5 New Watches From Independent Watchmakers At Watches & Wonders 2021

Joshua Munchow highlights five pieces from some of our favorite independent brands that have just been released at Watches & Wonders 2021. From sapphire crystal-encased tourbillons and constant force fusée-and-chain-powered movements to stunning art pieces, these watches span genres and the spectrum of collector dreams.

Our Predictions For The Aiguille d’Or (Grand Prize) Of The 2020 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG): And We Think It’s Down To Two Watches (Or Possibly Three)

The GPHG Aiguille d’Or rewards the best of the best. Which watch will be watch of the year? Our panelists think that there are three contenders, with two in particular most likely to take the prize. Which watch do you think deserves the accolade for best watch of 2020?

Our Predictions In The Chronometry Category Of The 2020 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG): Our Panel Is United, But Not Unanimous

In the GPHG Chronometry category, we find mechanical watches that contain at least one tourbillon, and/or a special escapement, and/or another development improving precision timekeeping. What we don’t find, though, is much hard data regarding precision like timing test results or in most cases even a second hand. Precision watches without a second hand? Despite that, our panel predicts a clear winner.

11 Brilliant Wristshots From Sunny Geneva Watch Days 2020

In the aftermath of Geneva Watch Days, Elizabeth Doerr discovered some fun wristshots taken during the fair. As these mark a journey of sorts through the new watches – as well as models released throughout 2020 that our team hadn’t seen in real yet – she thought to share a few of them here.

Ferdinand Berthoud Chronomètre FB 2RE: Change Is Round

With the Chronomètre FB 2RE, Ferdinand Berthoud takes a very big step in the right direction with a more traditional round case and a movement that features a remontoir d’egalite alongside a chain-and-fusée assembly. And the finishing cannot be described as anything other than simply sublime.

Sarpanvea Lunations

The 10 Most Accurate Moon Phase Wristwatches Today, Plus Honorable Mention – Reprise

Joshua Munchow genuinely loves moon phase watches, and here he looks at the most accurate moon phase wristwatches in existence. Their precision is truly out of this world!

Ferdinand Berthoud FB 1L on the wrist

Ferdinand Berthoud FB 1L: When History Has A Date With Progress

The Ferdinand Berthoud FB 1L features an age-of-the-moon indication tied to an ultra-precise moon phase display. It also discerns the direction of phase (waxing or waning) to signify where in the lunar cycle the moon is. And all presented using some cool mechanics and very clever design.

Assembling the Ferdinand Berthoud Chronomètre FB 1Caliber FB-T.FC movement

Ferdinand Berthoud Chronomètre FB 1: Chain-And-Fusée Constant Force And Tourbillon, But Sapphire Crystal Was The Greatest Challenge

Ever since Chopard co-president Karl-Friedrich Scheufele created the Ferdinand Berthoud brand Martin Green has been a fan. Here Martin shares impressions from a recent visit to the boutique brand’s workshop in Fleurier.

Ferdinand Berthoud Chronomètre FB 1R.6-1

Ferdinand Berthoud Chronomètre FB 1R.6-1: Distinctly Different, Technically Superlative (And Videos)

For a niche brand yet to celebrate its third birthday, Ferdinand Berthoud has made quite a horological impact: its Chronométrie Ferdinand Berthoud FB1 won the prestigious Aiguille d’Or at the 2016 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève. And now for 2018, the nascent brand presents an interesting and well-finished regulator: the Chronomètre FB 1R.6-1.

H.Moser & Cie Endeavour Tourbillon Concept

3 Of The Best From Day 2 At Dubai Watch Week 2017: 3 New Watches, 3 Quotes, And 3 Horological Happenings

There was much to enjoy at Dubai Watch Week 2017’s day 2, but the best part wasn’t written on the formal schedule: it was the many moments throughout the day when little knots of people gathered here and there to chat about watches – and not just any people, but the who’s who of watchmaking from all over the world with “ordinary” watch fans welcomed to join in. For that alone, Dubai Watch Week is unlike any other horological event in the world.