Earth: The Blue Ball. Is This How The Universe Works?

This is a photo of the movement of the Jacob & Co. Astronomia triple-axis tourbillon: even that one-carat diamond “globe” counterbalancing the earth rotates on two axes! I’m sure there are people who believe the fiction that this is a movement destined for a wristwatch, but I’m hoping you are not one of them. Let us know what you think this contraption is really for in the comments!

Aussie GTG Desk Shot: Or Is It?

This photo was taken of just a few of the watches at a recent collector’s GTG (get-togtether) in Brisbane, Australia.

But what else could explain this diverse array of mechanical marvels?

And I’ll add bonus points for naming all of the watches correctly.

What Am I? Horological? Horticultural? Hesitant? Habitual? Hypothetical?

Pictured is an object that has a strong horological tie, but does not tell the time. It is something that might be used every day, but is less-used these days. It looks like it might fly, but it does not have wings. What do you think it is? Or, even better, in your wildest imagination what might it be? Let us know in the comments.

De Bethune DB28

What’s Going On In This De Bethune DB28 Drive-By?

I’ll say this right up front: The De Bethune DB28 is my favorite watch. But what do you think that this particular De Bethune DB28 might be doing in this car at this particular time? Perhaps it is being worn by a contract killer en route to a drive-by assassination? Or an Uber driver who has profited by surge pricing? Let us know your suggestions!

Ulysse Nardin Dual Time sitting by a dock in the bay at Airlie Beach

A Ulysse Nardin Dual Time Sitting By The Dock In The Bay. But What’s Going On?

It should surprise nobody that a Ulysse Nardin Dual Time gets out of the office from time to time, and it is well known that Ulysse Nardin has an affinity for the sea. But what on earth do you think that this Dual Time might be doing at this marina? Perhaps it’s waiting for it’s ship to come in? Let us know what you think is going on in the comments.

Urwerk Calls This A Zeit Device, But Come On, What’s It Really For?

Urwerk calls this weapon-grade “wristwatch” the UR-1001 Zeit Device, but come on, does the brand expect anyone to believe that? It must do much more than tell the time; even the Star Trek communicators were smaller than this. Set your phasers to stun and let us know what you think the Zeit Device is really for in the comments.

Philippe Dufour Simplicity, De Bethune DB28, And Fondue: What’s Going On Here?

Some meals are memorable for the food, some for the company, and some for a watch at the table. And then there are those meals that hit the ball right out of the park by getting top marks in all three. Make up any story you like to explain how a very contemporary De Bethune DB28 and a very traditional Philippe Dufour Simplicity came to be sharing a bowl of molten cheese in the Swiss Jura mountains.

A Horological Peacock Feeding . . . Or? Caption Competition #35

Believe it or not, this stylized peacock pecking at a bowl full of ears of wheat is actually a fully functional horological component. But what other story might explain what’s going on here? Could it actually be a new avian constellation in the night sky? Share your ideas in the comments below.

Surely Created By Extraterrestrials: Caption Competition #34

The quasi-humanoid team at De Bethune tries to convince us that this comet-born device is an instrument for telling the time. What do you think this intergalactic artifact is really for? Please leave your comments, captions, stories, and suggestions in the comments.

Can’t Put Your Finger On It? Caption Competition #33

I saw this “hand” with disconcertingly realistic fingers impatiently tapping at the MB&F M.A.D.Gallery in Geneva. Entitled “Fingers Mk III by Nik Ramage for Laikingland,” it is actually a piece of playful mechanical art. But what else might you use a handy device like this for? Leave your suggestions in the comments.