Bovet Orbis Mundi: Traveling The World In Style For 200 Years

Bovet has always been a brand with a particular fondness for watches that show multiple time zones. And Martin Green has always appreciated these Bovet models with multiple time zones because they integrate the complications so effortlessly. And the new Orbis Mundi, created to celebrate the brand’s 200th anniversary, is no exception.

My Top 5 Favorite Watches With Helical Hairsprings – Reprise

Out of all the “traditional” styles of hairsprings, the helical hairspring is Joshua Munchow’s favorite because it adds three-dimensionality to the watch. These oscillators are so rarely seen that if you are only aware of five watches with helical hairsprings you already know a significant portion of the modern watches using them. Here are Joshua’s favorite five.

5 Of The Best Of Seddiqi’s Golden Jubilee Special Editions Celebrating 50 Years Of The UAE

Some of the top watch manufacturers in the world have released special edition watches in honor of the 50th anniversary of the UAE for Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, who stages Dubai Watch Week. This collection of 35 models – which is also very likely already long sold out – makes for a very interesting chapter in the ever-evolving stories of the UAE and Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons. Check out five of the most interesting right here!

The Bovet 19thirty UAE Anniversary Edition With Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons

To mark the fiftieth anniversary of the United Arab Emirates, Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons worked with Bovet to create an exceptional version of the 19thirty that stands out in its use of color. Martin Green thinks the green-and-orange color combination works so well he wonders why it isn’t seen more (and why he didn’t think of it himself).

Bovet OttantaSei by Pininfarina

Pininfarina, The Mecca Of Supercar Design, And The Bovet Ottantasei

The Bovet Ottantasei Tourbillon is the brand’s sixth timepiece designed by Pininfarina, and the years of experience that the two brands now have working together shows. It truly is a sensational watch, but here Ian Skellern focuses on Pininfarina, a name evoking mystical status among anyone interested in world-class design and sensational cars.

Pininfarina Hyper GT Inspires Bovet Battista Tourbillon: It’s Electrifying!

The Battista Tourbillon is slightly different from the previous Pininfarina collaboration models that Bovet has issued in that it puts more emphasis on the car it was inspired by. And what a car the Pininfarina Battista is! The all-electric hyper GT marks a significant moment in Pininfarina’s history. Check out both watch and car right here.

5 Unique Watches With Artistic Dials At Only Watch 2021

The Only Watch auction is a great place to see (and bid on!) unique pieces by some of the most talented artisans and watchmakers in the world. Here Joshua Munchow highlights five watches from Only Watch 2021 that feature a variety of spectacular artistic crafts.

WatchTime New York Returns, Showcasing Some Of The Most Stunning Timepieces Of 2021

WatchTime New York is back! With 28 participating watch brands set to showcase their latest watches, the fair takes place at Midtown Manhattan’s Gotham Hall from October 22 through 24, 2021. Here Sabine Zwettler highlights three new timepieces from A. Lange & Söhne, Armin Strom, and Bovet that will be showing for the first time in North America there.

New Bovet Watches At Geneva Watch Days 2021 (Video)

In this video, The Watches TV’s Marc André Deschoux goes through Bovet’s latest watches from Geneva Watch Days 2021. These include the beautiful new turquoise collection featuring the 19Thirty, Récital 23, Récital 27 triple time zone, Monsieur Bovet, and the Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two Reimagined in pink gold.

Bovet Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two Reimagined: Now Sporting A Black DLC Titanium Case And Colorful Lume Dials

Bovet offers a new take on its formidable Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two, which the brand introduced in 2020. And when Bovet says that it reimagined the Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two, you can take that literally: the designers didn’t exactly “improve” it, rather they took the same ingredients and served them up differently.