Sensational Dry White German Rieslings Starring Dönnhoff, Gunderloch, And Heymann-Löwenstein

Rieslings are generally particularly refreshing and relatively low in alcohol. And they go superbly – generally better than white Burgundy and other Chardonnays – with food. Nowadays most Riesling is dry, not sweet. And German dry Riesling is one of the wine world’s undervalued treasures. Here Ken Gargett suggests three of his favorites.

‘Agave’ (Get It?) My Heart To Tequila: A Brief History And Tasting Notes By A Very Recent Convert – Reprise

Ken Gargett has been reliably informed that there are tequilas now considered quality spirits, designated for sipping – he admits that he swallowed this obvious falsehood on an occasion many years ago, but in the interests of research once again he sallied forth. Sharing the results of his investigations here, he dips into two high-end tequilas: Fortaleza and Calle 23. Olé!

Sensational Dry German Rieslings: Digressions And Reminiscences About The Colonel, Egon Müller, Vegemite In Hand Luggage, And Screwcap Vs. Cork

Ken Gargett reminisces and rambles about visiting the Saar region of Germany and tasting some of the world’s best Tieslings. And then there was that Vegemite incident at the Madrid airport.

Faiveley: Now One Of Burgundy’s Top Producers And Getting Better And Better

At the top levels, the Grand Crus, Faiveley is making some wonderful Burgundy wines and the very best are yet to come. This is a domaine that must be considered among the region’s top producers. After tasting quite a few at a themed lunch, Ken Gargett advises that older Faiveleys benefit from time in the cellar and that early decanting seems wise. And much more!

Monkey 47 Gin: From Failed Watchmaker To Making One Of The Best Gins In The World – Reprise

When Ken Gargett first heard mention of a gin called Monkey 47, he assumed it must fall very much in the novelty category. Then he tried it and it has been his favorite gin ever since. Here Ken shares the story, more than likely a mix of fact and the apocryphal, of how Monkey 47 gin came to be. And it involves a watchmaker!

Trinity Hill Homage Syrah: A Strong Contender For New Zealand’s Best Wine

Ken Gargett thinks that there is plenty of support for the claim that the Trinity Hill Homage is New Zealand’s best red wine. Homage is a wine that should be in every serious wine lover’s cellar, and with each passing vintage these get better and better. New Zealand’s best wine, though? It is right up there.

Louis Roederer Cristal 2013 And Cristal Rosé 2012: As Good As Champagne Gets

Ken Gargett just had the chance to try Louis Roederer’s Cristal Rosé 2012 and Cristal 2013 champagnes. For many, a good sparkling rosé is a thing of beauty and this one tops most. While Ken’s usual response to a young Cristal is that it is fabulous, he feels it something of a shame that the 2013 Cristal was not given a bit longer before release. However, both of these vintages are glorious now and there is no doubt they will age and improve for many years.

Chimay Grande Reserve Beer: Brewed By Trappist Monks, Fermented In Oak Barrels, Drunk (By Some) With Humpback Whales

Chimay is a Belgian Trappist beer fermented in oak barrels. Whether you drink it soon after purchase or cellar it for extra richness and complexity, this is a cracking beer and definitely one that should be on your radar. And it is a brilliant match if you want a full-flavored cigar, says Ken Gargett.

Bollinger R.D. 2007 Champagne: Recently Disgorged, Ready To Drink Now, And Likely To Get Better And Better

Bollinger’s latest release, the 2007 R.D. or, more specifically, the 2007 “Récemment Dégorgé” (“Recently Disgorged”), is the house’s flagship wine. It is still early days for the 2007 R.D., and it is perhaps not exhibiting anything like the truffle and mushroom notes that should come in the years ahead. But Ken Gargett thinks it’s already great to drink now and rates it 97/100.

Alberta Premium Cask Strength Rye: World’s Best Whisky Of The Year 2021, But Opinions Are Divided

The Alberta Premium Cask Strength Rye was judged “World Whisky of the Year” for 2021; however professional opinions range from “a joyous experience” to “threatening to trigger the gag reflex.” Ken Gargett throws caution to the wind and shares his thoughts on this opinion-splitting Canadian rye here.