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Three Perpetual Calendars Launched At SIHH 2019 From A. Lange & Söhne, Girard-Perregaux, And Vacheron Constantin

The perpetual calendar is a great example of a complication that is outdated by at least a couple of decades. Yet perpetuals still know how to capture the attention of watch collectors and connoisseurs with a very complex movement, even if some components only jump into action once a year. The perpetual calendar is often the perfect way for a watch manufactures to show off craftsmanship and ability – but the way that brands do this varies. Here are three very different examples we found at the 2019 SIHH.

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Huracán Performante: Serious High-Performance Synergy With Lamborghini

Roger Dubuis and Lamborghini have a special relationship: the watches that have so far come from this still relatively young collaboration have not only been impressive but also suck you into the world of Lamborghini without a car even being in sight. It is almost like the watchmakers at Roger Dubuis have infused this watch with motor oil and replaced the ticking of the escapement with the growl of an Italian high-performance engine. And the Excalibur Huracán Performante is all the evidence you need!

Cartier Revives The Age Of Elegance With The 2019 Tonneau Models

One of the most beautiful things about Cartier is that once it created the perfect watch, the designers pretty much left it alone. Meaning that the whims of fashion did not get a hold on models like the Tonneau – for the simple reason that it transcended fashion. And now a new version arrives in 2019. So what (if anything) has changed to make Martin Green proclaim that it heralds the age of elegance?