Alain Silberstein x Philippe Lebru KB2 Monochrome Clock: A Rare Silberstein Without Color

I always view a clock as quite different than a wristwatch. While I can change the latter on a whim, the first becomes a character in my home That is a very significant role to take on, as you know that a man’s home is his castle. Sometimes, it might even take on a starring role, as the KB2 (short for “Kontwaz Bauhaus 2”) Clock does that Alain Silberstein and Philippe Lebru launched last year.

While I was absolutely in love with the KB2, the color scheme, although typical Silberstein, would have been a bit too much of an eyecatcher in my slightly classical inclined interior. I guess these two creative Frenchman must have read my thoughts as they now launch both a black and a white version of this charismatic clock.

Utinam Besançon Alain Silberstein x Philippe Lebru KB2 Clock in black

Why a monochrome Silberstein?

A large part of the appeal of owning anything from Alain Silberstein is his use of primary colors. They make for a bold statement exuding positive vibes. With the KB2 in either black or white, there is a different appeal. Here it is a richness of individual details, some of which you only truly discover after a closer examination, and providing a completely new experience from what is essentially the same clock.

As the colors are not overpowering, I feel that it is also easier to get in touch with the exquisite craftsmanship that is visible in every part. 

Highly polished weight of the Utinam Alain Silberstein x Philippe Lebru KB2 in black

This quality is not by accident, as Silberstein’s partner in crime, Philippe Lebru, is the founder and director of the Utinam Besançon clock manufacture, in France. Not that far from the Swiss border, Besançon is the traditional and modern beating heart of French watchmaking, and was once the hometown of legendary brands like LIP.

Utinam Alain Silberstein x Philippe Lebru KB2 seconds dial

Utinam also continues the horological legacy of Besançon with wristwatches, but it mainly makes mainly clocks, some even large enough to place on the side of a building. The company revolves around a passion for horology, and this was recognized by the GPHG, where it was nominated for the Mechanical Clock prize.

A dash of color

Silberstein couldn’t have the entire clock without a little dash of color, so the tip of the pendulum is red. This contrast effectively makes the white or black of the rest of the clock look even more intense and draws the eye.

The bright red pendulum of the Utinam Alain Silberstein x Philippe Lebru KB2 adds a splash of color

While perhaps not as outgoing as the first edition, these two new versions of the KB2 Clock are easier to live with and won’t dominate your interior like a superstar diva. They are, what I like to call, on point, and granted, the lack of color makes them also pretty rare for an original Silberstein.

Utinam Alain Silberstein x Philippe Lebru KB2 Clock in white

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Quick Facts: Utinam Besançon Alain Silberstein x Philippe Lebru KB2 Clock
Measurements: 38.5 cm x 53 cm x 200 cm
Materials: stainless steel, brass, aluminum
Weight:50 kg (tall clock)
Movement: 0.5 Hz (one-second) pendulum clock with seven-day power reserve; 161 components; 3,600 vph/0.5 Hz frequency, weight 6 kg on steel cable
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds
Limitation: 88 pieces per color
Price: €29,700 (tall clock)

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