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MB&F Legacy Machine FlyingT: A Sensational Ladies Watch Both Technically And Visually Scintillating

Creating a proper, high-end mechanical ladies watch is something even the best of brands struggle with. Some simply take a men’s watch, make it a bit smaller, add some diamonds or mother-of-pearl, and call it a day. Others create what they think women would like (but are not quite sure). Here is what MB&F has done, and rest assured it is anything but ordinary!

Battles Of Breguet Part Two: Waterloo

Even when you are really good at your craft and universally recognized, you might unwittingly find yourself in the middle of a battle. This is what happened to Abraham-Louis Breguet in the early nineteenth century as the Napoleonic Wars were being waged throughout Europe. For many years these conflicts offered both opportunities and challenges to Breguet. Martin Green explains why.

Bovet Récital 21: Exploring Dandyish Perfection

When the retrograde date of the Bovet Récital 21 flies back to the start and the perpetual calendar jumps into the next month, you raise your glass in a smiling, silent toast to the magic of haute horlogerie, the skills of the craftspeople, and the joy that watches like the Bovet Récital 21 offer. Whether you’re a dandy or not.

F.P. Journe: The Scent Of Success

As we might expect from F.P. Journe, the parfum d’ambiance created for use in its boutiques is a thing of beauty: a clever compilation of light floral notes on a woody, cedar base. It is the base that provides its longevity, while the floral notes tone it down. The result is a contemporary composition brightening up the room and working effectively in light doses as a great interior perfume should. But why should we care?

The Sense And Non-Sense Of Watches In Movies – Reprise

There was a time when viewers didn’t consciously pay that much attention to what kind of wristwatches movie characters wore. This often meant that actors wore their personal watches on set, sometimes even when it didn’t suit the movie. Today placing a wristwatch in a big film is big business, which also changes the types of timepieces characters now wear.