Skadi: A Nordic Goddess Of A Wristwatch For Men By Gustafsson And Sjögren (GoS)

Swedish boutique brand GoS may be inspired by Viking aesthetics and Scandinavian northern lights, but the appeal of its timepieces to the watch collecting community is global. And now the first of only five GoS Skadi models, named for the Norse goddess of winter, is on its way to its happy owner in the USA. What makes this watch so special? Anders Modig reports.

Hautlence HL Vagabonde Tourbillon: Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

The Hautlence HL Vagabonde Tourbillon has the perfect nom de guerre for a watch that both mechanically wanders and represents an attitude upholding its values of exploration, creativity, and innovation. Joshua Munchow explains how this watch works and what sets it apart from other tourbillon models.

Actor Aldis Hodge Wears Independent Watchmaker Hajime Asaoka’s Kurono Classic In ‘The Invisible Man’

American actor Aldis Hodge recently landed his biggest Hollywood role playing alongside Elisabeth Moss in ‘The Invisible Man.’ The massive publicity surrounding the film has seen him showcasing two indie watchmakers: MB&F and Hajime Asaoka, whose Kurono Classic he wore in character during filming of the movie.

Franck Dubarry Diver DIV-02: Diver’s Watch With A Modern Twist

Steve Huyton vividly remembers a suave young Sean Connery sporting a Rolex Submariner Reference 6358 without a date display and on a leather strap as he watched the first James Bond movie, ‘Dr. No.’ Steve believes that this iconic watch popularized diver-style watches, inspiring many brands to make their own versions of the style. Fifty years on, one of his personal favorites of recent times has become the Diver DIV-02 by Swiss brand Franck Dubarry.

Rebecca Struthers where she is most comfortable: at the bench

International Women’s Day Special: Meet Rebecca Struthers, An Old-Fashioned English Watchmaker, Sort Of – Reprise

For International Women’s Day, I’d like to introduce you to Rebecca Struthers, the most academic and studied watchmaker in horological history. And she has the singular honor of achieving the very first doctorate in horology. This is a very modern watchmaker with a rather old-fashioned way of doing things.

Behind The Lens: Unique Piece Classic Date By Vianney Halter

A friend of GaryG’s recently purchased a real object of desire: a unique piece Classic from Vianney Halter that includes a date indication. When asked about his motivation in adding this to his collection, his friend told him, “I’m interested in what history will determine to be the ‘greatest’ watchmakers of our time.”

The Akrivia AK-06 at Baselworld 2017

A Collector’s View: Is Akrivia Bound For Glory? – Reprise

If you follow the world of independent watchmaking, by now you’ve almost certainly heard of watchmaker Rexhep Rexhepi and his Akrivia watches. Since arriving on the scene in 2012 with its first tourbillon-based watch, Akrivia has continued to delight. But is this independent bound for glory? GaryG predicts the future.

Inspiring Workshop Of Akrivia In Geneva: A Video Walkthrough

The Watches TV has a popular series called “Walkthrough” in which Marc André Deschoux and his camera team film as they walk around an artisan’s workshop. In this episode, Deschoux and team visit the downtown Geneva atelier of independent sensation Akrivia with founder Rexhep Rexhepi.

Michel Perchin Timepiece #1: From Pens To Watches, Elegance Reigns

For the Michel Perchin Model #1, designer and brand owner Patrick Pinkston works with a well-versed goldsmith workshop in the United Kingdom that he describes as “literally fabricating one case at a time.” There, each 36 x 55 mm white gold case is hand-finished and engraved. What else makes this independently crafted timepiece notable? Nancy Olson has the full story.

Carl Suchy & Söhne Waltz N°1 Review: A Month On The Wrist

Jan Lidmaňský thinks that his white shirt and jacket went just fine with the Carl Suchy Waltz N°1, but that it’s not for universal use. Forget t-shirts and jeans and don’t even think about shorts and flip-flops. It suits the elegant look of a businessman – so suit up when you wear it! What else did he learn?