Discovering The Secret Of Life With David Walter: Watches, Clocks, And DeeDee’s Tourbillon

GaryG has long wanted to meet and learn from independent horologist David Walter. He recently had the opportunity to spend some time with him in his California workshop, soaking in a tiny fraction of his deep knowledge of clockmaking and encountering DeeDee’s Tourbillon, an ultra-interesting unique piece clock.

Equilibrium clock by Tyler John Davies, winner of the 2019 F. P. Journe Young Talent competition

F.P. Journe Young Talent Competition 2019 Winner Tyler John Davies Shows His Equilibrium

The F.P. Journe Young Talent Competition highlights the extraordinary work that young watchmakers can do while simultaneously giving those same watchmakers a chance to get their work in front of some very respected names in today’s industry. Meet the 2019 winner, Tyler John Davies, and his Equilibrium clock.

Rick Hale shaping wood gear

Rick Hale: Wooden Clocks Designed And Built As If By John Harrison Except Today And In The USA (Beautiful Photos + Videos)

Clockmakers rarely get the credit they deserve, and Elizabeth Doerr believes that Rick Hale is deserving of at least a few minutes of your attention because this young autodidact clockmaker is doing something unique: handmaking self-designed clocks out of wood according to some of John Harrison’s principles.

Model A Cartier Mystery Clock from 1912 featuring platinum, gold, white agate, rock crystal, sapphires, rose-cut diamonds, enamel

Cartier’s Mystery Clocks: Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

Nineteenth-century French horologist Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin, a man now famous as the father of modern magic, inspired Cartier to begin dabbling in mystery clocks in 1912. And the famous brand has never stopped as a recent exhibition showing 19 historical mystery clocks illustrated.

Two views of the Hysek Design Colonne Du Temps

Hysek Design Colonne Du Temps: Columns Supported The Ancient World, Now A Column Supports Time

The resemblance between the Hysek Design Colonne du Temps and a Romaneque column is more than just fleeting, especially since it has the word column in its name. Released at Baselworld 2018, this clock marks the return of Jorg Hysek, a prolific watch designer and founder of an eponymous brand, who has spent the last two years sailing his boat in quasi-retirement.

Qlocktwo W39 Pure Black

Word For Word: Qlocktwo Presents A New Approach To Telling The Time

The very cool thing about Qlocktwo’s timepieces is that they spell out the time every five minutes using a typographic indication with letters: so instead of “7:30,” the time on a Qlocktwo “dial” quite literally reads “it is half past seven.” Sabine Zwettler finds this eminently intriguing!

Egyptian monkey and the ancient spirit in the crypt portion of Edinburgh’s Millennium Clock Tower (photo courtesy Dun Deagh/Wikimedia)

Absolutely Crazy Millennium Clock Tower In Edinburgh Commemorating 1,000 Years Of Rich History (With Video)

Elizabeth Doerr has a personal relationship with Scotland. And with Edinburgh in particular. But she hadn’t visited the fabulous National Museum of Scotland there before. Finally ducking in on a recent trip, she was blown away by the incredible Millennium Clock Tower. Here she explores the tower’s history, meaning, and symbolism.

De Fossard Solar Time Clock

De Fossard Solar Time Clock: Appreciating An Extreme Achievement Without A Loupe

The de Fossard Solar Time Clock isn’t so much a clock but a time-telling sculpture because it unites the past, present, and future in a single object. Its design is rather futuristic, almost timeless, and the same can be said of the mechanics, but rather than reaching into the future like the design, they go back to the heyday of clockmaking.

Atmos 568 by Jaeger-LeCoultre designed by Marc Newsom

Talking With Marc Newson: Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Favorite ‘Clock Designer’ Styles New Atmos 568

The ‘perpetual’ Atmos by Jaeger-LeCoultre is made even more interesting by collaborations with celebrated designer Marc Newson; the Swiss manufacture and the Australian designer have done three Atmos variations together. I had a chance to speak with Newson upon the release of the latest collaborative clock, the Atmos 568. And some of his answers to my eager questions were a bit surprising.

Burgess Clock B, completed by Charles Frodsham & Co

Burgess Clock B, The World’s Most Precise Pendulum Clock, Is Made To A 250-Year-Old Design By John Harrison, Longitude Prize Winner And Inventor Of The Marine Chronometer

250 years ago, Longitude Prize-winning clockmaker John Harrison made clocks losing just one second per month, but that wasn’t enough for him. In his later life, Harrison claimed that he could make a wall clock with a then-unheard-of-precision of just one second over 100 days! And 250 years later, it turns out he was right.