Schwarz-Etienne Roma Synergy by Kari Voutilainen for Oster Jewelers: Beauty Without Brand Baggage

The Schwarz-Etienne Roma Synergy by Kari Voutilainen for Oster Jewelers. has a design as sharp as the name is exhausting. Two variations — both steel — exist in the form of eight 39mm examples and eight in 42mm.

Schwarz-Etienne Fiji Floral Seconds: Such A Good Daily-Wear Watch, You May Not Realize It Was Designed With Women In Mind

Schwarz Etienne developed the Fiji Floral Seconds from the ground up as a daily-wear watch for women, and it’s such a cut above that it’s likely to attract the attention of many men as well.

Schwarz Etienne Ode to the Seventies wristshot

Schwarz-Etienne Ode To The Seventies: A Groovy, Psychedelic Time Trip

Schwarz Etienne’s new flying tourbillon Ode To The Seventies takes its cues from psychedelic art, where it is applied using very traditional crafts to create a bold new timepiece. And we think it is groovy, baby!

Schwarz-Etienne Ode Au Printemps Flying Tourbillon

Schwarz-Etienne Ode Au Printemps: A Buzzzzy Limited Edition Done (Almost) Right

A trilogy of three watches make up the Schwarz-Etienne Ode au Printemps set and there will be ten sets only. Two of the trilogy feature tourbillons, yet Martin Green’s favorite, the Roswell, comes without. And these beautifully executed timepieces raise awareness for one of the most important natural disasters our world currently faces: decreasing bee populations.

Schwarz-Etienne Roswell 08

Schwarz-Etienne Roswell 08: Extraterrestrial Inspiration

The Schwarz-Etienne Roswell collection already had a great set of bones, even if they were a bit on the safe side, but the newest versions have honed in on the extraterrestrial inspiration and really found their stride. Check out the out-of-this-world Roswell 08 right here!