tom Jones jealous! For a relatively small country, Italy still has quite a few fountain pen manufacturers. And Martin Green thinks that he has tried products from almost all of them. Find out here what he settled on for his personal writing needs.

Colorful fountain pen collection

The Quest For My Ultimate Fountain Pen Part 1: The All-Over-The-Place Period – Reprise

Martin Green’s quest for the ultimate fountain pen began unexpectedly, and over the following decades he learned many things, including nothing compares to writing with a gold nib! Join Martin as he embarks upon part one of his personal fountain pen journey, which includes an inherited piece, a demonstrator, over-the-top colors, and cloisonné enamel.

Otto Hutt Writing Instruments: Bauhaus Style For Your Writing Pleasure

When contemplating German pen making, if your mind immediately turns to such brands as Pelikan, Lamy, Montblanc, Faber-Castell, and other storied companies, it’s time to add Otto Hutt to the list. Nancy Olson takes a look at the brand’s design c and and design 08 writing instruments, which set a new course for the traditional German pen maker.