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TAG Heuer Monaco Chronograph Forged Carbon Bamford Edition: LVMH & Bamford, A Match Made In Heaven Or . . . ?

Martin Green has a confession: he has never understood why somebody would buy a watch from an esteemed brand and then have it “customized.” However, when it comes to companies customizing watches, the Bamford Watch Department is in a league of its own. How and why did LVMH join forces with it? And how does Martin feel about this team-up?

Glashütte Original: A Manufacture Of German Delicacies

Watches from Glashütte were and are renowned for their high quality, with the name of the town becoming a seal of approval to many people in the market for a new watch. Glashütte Original emerged from the remains of the state-owned VEB Glashütter Uhrenbetriebe in 1994 and has built quite a following with its four collection pillars, which Martin Green guides us through.

Annual Calendars Are Goldilocks Complications: Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold, Just Right

When perpetual calendars are too complicated but a simple calendar just doesn’t cut it anymore because nearly half the months have less than 31 days, it’s five adjusts a year too many for some: don’t fret, there is a middle ground between the most basic calendar watches and complex perpetual calendars. The annual calendar automatically adjusts for each month with 30 or 31 days, meaning just one adjust in February. Here’s a brief history of the complication.

Chopard And The Mille Miglia: How An Event Became A Pillar For An Empire Across 30 Years

The Mille Miglia has become part of Chopard’s DNA – to such an extent that the event has not only become one of the nominal pillars of the brand’s collection but an icon in its own right. The Chopard Mille Miglia is one of those chronographs that has obtained a prominent position in its market, with an appeal going far beyond being associated with a high-profile event.

IWC Mark XVIII Top Gun Miramar: Setting The Story Straight

When it comes to pilot’s watches, IWC pretty much coined the term. However, as Martin Green reports, where the former IWC Top Gun watches were generally well received, the Top Gun Miramar changed things up a bit, and the result was far more polarizing. Find out much more about the histories of Top Gun, Miramar, and IWC pilot’s watches in this story.