Brivet-Naudot Eccentricity Réserve De Marche: A Passion For Tradition

The new Eccentricity Réserve de Marche is Cyril Brivet-Naudot’s second watch following his 2018 debut piece, the simply named Eccentricity. It builds on that foundation by adding complexity with the addition of a power reserve mechanism taking up real estate on both the front and rear of the watch. And it is simply, and traditionally, stunning as Joshua Munchow reports.

Big Brand Investments In Independents: Sellout Or Salvation? – Reprise

GaryG has already written about the struggles that independent watchmakers face simply to survive. Expressing oneself through horological art may well be a noble calling, but it’s definitely one of the tougher ways to make a living. Chanel’s very recent investment in F.P. Journe caused Gary to think about the pros and cons of outside investment into indies, and he shares his thoughts here.

Perpétuel: A Destination For Watch Lovers In Dubai Offering Cool, Accessible Limited Editions

There’s something new in Dubai. Something with the power and ability to bring people of the watch community together. And those who might just want to be part of the watch community. And, of course, those who are just looking for good watches. Perpétuel, co-founded by Melika Yazdjerdi and Hamdan Alhudaidi, offers new experiences and limited edition watches for Middle East collectors and visitors alike.

Romain Gauthier programming the machining of components at Manufacture Romain

Watchmaker Of Historical Significance: Romain Gauthier – Reprise

Throughout history, hundreds of talented watchmakers have left their mark on the science and industry of timekeeping. For the inaugural edition of WOHS (Watchmakers of Historical Significance), Joshua Munchow highlights an engineer that has used technology to push forward since his beginnings, creating a company that is not only a leading brand among independents, but also a supplier to many established brands: the incredible yet humble Romain Gauthier.

Irresistible: Konstantin Chaykin's Joker

Why I Bought It: Konstantin Chaykin Joker – Reprise

GaryG encountered Konstantin Chaykin’s Joker, whose “face” is literally just that: two googly eyes show the hours and minutes with their respective pupils while a lolling red tongue displays the phase of the moon. He was transfixed, moments later placing his order. Find out why here.

Parting shot: traveling in style with the Habring2 Doppel 2.0 on the author’s wrist

In Praise Of Habring2: A Collector’s View – Reprise

If you’re just beginning to collect the works of independent watchmakers, GaryG suggests that you give careful consideration to watches from Habring2, the small independent Austrian watchmaking company founded and headed by Maria Kristina and Richard Habring.

Paul Gerber

Paul Gerber: Independent Watchmaker, Renaissance Man, And Creator Of World’s Most Complicated Watch And World’s Smallest Wooden Clock – Reprise

A world-class micro-engineer, industrial designer, metalwork artist and accountant walk into a bar, and the barman asks . . . yes, Marton Radkai is talking about independent watchmaker Paul Gerber. Find out more about this genius right here!

5 Colorful New Watches By Chronoswiss From Watches & Wonders 2021

Back in 1988, Chronoswiss was the first brand to bring the regulator display to the wrist. Recently at Watches & Wonders 2021 the company presented several new regulator-style watches in a variety of stunning colors and techniques. Anders Modig shares five of his favorites here.

5 New Watches From Independent Watchmakers At Watches & Wonders 2021

Joshua Munchow highlights five pieces from some of our favorite independent brands that have just been released at Watches & Wonders 2021. From sapphire crystal-encased tourbillons and constant force fusée-and-chain-powered movements to stunning art pieces, these watches span genres and the spectrum of collector dreams.

Konstantin Chaykin Moscow Comptus Clock

A Mechanical Masterpiece By A Mechanical Mastermind: The Konstantin Chaykin Moscow Comptus Easter Clock – Reprise

Konstantin Chaykin’s Moscow Comptus Easter Clock masterpiece isn’t designed for the wrist but for the mantel. And it presents further evidence that the man Joshua Munchow dubs the “Wonderboy Russian Watchmaker” is one of the greatest watch- and clockmakers in the game today.