Masseto Super Tuscan Wine From Italy: If Not Better Than Petrus, It’s Close

At a blind wine tasting many years ago that included a superb Petrus, for many of the tasters, including Ken Gargett, the superstar on the night, was something called Masseto, an Italian Merlot from the 1993 vintage. At the time, none of them had even heard of Masseto, let alone had any idea that an Italian Merlot might top one of the most famous wines on the planet. It was an obscure Italian Merlot back then, but all that would soon change.

Patron Anejo Tequila: Quantity And Quality Are Not Mutually Exclusive

Tequila is a subset of Mezcal, even if it is better known and more widely enjoyed. Ken Gargett takes a look at Patron Tequila, the world’s largest high quality tequila producer and one of the very best.

Fuji Japanese Whisky: Made With Naturally Filtered Snowmelt From An Active Volcano

The importance of the water source for distilleries is well-known and crucial for style and quality. How special, then, for a distillery to have access to the melted snow from Mt Fuji, but only after those waters have spent fifty years filtering their way down to an aquifer 100 meters below the Distillery, for its sole use.

Piper Heidsieck Hors-Serie 1982: A Sensational Champagne From A Sensational Vintage

The Piper Heidsieck Hors-Serie 1982 champagne is a superb champagne. There is no rush to drink it. The wine should continue to age well over the next decade, but that said, there is no reason not to enjoy it now. For Ken Gargett it rates, 96/100.

1907 Heidsieck Monopole Gout American

1907 Heidsieck Monopole Gout American: After Perfect ‘Cellaring’ In A Shipwreck, It’s The World’s Most Expensive Champagne – Reprise

Heidsieck Monopole Gout American 1907 is the world’s most expensive champagne. This is the famous “shipwreck champagne” and it has a truly extraordinary story to tell, much more interesting than simply the prices it has achieved.

Gosset Celebris 2008 Champagne: History And Tasting Notes

The style of Gosset champagnes tends to complex, richly flavored wines. Powerful Pinot components and the steel and elegance of fine Chardonnay. Ken Garett shares his thoughts on the 2088 vintage.

Durian: The King of Fruits – Absolutely Delicious, But The Smell Is Unforgettable (And That’s Putting It Mildly)

The first description Ken Gargett ever heard of the durian fruit was that it was like “eating custard over an open sewer”. He never forgot that . . . but it made him curious. He he reveals why despite its obnoxious odor, durian is considered by many as ‘The King of Fruits.’

Elena Penna: Old School Italian Gin And Vermouth

Ken Gargett takes a deep dive into vermouth and tasted the gin and vermouths of Italian producer Elena Penna.

Anniversary Wines For A Big Celebration: What To Drink When The Year Is More Important More Than The Price – Reprise

Wine can be so much more than just an enjoyable drink. It can link us to times, people, and places. A traditional concept for so-called anniversary wines is to celebrate a milestone, perhaps a birthday or wedding or even anniversary, with a fine bottle from the vintage of the birthyear or anniversary year in question. With that in mind, Ken Gargett shares a few suggestions.

In Praise Of Great Mezcal: All Tequila Is Mezcal, But Not All Mezcal Is Tequila (And Avoid The Worm)

Interest in mezcal has exploded in markets like the United States. Others have been a little slower to get on board but it is happening. And that is thanks to the top shelf, artisanal craft efforts. Here Ken Gargett takes a deep dive into mezcal and warns off drinking the bottles with a worm.