GoS Sarek Frost: Scandinavian Winter on the Wrist

If there’s one thing (apart from snow) heralding the start of winter in Scandinavia, it’s frost. Those magical patterns form when a pane of glass is exposed to below-freezing temperatures on the outside and moist air on the inside. on glass when moist air condenses on below freezing glass.

Water vapor from the air condenses as frost on the inside surface of the window, and the ice crystals catch and reflect the light like millions of tiny diamonds.

Gos Sarek Frost on ice

Frost was a regular part of GoS co-founder and CEO Patrik Sjögren’s childhood growing up in Sweden, and the independent watchmaker spent years developing techniques to replicate the effect on a watch.

The result is the Sarek Frost.

Gos Sarek Frost Midnight Blue

The dial of the Sarek Frost features a sunray finish, with glossy transparent and matte white hues creating the scintillating appearance of frost. The hour track is formed of 12 sections of sapphire crystal mounted on tiny solid blocks of Super-LumiNova to further emphasize the play of light.

Gos Sarek Frost Midnight Blue dial details

From the book accompanying each watch:

Patrik  Sjögren spent his early years in a weathered wooden cottage in the countryside to the west of Stockholm. The windows of this cottage, framed in sturdy wood, were fitted with an inner extra window during winter to better fend off the biting chill. But this safeguard against the cold had its own charm: it transformed the glass into a canvas for frost and ice.

During the quiet nights, as the world slumbered, frost would stealthily creep in, growing delicate and intricate patterns across the windowpane. These frosty works of art greeted Patrik in the morning, a fleeting beauty that vanished under the warming gaze of the sun or the crackling hearth inside. However, traces of frost always lingered, creating a frosty halo around the sash windows.

GoSSarek Frost Ice Blue prototype on the wrist

Patrik’s desire to capture the enchantment of those frosted windows from his youth led to a unique watch dial. It’s a dial that mirrors the randomness of frost and ice patterns, with the enduring charm of an icy frame serving as indexes.



The dials encompass a sunray finish, along with glossy transparent and matte white hues, recreating the sparkling, shimmering appearance of frost.

GoS Sarek Frost Midnight Blue dial details

An hour track encircles the dial, but unusually it is formed of 12 sections of sapphire crystal, incorporating Swiss Super-LumiNova and presented in three-dimensional form.

GoS Sarek Frost Ice Blue lume

This is a first for GoS and, to the brand’s best knowledge, the first time it’s ever been employed in the watch industry.

The spaces positioned in between each block of sapphire denote the hours. By using sections of sapphire, the dial masterfully plays with light, reinforcing the icy theme.

Customers can choose from one of two dial options, Midnight Blue or Ice Blue, two shades designed to capture the appearance of frost in different light conditions.

Gleaming GoS spearhead hour and minute hands float above the wintry-themed dial, clearly conveying the time. In addition, the dial is endowed with a central sweep seconds hand.

GoS Sarek Frost Midnight Blue dial details

The inside of the bezel is designed to reflect more light, exciting the luminous elements of the dial and thereby heightening the glow of the sapphire hour track.

The stainless steel case is now slightly smaller, measuring 41.5mm in diameter. Likewise, the lugs have been reworked with the help of Swiss designer, Jacques Binggeli who also assisted in refinements of the dial elements.

The lugs now look more powerful and, when viewed together with the crown, bestow a more cohesive appearance.



The case juxtaposes highly polished and satin-finished surfaces. This latter treatment is employed on the caseback, the top of the bezel and the side of the case ring, while the elliptical grooves on the side of the case remain highly polished.

This interplay of different finishes requires much skill to ensure each contrasting finish remains discrete and perfectly delineated. GoS also offers the option of a stainless Damascus steel bezel, an artisanal specialty of the brand.

To the rear of the watch, the caseback is engraved with a frost-themed pattern, reproducing the motif presented on the dial.

The frost theme continues on the back of the GoS Sarek Frost

A self-winding Swiss movement sits at the heart of the Sarek Frost. The G101 Calibre, produced by Manufacture La Joux, has been personalised for GoS. It features a dark grey anthracite finish, a colour echoed throughout the model. Patrik Sjögren decided to endow the movement with an added dose of exclusivity, incorporating a skeletonized oscillating mass made to his own design.

Produced in Switzerland, this solid tungsten rotor incorporates the GoS triskele gold seal and includes deep beveled edges, matching the refined appearance of the bridges below.

GoS Sarek Frost Ice Blue dial details

Dial: Sunray finish with random frost-themed pattern printed in silver white and glossy transparent to emulate frost on a window frame. The GoS logo is printed in glossy transparent  – thick enough to create a three-dimensional effect of ice.

Each dial variant to a limited quantity of 50 pieces. As mentioned previously, customers have the option to choose either a stainless steel bezel or opt for a stainless Damascus steel alternative. 



No GoS watch would be complete without the meticulously crafted Damascus steel the brand is famous for. Metalworking has a long history in Sweden and the Vikings were among the first cultures to develop a pattern welding technique to make superior swords.

Layering different steel types created an early composite material and enabled Viking swords to be longer, stronger, and sharper than their adversaries.

GoS Norrsken salmon leather strap with Damascus stainless steel buckle

On the Sarek Frost, the buckle is made from distinctively patterned Damascus steel. There is also an option for a Damascus steel case.

GoS Sarek Frost Ice Blue (left) and Midnight Blue

For more information, please visit www.goswatches.com/sarek-frost

Quick facts: GoS Sarek Frost
hours, minutes, central seconds
Sunray finished in either Ice Blue or Midnight Blue with a two-color frost printing in transparent and silver white, indexes are machined and polished from sapphire frosted back side to emphasize the design, solid block of Super-LumiNova behind each hour sapphire that glows through the glass and reflects on the inside of the case
stainless steel, Damascus steel bezel (optional steel bezel)
41.5mm diameter
La Joux-Perret G101 to GoS specifications with anthracite finish, automatic winding with skeletonized tungsten rotor featuring a gold GoS triskele emblem
Water resistance:
50 meters

Strap/buckle: handcrafted and tapered in premium Salmon leather, fitted with premium GoS 2GoS pin-buckle in Damascus steel
50 pieces in each variation (Ice Blue or Midnight Blue)
5-year guarantee
USD $9,500 (excluding taxes)

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