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Blancpain Air Command: A Contemporary Remake Of An Officer And A Gentleman

While the Air Command has been part of the Blancpain collection before, this is the first time that the brand has allowed a modern interpretation to resemble the 1950s original so closely. Martin Green thinks this is a fabulous modern reinterpretation of a chronograph that by rights should have been a classic, but never went into serial production. Find out more about it here!

MB&F Legacy Machine FlyingT: A Sensational Ladies Watch Both Technically And Visually Scintillating

Creating a proper, high-end mechanical ladies watch is something even the best of brands struggle with. Some simply take a men’s watch, make it a bit smaller, add some diamonds or mother-of-pearl, and call it a day. Others create what they think women would like (but are not quite sure). Here is what MB&F has done, and rest assured it is anything but ordinary!