‘Making Time’ Film: A Cinephile Review By A Watch Lover

Joshua Munchow was not expecting the feature documentary film ‘Making Time’ to be such a moving reflection of the human condition, but it just goes to show that the best documentaries are really just mirrors of ourselves.

Why I Bought It: Hajime Asaoka Tsunami – Reprise

This is the story of a daily-wear watch, the Tsunami by Japanese independent watchmaker Hajime Asaoka. It’s not a “beater” as it’s too beautifully made for that description, and some folks justifiably take offense at characterizing a five-figure expenditure in those terms. But it is a watch that GaryG suspects that he will be wearing a lot and in a variety of settings.

The Future Of Watchmaking Is Young, Audacious, And Independent! Watches TV Dinner With Young Independent Watchmakers

Santa came early for Ian this year with this fun casual dinner that Watches TV founder Marc André Deschoux hosted for young independent watchmakers. It was one of the most pleasurable short clips he’s seen all year: you feel you are at the table with them and can smell the raclette.

F.P. Journe Vagabondage I Gold: Farewell To A Path Rarely Traveled

When your F.P Journe isn’t a typical F.P. Journe, but it is a 100 percent real F.P. Journe through and through, it must be a Vagabondage. The Vagabondage I Gold of 2022 is Journe’s final foray into the alternate reality of the Vagabondage lifestyle and Joshua Munchow takes a look back at how and why we arrived at this final Vagabondage edition in 2022.

Jérôme De Witt And Napoleon’s (Jump) Hour Of Triumph: 2015 Academia Mathematical

The De Witt Academia Mathematical of 2015 has a digital time display with jumping hours, tens of minutes, and minutes. And although its full numeral carousels are just barely visible under a smoked sapphire crystal dial, Tim Mosso was willing and able to take a closer look.

In-house beauty: Akrivia AK-06

A Collector’s View: Is Akrivia Bound For Glory? (Spoiler Alert – Yes!) – Reprise

If you follow the world of independent watchmaking, by now you’ve almost certainly heard of watchmaker Rexhep Rexhepi and his Akrivia watches. Since arriving on the scene in 2012 with its first tourbillon-based watch, Akrivia has continued to delight. But is this independent bound for glory? GaryG predicts the future.

Why I Bought It: C By Romain Gauthier Titanium Edition Two

One of the reasons that GaryG bought a C By Romain Gauthier Titanium Edition Two is that it fits his shifting lifestyle and watch-wearing habits; as more and more of his time is spent in casual clothing and running various errands, it’s great to have a piece that has a true sporting character yet still packs the punch of a top indie creation.

Presenting ‘Making Time’: The Greatest Watch Film Ever Made (In My Extremely Biased Opinion)

Describing ‘Making Time’ as “the greatest watch film ever made” is a pretty bold claim, especially as it’s a film about people rather than watches. But you can judge if Ian Skellern’s headline is hyperbolic for yourself.

Hautlence Linear Series 1: A Lesson In Motion

Hautlence is a brand that has always done things a little differently. And its latest model, the Linear Series 1, is no exception: it features a normal minute display with a jumping hour indication that appears to move in a straight (linear) line. Joshua Munchow dives in for a closer look.

Christiaan Van Der Klaauw New Majority Shareholder Pim Koeslag In Conversation: Shooting For The Stars

Not long ago, Christiaan van der Klaauw announced that Pim Koeslag would join the company as a majority shareholder. Koeslag further complements the successful team of Daniël and Maria Reintjes, who will both stay on in their positions. Martin Green talked to Koeslag to get the whole story.