Seriously Playful Roland Iten R18 Superdriver Mechanical Belt Buckle: Because A Richard Mille Can’t Hold Up Your Pants (With Video)

Absolutely nobody needs an expensive high-end mechanical belt buckle built like an expensive high-end wristwatch. But then nobody needs an expensive high-end wristwatch either.

But for those with deep pockets and an itch that another Richard Mille, F.P. Journe, or Greubel Forsey timepiece can’t scratch, the Roland Iten R18 Superdriver might just do the trick.

Roland Iten R18 Superdriver mechanical belt buckle

The R18 Superdriver combines quadruple-patented high tech with supercar-like performance and design to make it easier to give yourself a bit of extra breathing room when nestling into those plush car seats.

Roland Iten R18 Superdriver mechanical belt buckle

An ingenious, lubrication-free, self-cleaning, rolling-wheel wheel tang adjusts the belt length and features a self-locking mechanism to prevent (potentially embarrassing) accidental release.

Roland Iten R18 Superdriver mechanical belt buckle

Loosening and tightening the belt buckle activates six low-friction wheels driving on three tracks along a powerful, mechanically leveraged flow carriage.

Yes, the R18 Superdriver is completely frivolous and financially unjustifiable for most of us, but if you appreciate the craft and meticulous attention to detail of a fine mechanical watch, you might appreciate the same skill applied to something else. If you have the means, a Roland Iten Superdriver mechanical belt buckle should be on your wish list.

Underneath the hood of the Roland Iten R18 Superdriver mechanical belt buckle (photo courtesy The Naked Watchmaker)

And when money is no object you often want bespoke, so Roland Iten offers clients the option of incorporating the lines and colors of their favorite cars into the buckle.

Possibilities inspiring a customized Roland Iten R18 Superdriver mechanical belt buckle

For a complete breakdown of the Roland Iten R18 Superdriver, I recommend checking out The Naked Watchmaker’s deconstruction at

Roland Iten R18 Superdriver mechanical belt buckle

For more information, please visit

Quick Facts Roland Iten R18 Superdriver
Frame: titanium
Movement: 11-axel construction, six low-friction wheels sliding on three tracks, mechanically leveraged flow carriage with friction control, tension and impact control, 169 components, weight: 93-122 grams (depending on the choice of materials)
Functions: one-handed operation, belt quick-change mechanism, 0-35mm buckle expansion/contraction range, self-locking mechanism to prevent accidental release
Options: 35 mm calfskin leather straps are available in a wide choice of colors, buckles are available in 18-karat white gold, 18-karat 5N red gold, and/or steel, all with a titanium architecture, custom engravings and gem settings
Price: starting at $44,000

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8 replies
  1. Ray
    Ray says:

    So not all crack heads are poor. You can not be in your right mind and pay this kind of money for something like this ! I expected a price around $200 .

  2. Eddykichoi
    Eddykichoi says:

    I really love the video. I think this is the longest video I’ve seen of Roland explaining the Belt buckles’ functionality.

    Excellent stuff

    • Ian Skellern
      Ian Skellern says:

      Thank you Eddy,
      I was initially just planning to record sound for my notes then decided to take video instead. I thought Roland explained it well too.
      Regards, Ian

      • Eddykichoi
        Eddykichoi says:

        Whenever you are interviewing Roland, always take the Video.
        Roland has supremely well, pioneering the Mechanical Luxury segment; and I always look forward to anything RIML is coming out with.

        And thank you for your good work Ian.


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