Trying Two Saint Luis Rey Double Corona Cigars From Different Boxes

Ken Gargett recently had the opportunity to try two Saint Luis Rey Double Corona Cigars from two different boxes. They were both remarkably similar, which is not a given with Cuban cigars, especially very rare Cuban cigars.

Well-aged Vintage Ports

The Joy Of Port, Especially Vintage Port (With Tasting Notes)

Port is special for Ken Gargett as it was what originally led to his love of and fascination with wine. Here he provides an overview of Port styles that no wine lover should miss!

Lagavulin 16-year-old Islay whisky

Lagavulin 16-Year-Old Whisky And Why Ron Swanson Was Right On The Money – Reprise

Malt lovers immediately fall into one of two camps: one does not enjoy the peaty, smoky, seaweed notes that whisky from Islay usually offers. The second group loves those characteristics. No prize for guessing where Ken Gargett falls. But what about Ron Swanson and Lagavulin from the Scottish island of Islay?

Chateau Musar: Sensational Iconic Wines From Lebanon

Lebanon has an extensive history with vines being cultivated there for some 6,000 years. Vines were brought to the region by the Phoenicians, who then took the wines around the Mediterranean. All of which has led to the amazing wines of Chateau Musar in the modern age as Ken Gargett reports.

Chichibu Whisky: The Japanese Version Of Pappy Van Winkle – Reprise

Fans of Japanese whisky will be all too aware that the better offerings are extremely hard to find. Once a curiosity, then mainstream, and more recently highly awarded and much sought after (okay, now subject to a feeding frenzy), the stuff is as rare as an honest politician. So grab whatever you can whenever you can!

Yamazaki 12-Year-Old Japanese Whisky: Why Pricing Has Gone Through The Roof – Reprise

Yamazaki 12-Year-Old from Japan is a whisky that Ken Gargett has loved every time he has had the chance to try it. The bottle he sampled for this piece was actually one from the back of his cupboard, which he has been sitting on for far too long. When a mate saw it, he implored him not to open it. But Ken of course did and shares the experience with us here.

Charles Joguet Wines From Chinon: The Loire Valley In France Does Make Sensational Reds

The Charles Joguet winery is in Chinon, France where it sits adjacent to the Vienne River, a tributary of the Loire. What makes Chinon different from the rest of the Loire Valley is its focus on red wines from the Cabernet Franc grape. And Ken Gargett has a lot to say about this!

Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame 2012: A Complete Champagne With Great Balance And Length

For Ken Gargett, the Veuve Clicquot 2012 La Grande Dame is a special champagne. It walks the tightrope between dense and coiled power with delicacy, finesse, and elegance. Great intensity, finally balanced acidity, early complexity, and it is still wonderfully youthful with a long future ahead of it. But what interesting story lies behind this fantastic champagne?

The Joy Of Champagne: Tasting Through Different Styles From Dom Pérignon And Others At A Champagne Extravaganza Lunch

Ken Gargett’s recent champagne extravaganza lunch might seem like an exercise in utter hedonism (and it pretty much was), but as an exercise in showing how versatile and how incredibly varied champagnes can be, it was a masterclass. Ken even compares the 1993 Dom Pérignon to itself!

Charles Heidsieck: Champagne Charlie And Blanc Des Millénaires 2007

Ken Gargett is delighted to see the Champagne Charlie make such an impressive return, but he prefers Charles Heidsieck’s wonderful Blanc des Millénaires 2007 and here he explains why.