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Richly engraved gold details on the OMAS Dante Alighieri Anniversary Limited Edition

OMAS Celebrates 90th Anniversary With Dante Alighieri

Founded by Armando Simoni in 1925, OMAS is one of Italy’s preeminent pen makers, and it celebrates 90 years of operation this year.
OMAS, whose name is actually an acronym standing for Officina Meccanica Armando Simoni, continues to build upon one of Simoni’s favorite expressions: “A pen must make writing pleasurable.”
So with this goal front and center, he led the way to creating truly beautiful – and highly functional – pens that are found in some of the best writing instrument collections around the world.

The business end of Caran d’Ache's Spirit of Switzerland

Caran d’Ache Offers The Spirit Of Switzerland In An Ornately Engraved Pen

The year 2015 marks Caran d’Ache’s 100th anniversary. And to celebrate, the company has delved into its century-long history and collaborated with a Swiss jewelry craftsman to create the limited edition Spirit of Switzerland, an ornately engraved writing instrument made to last for several lifetimes.

Fountain pen from the Montblanc M collection

The Montblanc M With Marc Newson Heralds a New Generation Of Pens

There’s no doubt that the M is a Montblanc pen, due in part to its glossy black body and crowning snowcap. But the similarity ends where the transcendence begins, thanks to Australian designer Marc Newson’s signature biomorphic style. For the first time in Montblanc’s history, a fountain pen’s gold nib is plated in two tones using rhodium and ruthenium. But that’s not all.

Imperial Black Visconti Millionaire

Visconti’s Marvelous Marble Pens: Look Out, Michelangelo!

Dante Del Vecchio’s love of culture and innovation led him to found Visconti, an Italian brand with a remarkable assortment of pens, watches and accessories. Each of the collections tells a story – about art, archaeology, philosophy, literature or history – through the eyes the founder and, of course, his chosen city: Florence. Historically used as the material for creating sculpture, architecture, and objets d’art, Visconti is now using marble for its latest pen collection, Millionaire. Crafting a marble pen, however, is not simple.

Krone limited edition pen commemorating Vincent Van Gogh

The Thick Swirling Brush Strokes Of Krone’s Vincent Van Gogh Pen

Krone, founded in the United States in 1997, has made its name by producing commemorative limited edition pens as a tribute to people, events, and things that helped shape history. Editions have included such topics as Thomas Edison, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Duke Ellington. The most recent honors Vincent Van Gogh, featuring a beautiful hand-painted representation of his famous work Starry Night in miniature on the barrel.

Celestial Azure by David Oscarson

David Oscarson’s New Alexander Fleming Pen Collection

David Oscarson has been creating luxury fountain pens since 2000 and has won three Robb Report’s annual Best of the Best award – each one a personal tribute to the art of writing. “The biggest challenge today is helping people remember what a signature means: that it is an extension of one’s self,” says Oscarson. The use of hand-rendered guilloche and enamel, traditional art forms also seen in watchmaking, are emblematic of the brand, and Oscarson takes great care in keeping their quality pure. This also true of the new Alexander Fleming collection.

Intricately engraved gold Montegrappa Cult Q1

Four Cartridges For Four Colors: Montegrappa’s Cult Q1

One pen that really caught my eye at the 2015 edition of Baselworld was the Montegrappa Cult Q1, which offers a first in the world of fine writing instruments. The Q1 can be loaded with four different ink colors that may be exchanged mid-sentence.

The glow-in-the-dark bat symbol of the Romain Jerome Batman DNA

‘Batman v Superman’: DC Comic Hero Immortalized By Jaeger-LeCoultre, Romain Jerome, And Montegrappa Timepieces

The long-awaited recent release of the ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ trailer delights me to no end (it is also nice to see that Ben Affleck might actually turn out be a decent Batman; the few seconds of him in the trailer were shockingly good in my opinion). Without further ado, I’d like to call to memory a few timepieces that have commemorated Batman in recent history by Jaeger-LeCoultre, Romain Jerome, and Montegrappa.

The Jaquet Droz pen feel very comfortable in the hand and writes smoothly

Jaquet Droz’s Aesthetic Writing Instrument (aka Nice Pen)

Jaquet Droz’s dials are some of the most beautiful in the world of watches due to their timeless simplicity. To me, it makes perfect sense to translate this beautiful, minimistically inclined design to other lifestyle objects, in this case a high-quality writing instrument and matching cufflinks. As I don’t wear French cuff shirts, I opted to give the pen a try for a few weeks and test out Jaquet Droz’s first foray into this area.

Royal blue Edelberg pen

Edelberg: A New Take On Pens

I really can’t talk about Edelberg products without talking about the people behind them as I’ve known father-and-son-team Carlo and Samuel Naldi for years. Edelberg writing instruments wield an ergonomic, high-style character that is somehow both trendy and classic and cutting-edge yet familiar.