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Can Writing Instruments Be As Collectible And Enthusiast-Infused As Watches? – Reprise

Thrill of the chase. Intellectual satisfaction. Investment. There are nearly as many reasons for collecting things as there are things to collect. But when it comes to watches and writing instruments, a variety of shared motivations, perhaps catalyzed by the obvious common characteristics of the objects themselves, make them conspicuous crossovers for collectors.

3 New Pens From Montblanc, Caran d’Ache, And Montegrappa: One Classical, One Magical, And One Sartorial

Nancy Olson highlights three newly introduced pens to get you started on a tasteful journey toward a new normal. They offer a broad range of prices, styles and modes, and she thinks that any, or all, will add real pleasure to the already pleasant experience of writing a card, note, journal, or letter by hand.

Michel Perchin Timepiece #1: From Pens To Watches, Elegance Reigns

For the Michel Perchin Model #1, designer and brand owner Patrick Pinkston works with a well-versed goldsmith workshop in the United Kingdom that he describes as “literally fabricating one case at a time.” There, each 36 x 55 mm white gold case is hand-finished and engraved. What else makes this independently crafted timepiece notable? Nancy Olson has the full story.

Bremont H-4 Hercules: Inspired By Howard Hughes’ ‘Spruce Goose’

The Bremont H-4 Hercules’ rotor incorporates original birchwood veneer that flew on Howard Hughes’ historic trip in the ‘Spruce Goose’ off the coast of California in 1947. Shaped into four propeller blades, the precious and historical wood was shipped to the UK from the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum in McMinnville, Oregon, where the plane resides today. Here Nancy Olson tells us what else is cool about this watch!