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Schwarz-Etienne Ode Au Printemps: A Buzzzzy Limited Edition Done (Almost) Right

A trilogy of three watches make up the Schwarz-Etienne Ode au Printemps set and there will be ten sets only. Two of the trilogy feature tourbillons, yet Martin Green’s favorite, the Roswell, comes without. And these beautifully executed timepieces raise awareness for one of the most important natural disasters our world currently faces: decreasing bee populations.

Giberg Niura Flying Tourbillon: Elegant Style And Serious Substance

Both Martin and Ian named the Giberg Niura Flying Tourbillon as their “best of show” in the Quill & Pad Baselworld 2018 round table. So why did two guys who usually don’t cast as much as a second glance at women’s watches come to decide that an overtly diamond-set timepiece was the best thing they saw at Baselworld? You’ll have to see it to find out. And it’s worth seeing!