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De Fossard Solar Time Clock: Appreciating An Extreme Achievement Without A Loupe

The de Fossard Solar Time Clock isn’t so much a clock but a time-telling sculpture because it unites the past, present, and future in a single object. Its design is rather futuristic, almost timeless, and the same can be said of the mechanics, but rather than reaching into the future like the design, they go back to the heyday of clockmaking.

The Dandy Watches Of Piaget

Dandies and Piaget have always enjoyed a natural alliance. There are several reasons for this: first and foremost, there is the brand’s decision to make only watches using precious metals; secondly, there is the decision to fit them with manufacture movements that are as small and thin as possible – something that allows nearly unprecedented freedom for the brand’s designers. Let’s have a look at some dandy Piaget models!

How Rolex And Cartier Stole Seiko’s Groove In James Bond’s ‘A View To A Kill’

In previous James Bond movies, 007’s Seikos were equipped with homing devices, explosives, ticker tapes, and even full-color displays to receive camera transmissions. The watches worn in ‘A View To A Kill’ had none of that. In fact, you need to be very fast with your remote control to pause the movie at just the right time to even see the watches Roger Moore wears as the world’s most famous fictional spy.