Inspiring Workshop Of Akrivia In Geneva: A Video Walkthrough – Reprise

The Watches TV has a popular series called “Walkthrough” in which Marc André Deschoux and his camera team film as they walk around an artisan’s workshop. In this episode, Deschoux and team visit the downtown Geneva atelier of independent sensation Akrivia with founder Rexhep Rexhepi.

Our Predictions In The Men’s Category Of The 2022 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG): Our Panel Is Split In Two

The Men’s is one of the more contentious GPHG categories every year because it is filled with amazing watches that may or may not have much in common but do have distinctive aesthetics. Since that is very subjective, our panel is reminded that the category is essentially asking which watch is the most versatile, wearable, and appeals to the broadest demographic. And, yet, our peanut gallery is divided practically down the middle!

Akrivia Rexhep Rexhepi Chronomètre Contemporain II (RRCC II): Despite Looking Similar To Its Predecessor, Everything Is New

The classic design of the Akrivia RRCC II’s dial has roots in founder Rexhep Rexhepi’s vision of high-quality nineteenth-century pocket watch dials adorned with high-fire enamel and combined with a modern twist based on “sector” dials of the 1930s and ’40s. But there’s much more to this brand-new watch than that as Elizabeth Doerr explains.

Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Secondes Architecture: The King Is Dead, Long Live The King!

When Joshua Munchow first saw the Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24 Secondes Architecture, he was surprised. But now, in the full context of everything happening with the brand, his main reaction is, “Greubel Forsey is dead, long live Greubel Forsey!”

Why I Bought It: Rexhep Rexhepi/Akrivia Chronomètre Contemporain – Reprise

There are nice-looking watches, there are crisp-looking watches, and then there are watches that emanate an otherworldly glow. For GaryG the Rexhep Rexhepi/Akrivia Chronomètre Contemporain falls into the third category, so much so that it became a running joke for a friend to pantomime a “smelling salts” motion as a signal for Gary to pull up his sleeve and jolt him back to attention. Here he explains why he bought this new classic watch.

Vanguart Black Hole Tourbillon: Featuring A Flying Tourbillon Orbited By ‘Vortex’ Display Disks And A Joystick Controlling Time – Reprise

The Vanguart Black Hole Tourbillon concept is based on the concept of a black hole, a region of spacetime where gravity is so strong that nothing can escape, even light. While that and the levitating flying tourbillon that emerges from the center of this watch might be enough to wow anyone, there’s still more: a joystick that controls the direction of time and this watch’s great looks.

Patronage in action: the author’s Ludovic Ballouard Upside Down

Why I Bought It: Ludovic Ballouard Upside Down – Reprise

Is it possible to make a watch providing a novel and entertaining display of time that is wearable in a variety of settings and will be respected years from now? GaryG believes that he owns such a piece: the Upside Down made by independent watchmaker Ludovic Ballouard.

Czapek & Cie Antarctique Frozen Star S: Featuring A Scintillating (And Ultra-Rare) Osmium Dial

Osmium is so rare and dense, has such a high melting point, and is so hard to form or compress that it has very few practical uses. But earlier this year Czapek & Cie released the limited edition Antarctique Frozen Star S with an absolutely mind-blowing dial made of pure osmium crystals.

MB&F LM Sequential EVO Dual Chronograph: An Ingenious Application Of A Simple Idea (That Nobody Had Thought Of Before)

Ian Skellern usually starts explaining a wristwatch with a tour of the watch’s dial and main features, but the LM Sequential EVO is a monument to its mirror-image dual chronograph with Twinverter function movement so here he starts with the best part: its movement.

Two Unexpected Tennis Watches In 2022: Studio Underd0g’s Strawberries & Cream And Maurice De Mauriac’s Rallymaster

Tennis and timepieces are coming ever closer together thanks in great part to brands spending more and more money on ambassadors. But not only! Elizabeth Doerr shares thoughts on two new tennis-themed watches from Studio Underd0g and Maurice De Mauriac.