Never bought: Philippe Dufour Duality

Behind The Lens: Philippe Dufour Duality – Reprise

For this edition of Behind the Lens, GaryG shares a series of photographs of one of the great watches of our time, the Philippe Dufour Duality. The Duality, with its linked twin escapements, was originally planned for production in a series of 25 watches. In a turn of events that seems almost unbelievable today, a lack of initial demand eventually led Dufour to limit production to just nine pieces, one of which is owned by a good friend of Gary’s.

De Bethune DB28 Steel Wheels: An On-The-Wrist Review (With Lots Of Photos)

Like explaining Dada without images or relating a dream, profiling De Bethune’s signature watch is a challenge – where does one start with a subject so alien? Tim Mosso not only makes a great start, he takes us through every detail of the flagship timepiece of this ultra-creative independent boutique brand.

Romain Gauthier’s Insight Micro-Rotor White Gold Limited Editions And Why You Might Want One

“Insight Micro-Rotor is a haute horlogerie creation, but also a daily timepiece that can be enjoyed for its simplicity of use,” says Romain Gauthier. “You can wear it every weekday and almost forget that you have it on. It’s very comfortable, and the micro rotor winds the barrels quickly, efficiently, and silently so you don’t have to worry about winding them by hand.” Elizabeth Doerr is a fan and explains here why you should be too.

The One Hertz by Tim and Bart Grönefeld

Grönefeld One Hertz: A Collector’s Journey – Reprise

For this special article, GaryG has the pleasure of covering the wonderful Grönefeld One Hertz. For a watch fanatic, and especially for lovers of independent watch brands, it’s a dream come true to meet the makers of the watches that we admire. With the Grönefeld brothers, it’s that pleasure multiplied by two.

On the wrist: Ming Model 19.02

Musing On The Ming Model 19.02: Micro Brand To Mega Brand?

It was with great interest (as a watch enthusiast) and some trepidation (as a humble photography student of polymath Ming Thein) that GaryG took on the task of photographing a pre-production example of Ming’s latest, Model 19.02 GMT.

Jean Daniel Nicolas 2-minute tourbillon by Daniel Roth. Photo courtesy Guy Lucas de Peslouan.

The Watch That Changed My Life: The Jean Daniel Nicolas Two-Minute Tourbillon By Daniel Roth – Reprise

The Two-Minute Tourbillon by Jean Daniel Nicolas is a watch that changed Ian Skellern’s life. Read how right here!

Voutilainen 28ti

Kari Voutilainen 28ti: The Flip Side Has Never Looked So Good

Kari Voutilainen listened to his fans and created a watch that fulfills the oft-repeated desire “I almost want to wear the watch backwards because that movement is so beautiful!” The inverted 28ti does just that.

Ruby slippers: movement detail showing ruby bearings on constant torque chain of the Romain Gauthier Logical One

In Focus: Romain Gauthier’s Breathtaking Patented Ruby Link Chain From Logical One – Reprise

Here at Quill & Pad we are quite smitten by Romain Gauthier’s award-winning Logical One. But one thing that often gets glossed over somewhat is the subject of one of this watch’s four patents: the incredible high-precision chain made of synthetic ruby links. Combined with the snail cam, it is this element that provides the ingenious movement with constant force.

Sarpanvea Lunations

Sarpaneva Lunations: The Latest Moon Phase Tech That Lasts (Almost) Forever – With Video

Finnish watchmaker Stepan Sarpaneva is one of the men who has dared to venture down the road of fiber optics, though this is part of something much bigger for the independent watchmaker: his first in-house movement, aka ‘moonment,’ which powers his new Lunations timepiece. And it has Joshua Munchow howling!

What is he looking at? Konstantin Chaykin's Joker comes to life

Why I Bought It: Konstantin Chaykin Joker – Reprise

GaryG encountered Konstantin Chaykin’s Joker, whose “face” is literally just that: two googly eyes show the hours and minutes with their respective pupils and a lolling red tongue displays the phase of the moon. He was transfixed, moments later placing his order. Find out why here.