Watch Design: Originality, Similarity, Or Imitation? – Reprise

While GaryG thinks it’s all the more impressive that designers continue to delight us with new looks, many watches are often very similar. And trying to describe the slippery slope from vague resemblance to outright theft is not a simple task. So he begins down at the lower end of the grade with so-called homage watches and moves up the GaryG Styling Statute of Limitations from there.

Silence Is Complicity: How The #WatchFam Is Standing Behind Ukraine

Over the last few days, Dan-Andrei Kluska has watched the news in horror. He has lost sleep, he has cried a lot, and he feels that he has been paralyzed by the eruption of war in Europe. After the first shock wave passed and his tears dried, he started to think about the future and was sincerely fearful because a nuclear war would wipe out humanity as we know it. Here he challenges us all to do something (and some have answered the call).

Tim Mosso Of Watchbox And Elizabeth Doerr Discuss Watch Journalism In The Digital Age And Other Hot Topics (Video)

If you are interested in a look behind the curtain of how watch journalism is conducted in both the digital and Coronavirus ages, then this video is for you. Join Tim Mosso, media director of Watchbox, and Elizabeth Doerr as they discuss watch journalism in the digital age and other hot topics and current events. Getting right to the heart of every matter, this fast-paced conversation ranges from shutdowns, conflicts of interest, and whether print is dead to “celebrity collectors” on Instagram and the current status of independent watch brands.

Grayson Tighe Series 4 for Blancpain

Can Writing Instruments Be As Collectible And Enthusiast-Infused As Watches? – Reprise

Thrill of the chase. Intellectual satisfaction. Investment. There are nearly as many reasons for collecting things as there are things to collect. But when it comes to watches and writing instruments, a variety of shared motivations, perhaps catalyzed by the obvious common characteristics of the objects themselves, make them conspicuous crossovers for collectors.

Which Rolex Models Might Become Future Classics? Watchbox’s Tim Mosso And Mike Manjos Answer That Question With Analytics And Trends (Video)

Which Rolex models will be most sought after by collectors in the future? That’s not a trick question. And Watchbox’s director of media Tim Mosso and global head of trading Mike Manjos are here to answer it for you in the second episode of Watchbox’s new video series “Around the Crown,” which is dedicated to future classics from the Rolex catalog.

Watch Goes Up Must Come Down: An Industry Insider’s Top Secret Report . . . Or Is It? Warning: You May Laugh Out Loud

London, one day in the not-too-distant future, the final board meeting of the Lux Timepieces III Fund had been a stormy one. Principal investor Igor Abramovich had flounced out after throwing his Roger W Smith Series 1 on the boardroom table, where it shattered into dozens of meticulously handmade pieces . . . hang on to your hats because this is a wild and laugh-out-loud ride!

Chess Moves: What The January 2022 Sale Of Ulysse Nardin And Girard-Perregaux Have To Do With Brioni

On January 24, 2022, two Swiss watch brands, Ulysse Nardin and Girard-Perregaux, were reorganized in response to men’s fashion developments in Rome, Italy. In a vacuum, it is hard to see how one would lead to the other: their connection is the Kering group. And then there’s LVMH, but how does that group fit in here? Professor of economics Brendan Cunningham offers some thoughts on how all of this might just go together.

Rolls-Royce Cullinan

The Horological Reason Behind The Rise Of The Super SUVs (Satire) – Reprise

There was a time when the walls of many children’s rooms were decorated with images of iconic supercars cars like the Ferrari Testarossa, Porsche 959, Lamborghini Countach, and McLaren F1. Today those same walls in the rooms of a new generation of kids are decorated by a completely different type of car: the super SUV. Martin Green explains why in this satirical editorial.

Complete Guide To Type 20 Pilot’s Watch Chronographs – Reprise

Type 20 is a specification by the French Ministry of Defense for the standard-equipment pilot’s watch chronographs. Unlike German pilot’s watch specifications, those for the French Type 20 are not clearly documented but are rather based on common characteristics shared by various manufacturers. Bhanu Chopra explains what makes these watches so sought after and goes through the main models and characteristics.

GaryG’s 2021 Year In Review: Acquisitions, Events, Trends To Watch, And Even Some Swag

GaryG looks back over 2021 to share his travels, acquisitions, thoughts, and even some of the more interesting swag he picked up in this delightfully comprehensive overview of a watch nut’s year.