Roland Iten R8 MKII Sport Mechanical Belt Buckle in Steel and Titanium (Plus Video): For the Man Who Hasn’t Quite Got Everything Yet, This Should Do It!

I was first introduced to Roland Iten around 20 years ago at a GPHG preview event by Felix Baumgartner, who described Roland as an independent creator who made mechanical belt buckles with the quality, attention to detail, and fine finishing of a high-end mechanical watch.

And I thought, belt buckles? I’m interested in fantastic mechanical watches; why on earth would I be interested in belt buckles?

Roland Iten R8 MKII Sport in titanium and steel

As I learned more about Iten’s work, I appreciated his incredible mechanical creations much more: they are as close to haute horlogerie as you can get without ticking.

As I write this, I’m wearing a Roland Iten R8 MKII Sport buckle that I’ve worn daily in all activities for more than 15 years, and it works and looks as good as it did when new.

Previous R8 MKII Sport buckles have featured at least some precious metals (usually gold), but this latest version lives more up to the ‘sport’ in its name by being crafted entirely in stainless steel and titanium.

The elephant in the room: price

Let’s address the elephant in the room first: price. Just like the high-end watches that they can be compared to, Iten’s mechanical belt buckles are expensive, very expensive. This R8 MKII Sport in steel and titanium is priced at 29,900 Swiss francs!

That’s crazy; you can get a fantastic watch for that! But Roland Iten’s clients are already likely to have a fantastic high-end mechanical watch, and more likely they will have (many) more than one. And they will also be likely to be collectors of high-end watches by independent watchmakers and boutique brands.

It’s complicated, though not to use. With 105 components, the R8 MKII Sport has as many parts as many mechanical watch movements. 

Roland Iten has also developed and made mechanical adjustable watch strap buckles for prestigious brands, including F.P. Journe and Greubel Forsey.

Just as with beautifully finished and engineered high-end mechanical watches, quality at this level costs. To give you some idea of just how high-end Roland Iten is, he was commissioned to make a buckle with a 60+ carat yellow diamond.

R60 Diablo by Roland Iten and Claude Sfeir

R60 Diablo by Roland Iten and Claude Sfeir

It sounds crazy, but how many ways can a man wear a 60-carat diamond in full view without looking the least ostentatious? And it highlights Iten’s reputation that a client with a 60+ carat diamond both thought of and trusted him to artfully craft a buckle worthy of this incredible gem.

Sylvester Stallone wearing his Roland Iten solid gold R8 Sport

Sylvester Stallone wearing his Roland Iten solid gold R8 Sport

Roland Iten’s clients include celebrity watch collectors, including Sylvester ‘Sly’ Stallone (who wore his R8 MKII Sport while on the set filming Expendables II), Roger Federer, and Jackie Chan.

While at the 2023 Dubai Watch Week in November 2023, a fellow visitor to the F.P. Journe booth, who I didn’t know, tapped me on the shoulder and said, “We have something in common.” When I looked at him blankly, he pointed to his Roland Iten belt buckle and told me he had three of them!

R8 MKII Sport in steel and titanium

Speaking from many years of experience, the R8 MKII Sport belt buckle isn’t a show pony, it has more functionality than simply stylishly holding up your trousers.

One-finger operation of the Roland Iten R8 MKII Sport

It is quick and easy to adjust and tighten your belt without deforming or stretching your expensive leather belt. After (or during) a big meal you can loosen your belt by one hole (around 25mm) with a one-handed (or one-finger) flip of a lever, and changing straps is easy.

Unlike a standard belt buckle, the Roland Iten R8 MKII Sport has not one but two pins that are inserted into the holes in the belt. These distribute the load and minimize the risk of the holes in the leather stretching or deforming.

Roland Iten R8 MKII Sport with buckle in ‘relaxed fit’ mode

When loosening or tightening your belt, the strap runs over highly tactile rollers, so there’s no risk of scratching the leather.

Roland Iten mechanical belt buckles are assembled on order, and delivery is likely to be 3-4 weeks, with customizations taking longer.

Roland Iten R8 MKII Sport in titanium and steel

The Roland Iten R8 MKII Sport Mechanical Belt Buckle is unashamedly a pure indulgence, just like any luxury mechanical watch.

And like a luxury wristwatch, it has one feature that outshines all others: when you look or interact with it, it puts a smile on your face. That’s priceless!

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Quick Facts: Roland Iten R8 MKII Sport Mechanical Belt Buckle in Steel and Titanium
Lightweight titanium and stainless steel, five-axle construction, friction control guiding wheels, mechanically leveraged belt insertion clip for easy changeability of leather belt, lubrication-free mechanisms

Functions: quick adjustment of length, easy replacement of belts
No. of components: 105
Finishing: haute horlogerie fine finishing
Notable: 100% manufactured in Switzerland
Price: 29,900 Swiss francs (excluding taxes), which includes a high-quality black alligator belt

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  1. Edward Kichoi
    Edward Kichoi says:

    I follow Roland Iten’s content with a Passion…. or rather, have followed for years.
    I doubt there’s any article/video/photo/book out there with his content I haven’t read and re-read delightfully.
    I am only left to own the belts and cufflinks now, LOL!!

    Quite a good read Ian, and good video too.
    I like that you are writing this from a 15 year product use Experience!!
    I can only imagine what that feels like!!

    I bet you wrote this with a smile on your face

  2. Carol Galiano
    Carol Galiano says:

    Thank you Ian for supporting us and for being a devoted wearer of Roland Iten mechanical belt buckles. Just a word about the elephant in the room. The price listed in your article (CHF 29’900) is the lowest that this model has sold for in years and will most likely never be repeated. We had the good fortune to purchase a number of spare part components from our previous manufacturer who retired his business and therefore, we were able to assemble a limited amount of the R8 Mark II Sport Coupe in steel, without newly manufacturing all of the components. Indeed, if we had manufactured everything from scratch, the price would be much higher. Therefore, with this offer, we are allowing our clients a unique opportunity to purchase the last pieces of this model before we re-design it to adhere more closely to the manufacturing capability of current producers.


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