Felipe Pikullik: One of the New Generation of Independents Specializing in Superlative Hand Finishing and Hand Made Watches

Felipe Pikullik’s watches are characterized by their fine decorative finishing, but as Alexey Kutkovoy discovers, he has ambitious plans to go much much further down the hand made path.

Äonic Automat: A New German Brand Makes an Impressive Debut

While the Äonic Automat is a jump hour, it jumps in an interesting way and the case design is very innovative.

Chronomètre Artisans Subscription Edition by Simon Brette: Sensational, Superlative, and Simply Sublime Independent Watchmaking

Simon Brette is a young movement designer with a history of working with Jean-François Mojon’s Chronode, MCT, and MB&F, who has now begun his own adventure of pushing the boundaries of traditional haute horlogerie. Brette launches his eponymous brand with the Chronomètre Artisans Subscription Edition, which sold out long before launch.

Theo Auffret Tourbillon Grand Sport: Twice as Nice

Theo Auffret’s Tourbillon Grand Sport is a thematic follow-up to his debut Tourbillon à Paris. The two pieces use the same core foundation, but they are definitively different concepts.

Haute-Rive Honoris I: Incredible 1,000-Hour/41-Day Power Reserve plus a Flying Tourbillon in a Very Wearable Watch

With 1,000 hours/41 days of power reserve, the Haute-Rive Honoris I is impressive yet doesn’t set any records, however, it outshines the competition because it’s so wearable.

Laurent Ferrier Classic Micro-Rotor with Salmon Dial Reviewed by Tim Mosso

Watches like this Classic Micro-Rotor leave Tim Mosso wondering why Laurent Ferrier doesn’t have a queue two years long awaiting delivery of its products. On substance, this LF offers world-beating quality.

Rick Hale shaping wood gear

Rick Hale: Wooden Clocks Designed and Built as if by John Harrison, Except Today and in the USA (Beautiful Photos + Videos)

Clockmakers rarely get the credit they deserve, and Elizabeth Doerr believes that Rick Hale is deserving of at least a few minutes of your attention because this young autodidact clockmaker is doing something unique: handmaking self-designed clocks out of wood according to some of John Harrison’s principles.

Cyrus Klepsys Dice Saffron Double Chronograph: Colorful and More Useful than a Rattrapante Chrono

The concept behind the Klepsys Dice Saffron Double Chronograph is that in many sports, you like to compare times of competitors starting simultaneously. Martin Green explains how Cyrus solved that.

Sylvain Pinaud Origine: How Do We Define A Beginning?

Origine by Sylvain Pinaud is an essentially simple watch telling only the time with three hands. The commitment to execution puts him on a level with some of the greats and is a good indicator that we will see a lot more from this burgeoning young brand.

Azimuth Mr. Roboto Bronzo Artist Series Reviewed by Tim Mosso

There exists a droll class of watch for which telling time takes a back seat to the packaging itself. And the Azimuth Mr. Roboto Bronzo Artist Series is a great example of this class, Tim Mosso explains why.