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Four Gold Dress Watches For The Classic Gentleman: Yes, They Still Exist! (Gold Watches, That Is, True Gentlemen Are Even Rarer)

Gold dress watches sometimes seem to be on the brink of extinction, and Martin Green was almost ready to write their obituary. However, they do still exist and here he presents us with four gold dress watches for the consideration of the discerning modern-day, yet classically inclined, gentleman.

Charles Clavem Champagne: The Bottle Deserves As Much (Or More) Attention As The Wine

Even in the exclusive world of champagnes, there are tiers. While the birthplace of any champagne makes it special, all champagnes are not created equal. Charles Clavem, inspired by the story of a leather craftsman from a Champagne town called Les Riceys, offers bespoke bottles decorated with precious gems and noble metals. And, oh, the taste!

In Conversation With Stephen Forsey Of Greubel Forsey, Maker Of Many Of The World’s Best Watches

There is something about interviewing people like Stephen Forsey, co-founder of Greubel Forsey, that makes it a unique experience. Not only is Forsey a great watchmaker, he is also an entrepreneur with his finger on the pulse of the industry. And here he shares many insights from the last 15 years of his company, one the best watchmakers in the world.